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150 Evil Names for Boys with Villainous Meanings

These dark and evil boy names are inspired by famous male villains from history, literature and mythology. Find unique baby name inspiration from these dark names.
150 Evil Names for Boys with Villainous Meanings
Updated: June 17, 2024
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It may seem a bit controversial, but many parents are now looking to stray away from the norm and give their kids more unique baby names or dark names that draw attention to their little devil, tiny antihero, or baby tyrant. 

Whether it be a fascination with ancient mythologies, the appeal of the brooding bad boys of pop culture, or a budding curiosity for all things supernatural, there is something exciting about these evil names. Will you go to the dark side when selecting your baby boy name?  

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Why Would You Choose a Dark or Evil Name? 

When it comes to evil epithets, many look for meanings like “destructive”, “dark”, “demon”, or “deceit”. We also included “trickster”, “marauder”, and “serpent”, to name a few. Remember though, it is also important to dive into the origin stories of these names to ensure that you find the perfect fit. 

Whether they be idols, real-life villains in history, or characters from your favorite fantasy movies and television shows, these are distinct designations that are guaranteed to make your baby stand out! 

Why Would You Choose a Dark or Evil Boy Name? 

However, before settling on a villainous name, make sure that you don’t choose an illegal baby name in the country where you reside. Interestingly enough, many places like Japan and the United Kingdom prohibit names that translate to “the devil”. This includes number nine on our list – Akuma. Similarly, Germans and New Zealanders do not permit the name “Lucifer” (number 96 on our list) as a viable option. 

Additionally, Malaysians are hesitant to allow anyone to name their child with a dark name meaning “snake” (we have a few of those as well). Finally, number 122, Rogue, is also banned for folks in the U.K. 

Don’t fret though! We have thankfully compiled an extensive list of baby boy names for you to choose from, all with devilish definitions!

Evil Names with Villain Meanings for Boys

Evil Boy Names With Villainous Meanings

Dive into the dark side of naming conventions with our carefully curated list of evil names with villainous meanings for your baby boy. These names, steeped in lore and brimming with an aura of mischief and power, are sure to instill an element of intrigue and charisma in your little one's personality. Let's explore these wickedly charming options!

