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70 Magical Boy Names That Are Dark and Enchanting 

These magical boy names are dark and mystical for your little wizard or warlock.
70 Magical Boy Names That Are Dark and Enchanting
Updated: July 27, 2022

From Harry Potter to Merlin magical names from books and stories swirl around us. If you love tales of enchantment and mystery then perhaps a dark and enchanting magical name should be towards the top of your baby name list. 

Tales of mystical beings and gods have existed as long as humans have told stories. Ancient Egyptians, Greek Mythology, and Norse gods all tell tales of powerful and marvelous deeds. No matter what culture your ancestors stem from, you are guaranteed to find some magical names for inspiration for your baby boy. 

To help you on your search for the perfect baby name, we’ve compiled a list of the best magical and enchanting baby boy names. We’ve included names from pop culture to ancient myths from all over the world. So read on and browse our list of magical and unique names guaranteed to bewitch!

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Magical Boy Name Ideas and Origins 

  1. Alastor - Greek. Man’s defender. Alastor Moody is the dark wizard hunter and friend to Harry Potter.
  2. Albus - Latin. White and bright. Albus Dumbeldore is the powerful wizard with a dark past who eventually becomes one of Harry Potter’s mentors. 
  3. Alwin - Celtic. Magical being. Elf. 
  4. Ambrose - Latin. Immortal. This name stems from the Greek word ambrosia which was the food of the gods. 
  5. Amycus - Greek. Friendly. Amycus Carrow was anything but friendly in the Harry Potter series, he was a Death Eater. 
  6. Anakin - American/Created. Anaking Skywalker is the doomed Jedi who becomes Darth Vadar. 
  7. Anders - Scandinavian. Man or warrior. A character from the video game franchise Dragon Age.
  8. Arad - Persian. Dragon. 
  9. Aslan - Turkish. Lion. Aslan is the mystical lion king from the Chronicles of Narnia.
  10. Arthur - Celtic. Bear. Arthurian legend is one of the oldest English and Celtic sources of magical baby names.
  11. Blaise  - Latin. Lisp or Stutter. Blaise is a character from Arthurian Legend who was Merlin’s teacher. 
  12. Bran - This cool sounding name has Englishand Irish roots and means Raven. Bran Stark is a central character in the magical Game of Throne series. 
  13. Bram - English. Father of multitude. Bram Stoker is the author of the dark and magical tale Dracula. 
  14. Bruxo - Portuguese. Wizard, sorcerer, witch doctor.
  15. Caspian- English. White. A popular name in Norwegian and Scandinavian countries. Caspian is a name from the magical series Chronicles of Narnia. 
  16. Caliban - This Shakespearean name means a savage and deformed slave. Despite its dark meaning, Caliban is a unique sounding name. 
  17. Cedric - English. Chief. Cedric Diggory is killed by Lord Voldemort in the fourth Harry Potter book signaling the Dark Lord’s return to power. 
  18. Corvus - Latin. Raven. 
  19. Cullen - Galeic/Irish. Handsome or good-looking. Cullen is the surname for the vampire family in the Twilight series. 
  20. Divyae - Hindi/Sanskrit. Magic, powerful, divine. 
  21. Draco- Latin. Dragon. Draco Malfoy is the infamous nemesis of Harry Potter.
  22. Drake - Old English. Dragon or snake. 
  23. Elphias - The name means eager and ready for war. Elphias Levi was a French occult leader and ceremonial magician. Elphias Doge was a school friend of Albus Dumbledore.
  24. Finn - Irish. Fair. Finn MaCool is a mythological Irish warrior known for his magic abilities. 
  25. Gandalf - Old Norse. This unique name from Lord of the Rings means Catalog of Dwarves. 
  26. Gellert - Hungarian. Spear brave. Gellert Grindelwald was a dark wizard and friend turned nemesis of Albus Dumbledore. 
  27. Griffin - Latin. Strong Lord. A griffin is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. 
  28. Guiden - Danish. Wizard. 
  29. Hansel - German. Warrior. Hansel is the unlucky boy from the famous fairytale Hansel and Gretel. 
  30. Hugo- German. Mind. Hugo Rune is a character from Robert Rankin’s Rune series. 
  31. Jafar - Muslim/Arabic. Stream or river. Jafar is the villain from Disney’s Aladdin. 
  32. Jareth - Created name for the classic film The Labyrinth. He is the Goblin King portrayed by David Bowie. 
  33. Jinx - English/Latin. Magical Charm. Spell.
  34. Kamek - Japanese. Turtle. The name of the turtle mage from the Super Mario Bros. video games. 
  35. Kessem - This unique Hebrew name means magic or the ability to predict. 
  36. Kiano - African. Tools of the wizard. 
  37. Link - There are various sources and meanings for the name Link.; most commonly it is a Yiddiah or German word for a left-handed person. Link is the protagonist from the video game series The Legend of Zelda.
  38. Loki - Norse. The god of mischief. This moniker implies someone who is a trickster. 
  39. Lorenzo- Spanish. Where the Laurel tree grows. Laurel trees are associated with magic. 
  40. Lucius - Latin. Light. Lucius Malfoy is one of Voldemort’s head Death Eaters in the Harry Potter series. 
  41. Merlin - Welsh. Sea Fortress. Merlin was the wizard who was Arthur’s mentor. 
  42. Oberon - German. Noble near. King of the fairies from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 
  43. Odin - Norse. The god of death, war, poetry, and wisdom from Norse mythology. 
  44. Orlando - Spanish. From the famous land. Orland, Florida is not only a famous place, but it is the home to the magical Disney World kingdom. 
  45. Oscar - English/Irish. God spear. Friend of the deer. Oscar was the first name of the man who became The Wizard of Oz. 
  46. Phineas - Hebrew. Nubian. Phineas Black is the great-great-grandfather of Sirius Black from the House of Slytherin. 
  47. Prospero - Italian. Fortunate. The name of a magician in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  48. Regin - Norse. Ruler’s advisor. A character from Norse mythology known for having mystical or magical powers. 
  49. Remus - A Roman name referring to one of the city’s mythological founders. Remus Lupin was the werewolf friend of Harry Potter’s father. 
  50. Sahir - Arabic. Sorcerer. 
  51. Sauron - A created name for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the invented language Quenya it means abhorred.
  52. Sirius - Greek. Dog star. Sirius Black is Harry Potter’s ill-fated godfather. 
  53. Thackery  - Hebrew. The Lord has remembered. Not a magical name in and of itself, but Zachary Binx is the boy turned cat in the popular cult classic Hocus Pocus.
  54. Thor - Norse. The god of thunder.
  55. Triton - Greek. Triton is the son of the sea god Poseidon. He was also a god of the sea and the name of Ariel’s father in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. 
  56. Velho - Finnish. Wizard. 

