• 2018 Baby Name Trends
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    The Hottest (and Weirdest) Baby Name Trends for 2018
    There are some hot baby name trends out there, and some really weird ones, too (Kylo? Eleven?). We have our predictions on what's going to take off and what you should probably avoid. The most popular baby names last year were the traditional ...
    Colleen Hughes
  • Baby Names
    Our Top 10 Favorite Gender-Neutral Baby Names
    As parents move away from traditional gender definitions for their children, the popularity of gender-neutral baby names continues to rise. So, what some really great gender-neutral baby names out there? Check out our favorites! More: 75 Nonbina...
    Laura Richards
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    All Girl Name Articles
    Our Favorite One-Syllable Baby Names and Their Meanings
    Picking out a name for your new baby can seem like a daunting task. A name can carry on family legacy and can symbolize personal character. Choosing a name that's both meaningful and easy to say can play an important role when you finally decide...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Printable List of Top 100 Names for Boys
    Print or save this version of our current top 100 baby names for boys list in the U.S. from the Social Security Administration. Click on each name to see its meaning, and check off the heart next to the names you like (assign one column of hearts...