  1. Aamon (or Amon) - A Greek (and Arabic) name meaning “the hidden one” or “one who induces eagerness.” In demonology, this is the name of the Grand Marquis of Hell.
  2. Abaddon - A Hebrew name meaning “ruin” or “destruction.” In the Bible, this demon is the King of the Locusts, making it a solid demon baby name.
  3. Abigor - A biblical name meaning “unwilling.” This was the name of the Great Duke of Hell.
  4. Abchanchu - A Bolivian name. While the meaning is unknown, legend has it that this was the name of a shapeshifting vampire who preys on good Samaritans. He disguised himself as an elderly traveler in need.
  5. Acheron - A Greek name meaning “river of sorrow.” In Greek mythology, he was the God of the mythical waterway to Hades.
  6. Adam - A Hebrew name meaning “earth.” The Bible names Adam as the first human and the person who committed the original sin. There is some discrepancy around whether his first wife was Eve or Lilith, otherwise known as the Queen of Hell. Either way, the name is associated with defiance.
  7. Adder - An English name meaning “venomous snake.”
  8. Ahriman - A Persian name meaning “evil spirit”, “chaos”, or “destruction.” It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ari”, which means “destructive force.”
  9. Akuji - An African name meaning “dead and awake.”
  10. Akuma - A Japanese name meaning “devil” or “demon.” This is the name of an evil fire spirit in folklore.
  11. Anwir - A Welsh name that means “liar.”
  12. Apollo - A Greek name meaning “destroyer” or “manly.”
  13. Apopis - An Ancient Egyptian name meaning “the roarer.” In mythology, this serpent deity was the God of Chaos.
  14. Ares - A Greek name meaning “God of War.” Known for being bloodthirsty in battle, this mythical figure definitely falls under the category of villainous.
  15. Asani - A Swahili name meaning “rebellious.”
  16. Azazel - A Hebrew name meaning “scapegoat.” This supernatural being is considered a fallen angel in the Jewish faith and plays a role in Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.
  17. Azrael - A Hebrew name meaning “angel of God.” What is left out of this interpretation is the fact that this is the angel of death in many religions. He served as the bringer of souls into the afterlife. It is also the name of an evil vigilante in Batman.
  18. Balam - A Mayan name meaning “jaguar.” While this may not seem villainous, Balam is the name of a powerful king of Hell in the book Ars Goetia, one of the most well-known works of ritual occultism.
  19. Balor - An Irish name meaning “the deadly one.” In Celtic mythology, this is the name of a one-eyed giant who brought death to anyone he gazed upon.
  20. Beffa - An Italian name for “practical joker.”
  21. Belial - A Hebrew word meaning “wicked” or “worthless.” This name serves as the personification of the devil in many Christian texts.
  22. Bellinor - A French name meaning “a beautiful and dark person.” Since many villains disguise themselves as attractive people, this is a fitting title for your little devil.
  23. Beelzebub - A biblical name meaning “Lord of the Flies.” This is the moniker of one of the seven princes of hell and another name for Satan himself. It is also the name of the god Baal Berith.
  24. Birsha - A Hebrew name meaning “an evil.”
  25. Blake - An Old English name meaning “black” or “dark.”
  26. Blazer - An American name meaning “flame.”
  27. Bolverkr - An Old Norse name meaning “worker of evil.” This is one of the many names of Odin, the God of War and the God of the Dead.
  28. Brantley - An English name meaning “sword” or “fiery torch.”
  29. Buster - An Old English name for “one who breaks things.” Talk about evil!
  30. Cain - A Scottish name meaning “war-like.” This is also the name of the biblical figure who ruthlessly murdered his own brother.
  31. Cary - An Irish name meaning “dark ones.” This is fitting since it is the name of an American serial killer known for murdering multiple women near Yosemite National Park.
  32. Casimir - A Polish name meaning “destroyer of peace” and a Slavic name meaning “bringer of peace.” Since many villains quarrel with the concepts of good and evil, this is another appropriate moniker for your future troublemaker.
  33. Chernobog - A Slavic name meaning “the black God.” This is not only the name of a satanic deity in Slavic mythology but also the moniker for the father of all vampires.
  34. Cerebus - A Latin name meaning “the Guard of Hades.” In Greek mythology, this is the multi-headed hound that guards the gates of Hell.
  35. Cifarelli - An Italian name meaning “devil” or “demon.”
Evil Boy Names
  1. Cole - A Middle English name meaning "swarthy, coal black."
  2. Corbin - An Old French name meaning “raven.” Stereotypically, ravens foreshadow death or bad luck in literature, making this a more subtle villain name.
  3. Csintalan - A Hungarian name meaning “mischievous” or “naughty.”
  4. Dagon - A Hebrew name meaning “grain.” This is also the name of a high-ranking demon in most Abrahamic pantheons.
  5. Dahak - A Hindu name meaning “destroyer.”
  6. Damien - A Greek name meaning “to tame” or “subdue.” This is the name of the fictional character in the movie, The Omen.
  7. Daray - An American name meaning “dark.”
  8. Darcy - An Irish name meaning “dark.”
  9. Darth - A German name meaning “dark.” Can you really get more evil than the quintessential villain from the Star Wars movie franchise?
  10. Dearil - A Scottish name meaning “call of death.”