Unisex Names for Your Little Sorcerer 

If you’re searching for some unisex name ideas inspired by magic, check out the list below!

  1. Aspen - From the aspen tree which is often associated with magic. 
  2. Astra - Latin star. Commonly used as a girl’s name, we think it has unisex potential. 
  3. Aubrey - French/English. Leader of the elves. 
  4. Coven - English. A gathering of magic users. A group of witches and warlocks.
  5. Fay - English. This name means fairy. More common for girls but is a unique choice for boys. 
  6. Morgan - Welsh/Irish. Sea born. Morgan le Fay is a powerful sorceress from Arthurian legend.
  7. Phoenix - Greek/Egyptian. A phoenix is an immortal bird who dies and rises again from its ashes. This name is also used as a baby girl name. 
  8. Reagan - Irish. Little king, regal, royal. 
  9. Rune - Old Norse. Secret. Runes are associated with magic, particularly with the Druids. 
  10. Salem - The notorious town in Massachusetts where the Salem Witch trials occurred. 
  11. Skye - The Isle of Skye is a magical Scottish place in the highlands. The area is full of stories and myths. 
  12. Targaryen - A created surname for Game of Thrones. The Targaryen’s were dragon lords. SInce it is a created name it could be considered unisex. 
  13. Willow - Derived from the willow tree and common in Great Britain. The sorcerer’s apprentice in the film Willow.
  14. Zephyr - Greek. West wind. It is also used as a girl’s name when spelled Zephir

For more baby names and inspiration, check out our Baby Name Center.

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