  11. Deimos - An Ancient Greek name meaning “terror” or “dread.” Otherwise known as the God of Panic, Demios was one of the sons of Ares and Aphrodite.
  12. Delaney - An Irish name meaning “dark.”
  13. Diablo - A Spanish name meaning “devil.” This is also the name of one of Blizzard Entertainment’s most popular video games.
  14. Diabolos - A Greek name meaning “devil.”
  15. Dolion - A Greek name meaning “deceit” and “betrayal.”
  16. Dolus - A Latin name meaning “deceit.”
  17. Donovan - An Irish name meaning “dark warrior.”
  18. Draco - A Latin name meaning “dragon.” This is also the name of one of the more evil characters in the Harry Potter series.
  19. Dracula - An Old Romanian name meaning “dragon.” This is also the recognizable name of the Transylvanian vampire from English literature.
  20. Donahue - An Irish name for “dark warrior.”
  21. Donovan - Another Irish name for “dark warrior.”
  22. Douglas - An Old English name meaning “dark water.”
  23. Dugal - An Irish name meaning “dark stranger.”
  24. Doyle - An Old English name for “dark stranger.”
  25. Drefan - An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “trouble.”
  26. Duncan - A Scottish name meaning "dark warrior."
  27. Ephai - A Hebrew name meaning “gloomy.”
  28. Erebus - A Greek name meaning “darkness.” With this title, it should come as no surprise that this Greek deity was known as the God of Darkness.
  29. Ernesh - A Hindu name meaning “battle to the death.”
  30. Fachnan - An Irish name meaning “malicious.”
  31. Foley - An Irish name meaning “pirate”, “marauder”, or “plunderer.”
  32. Fogarty - An Irish name meaning “exiled.” This is the more modernized version of the name Fogartaigh.
  33. Gavroche - A French name meaning “street urchin” or “mischievous child.” This is the name of one of the characters in Les Misérables.
  34. Golgotha - An Ancient Greek name meaning ”skull.”
  35. Gorgon - An Ancient Greek name derived from the word “gorgós” meaning “grim” or “dreadful.”
  36. Gvantsa - A Georgian name meaning “mischievous” or “wild.”
  37. Hadeon - A Ukrainian name meaning “destroyer.”
  38. Hades - A Greek name meaning “God of the Underworld.”
  39. Hannibal - An Old English name meaning “steep incline.” While the literal meaning of this title doesn’t seem too villainous, most people immediately tack on “Lecter” when they hear the name. This was the fictional serial killer from the book The Silence of the Lambs, who ate his victims.
  40. Helmar - A Swedish name meaning “fighting fury.”
  41. Heolstor - An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “darkness.”
  42. Hunapo - A Polynesian name meaning “hidden darkness.”
  43. Iblis - An Islamic name meaning “the devil” or “enemy of God.”
  44. Ivan - This Slavic, Russian, and Hebrew name means “God is gracious.” This is ironic considering the man most famous for having this name was nicknamed “Ivan the Terrible.” He was the grand prince of Moscow from the 1500s who was known for being a bloodthirsty tyrant with a fierce temper. It is theorized that he tortured and killed thousands.
  45. Jaakobah - A biblical name meaning “supplanter” or “deceiver.”
  46. Jabez - A Hebrew name meaning “born in pain.”
  47. James - A Hebrew name for “supplanter.” While this may not seem extremely evil, every villain manages to take over something in their story’s plot.
  48. Jolon - A Native American name meaning “valley of the dead oaks.” This definitely brings an ominous vibe.
Evil Boy Names & Their Meanings
  1. Kage - A Japanese name meaning “shadow.”
  2. Kalabhiti - A Hindu name meaning “of who death is afraid.”
  3. Kaliya - An Indian name meaning “of time” or “of death.”
  4. Karayan - An American name meaning “dark.”
  5. Kek - An Egyptian name meaning “God of Darkness.”
  6. Keres - A Greek name meaning “evil spirits.”
  7. Kerwin - An Irish name meaning “dark.”
  8. Kieran - An Irish and Scottish name meaning “dark” or ”black.” Ciaran is the more traditional spelling
  9. Krampus - A German name meaning “claw.” This is the moniker for Santa’s evil half-goat, half-demon counterpart.
  10. Kronos - An Ancient Greek name meaning “to smite” or “to strike.” Known as the God of Time, this evil deity is said to have devoured his children soon after birth.
  11. Kuragari - A Japanese name that means “darkness.”
  12. Lefu - An African name meaning “death” or “sickness.”
  13. Loki - A Scandinavian name meaning “trickster God.” In the Marvel movies, this is the fictional character who is the brother of Thor. This depiction is loosely based on Norse mythology.
  14. Lucifer - An Old English, Hebrew, and Latin name meaning “‘light-bringing” or “morning star.” This is one of the most common names for the devil himself. He married Lilith, whose name means “night monster.” For those having twins, this is a great evil combo since Lilith is derived from the word Akkadian word “lilitu”, which means “spirit” or “demon.”
  15. Mabuz - An Arthurian name meaning “ruler of Death Castle.”
  16. Malvolio - An Italian name meaning “ill-will.”
  17. Matchitehew - A Native American name that means “one who has an evil heart.”
  18. Maverick - An English name meaning “non-conforming.”
  19. Mazzikim - A Hebrew name meaning “those who harm.” This is the name for invisible demons in Jewish mythology. This demon's name is quite recognizable thanks to the television show Lucifer.
  20. Metis - A Greek name meaning “wisdom” or “cunning.” Most villains tend to have these traits making it an opportune name for your crafty child.
  21. Mictlan - An Aztec name meaning “God of Death.”
  22. Morfran - A Welsh name meaning “sea crow.” In case you didn’t know, spotting a crow is said to bring bad luck.
  23. Morgoth - A Sindarin name (a fictional language of the Elves of Middle Earth in the book The Lord of the Rings) that means “dark enemy.” This is one of the main antagonists in the series.
  24. Moros - An Ancient Greek name meaning “doom” or “fate.” This is the primordial god of impending doom who led mortals to their fate.
  25. Mort - A French name meaning “death” or “dead.”
  26. Mot - A Ugaritic (extinct Semitic language) name meaning “death.” This is the epithet of the God of the Dead.
  27. Mrithun - An Indian name meaning “Lord of Death.”
Evil Names for Boys
  1. Nemesis - A Greek name meaning “vengeance.” Talk about another evil male name!
  2. Nyoka - A Swahili name for “snake.” This title is gender-neutral, making it a fantastic baby boy or baby girl name.
  3. Odysseus - A Greek name meaning “wrathful” or “to hate.” This is the name of the hero in The Odyssey by Homer.
  4. Odin - An Old Norse name meaning "raging" or "frenzied." Known as the Supreme God in Old Norse mythology, “he rules over Valhalla – ‘the hall of the slain’” and he is the God of War and the God of the Dead.
  5. Onyx - A Greek name meaning “claw” as well as “dark black.”
  6. Ormr - An Old Norse name meaning “serpent.”
  7. Orpheus - A Greek name meaning “the darkness of the night.” Ironically, even with a daunting name meaning, this was the name of the notable Greek hero with amazing musical abilities.
  8. Ozul - A Gothic name meaning “shadow.”
  9. Perseus - A Greek name meaning “avenger” or “destroyer.” This demigod is a hero and slayer of monsters.
  10. Phobos - An Ancient Greek name meaning “fear.” The son of Ares and Aphrodite, Phobos is known as the God of Fear and Panic.
  11. Phoenix - A Greek name meaning “dark red.” In the Marvel movies, the Dark Phoenix is a supervillain.
  12. Ravana - A Hindu or Indian name meaning “roaring” that is historically associated with evil.
  13. Rogue - A British name meaning “unpredictable.”
  14. Runihura - An Egyptian name meaning “destroyer.”
  15. Samael - A Hebrew name meaning “venom” or “poison of God." Considered the archangel of death and the prince of demons, this name brings very villainous vibes.
  16. Satan - A Hebrew name meaning "accuser" or "adversary." This is the most common name used for the devil.
  17. Sauron - A Quenya name (another fictional language of the Elves of Middle Earth in the book The Lord of the Rings) that means “the abhorred.” This is the name of the primary antagonist in the series.
  18. Sephtis - A Persian name meaning “eternal death.”
  19. Shamhuth - A biblical name meaning “desolation” or “destruction.”
  20. Shyam - A Hindu name meaning “dark”, “black”, or “blue.” This is one of the many names for the Indian divinity Lord Krishna.
  21. Sullivan - A Gaelic name meaning "black-eyed one."
  22. Tamesis —An English name meaning “dark one.”
  23. Teivel - A Yiddish name meaning “devil.”
  24. Than - A Vietnamese name meaning “death.”
  25. Thanatos - A Greek name meaning “death.”
  26. Tohopka - A Native American name meaning “wild beast.”
  27. Tokoloshe - An African name meaning “a malevolent mythical creature.”
  28. Torquil - A Scottish name meaning “Thor’s cauldron.”
  29. Treacher - A Middle English name meaning “traitor” or “cheat.”
  30. Tuwile - A Kenyan name meaning “death is invincible.”
  31. Tynan - An Irish name meaning “dark”, “dusty”, or “enclosed”..
  32. Ubel - A German name meaning “evil.”
  33. Voldemort - A compilation of three French words that translate to “flight of death” or “flight from death.” Lord Voldemort, an evil wizard, is one of the main characters in the Harry Potter series.
  34. Volkan - A Turkish name that means “volcano.”
  35. Whiro - A Polynesian name meaning “lizard.” In Maori mythology, this is the name of the Lord of Darkness.
  36. Wilder - A German and English name meaning “untamed.”
  37. Wily - An Old English name meaning “sly”, “cunning”, or “tricky.”
  38. Yap - A Middle English name meaning “devious” or “deceitful.”
  39. Yosemite - A Native American name meaning “grizzly bear” or “those who kill.”
  40. Zagan - While the origin of this name is unconfirmed, its meaning remains quite clear. He is a fallen angel in Ars Goetia. This demon is portrayed as a bull with griffin wings.
  41. Ziddim - A biblical name meaning “treasons” or “destructions.”

What Are Some Evil Villain Names?

There are many, many evil villain names from various forms of media, such as movies, books, and video games. Some of the most popular include iconic villains like Darth Vader (Star Wars series), the Joker (DC Universe), Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter series), Sauron (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs), Dracula (Dracula by Bram Stoker), Loki (Marvel Universe), Ganon (The Legend of Zelda series), and Bowser (Super Mario Bros. series). These names can be a great place to start when considering a unique moniker for your own little one!

What Is a Dark Boy Name?

For the naysayers of names with villainous meanings, it is crucial to remember that while this title is important, it is not the meaning of the name that really matters. Rather, it is what your child makes of their moniker. 

If you want to give your baby a name that shows that they are actually just devilishly debonair, discerning, and driven, pin this evil boy name list for later: 

150 Evil Names for Boys with Villainous Meanings

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