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Updated July 18, 2023

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Whether you are interested in Italian baby names or if you are wanting more information on the history of your first name, you can find insight right here. Below we will talk about the origin and history of Italian names for girls and boys as well as popular traditions. 

History of Italian First Names

There is not a lot of unique history when it comes to Italian names. Feminine and masculine names differ by spelling. You will see that many male names end in “o” or “i” while female  names typically end in “a” or “e.” Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. You would also see the endings differ based on the region of Italy you lived in as well.

If you are looking for a unisex Italian name, you are out of luck. While “Luca” and “Andrea” are used for both genders, there are no true gender-neutral names. This is why you will see “Francesco” and “Francesca” for example. They have the same meaning but are spelled differently based on gender.

Many Italians follow a patronymic system when it comes to naming their children. This means that many were given versions of their father’s name. Like the name “Antonella” means “daughter of Anthony.”

Italian Naming Traditions

The Italian people use the structure that many cultures use of a given name and then the surname. It is common for people in Italy to refer to each other by surname as a nickname. You will often see the first name referred to as the “nome” which was a distinct name and siblings were given very different names. The surname or the “Cognome” was hereditary and children took on their father’s last name.

Italian Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Aldo - This Italian name means “old and wise.”
  2. Alessandro - This is the Italian form of “Alexander” which is Greek for “protector of mankind.”
  3. Alessio - This name is derived from the Greek word “alexo” which means “to help.”
  4. Alfonso - This is both an Italian and Old German name. It means “noble and ready.”
  5. Alfredo - This is the Italian version of “Alfred” and it means “wise counselor.”
  6. Angelo - This Italian name means “angel.” It is also Greek for “heavenly messenger.”
  7. Antonio - This name is very popular in Italy. It is the Italian form of “Antonius” and it means “flourishing” in Greek.
  8. Carlo - This is the Italian form of “Charles” and it means “manly” in Old English.
  9. Carmine - In Italian, “Carmine” means “song.” In Hebrew, it means “garden of fruit.”
  10. Cosimo - This name means “order” in Italian and “prefect universe” in Greek.
  11. Dante - This is the Italian variation of “Durand” and it means “enduring” in Latin.
  12. Davide - This is the Italian form of the biblical name “David.” In Hebrew, it means “beloved.”
  13. Enzo - There is a lot of speculation about the origin of this Italian name. Some use it as a short form of “Lorenzo” or “Vincenzo.” Others use it as a form of the German name “Heinz” which means “home-ruler.”
  14. Francesco - This is the Italian form of the name “Francis.” It means “free” in French.
  15. Franco - This is another form of “Francis” or “Frank.” It also means “free” in French.
  16. Gabriel - This Italian name is of Hebrew origin and it means “God is my strength.”
  17. Giacomo - This is the Italian form of “James” or “Jacob.” They both mean “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  18. Giorgio - This is the Italian equivalent of “George” which is Greek for “farmer.”
  19. Giovanni - This name means “gift from God” in Italian and is a version of the popular name “John.”
  20. Giuseppe - In Hebrew, this name means “He increases.” It is also the Italian variation of “Joseph.”
  21. Luca - This is the Italian form of “Lucas” and was used to describe someone from Luciana. It also means “bringer of light” in English.
  22. Leonardo - This is both the Spanish and Italian version of “Leonard.” It means “lion-hearted” in German.
  23. Lorenzo - This is the Latinized version of “Lawrence.” It means “bold and spirited” in Italian.
  24. Luigi - This name is of German origin and it means “famed warrior.”
  25. Marco - This name means “warring” or “defender” in Italian, Spanish, and Latin.
  26. Mario - This is the male version of the Christian name “Maria. It means “king ruler” in Hebrew.
  27. Matteo - This name means “God’s gift” and is the Italian form of Matthew.
  28. Orlando - This name is of Latin and German origin. It means “bright sun” in Latin and “from the famous land” in German.
  29. Paolo - This is the Italian equivalent of “Paul” and it means “small.”
  30. Salvatore - In both Spanish and Italian, this name means “savior.”
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Italian Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Allegra - This is the feminine form of “Allegro” which means “cheerful” or “quick” in Italian.
  2. Andrea - This is the feminine form of “Andrew’ and the Italian form of “Andreas.” It is Greek for “strong and brave.”
  3. Angela - This is the feminine version of “Angelo” and it means “heavenly messenger” in Greek.
  4. Antonella - This name of Italian origin means “daughter of Anthony.”
  5. Bianca - This is a southern Italian name that possibly came from Tuscany. It means “white” or “fair.”
  6. Camilla - In Italian, “Camilla” means “miracle.”
  7. Caterina - This name was popular during Italian medieval times. It means “pure” in Greek.
  8. Celestina - This name is of Latin origin and it means “heavenly.”
  9. Claudia - This is the feminine version of “Claude” and it means “lame” in French.
  10. Contessa - This is the Italian name for “royalty” and also the feminine variation of “Count.”
  11. Daniella - This is the Italian form of “Danielle.” It is Hebrew for “judged by God.”
  12. Donatella - In Italian, “Donatella” means “gift.”
  13. Ernesta - This name is of Spanish and Old German origin. It means “serious” in Spanish and “vigorous” in Old German.
  14. Filomena - This name is both Italian and Greek, and it means “beloved.”
  15. Fiorenza - This name is Italian for “flower” and the feminine form of "Fiorenzo.”
  16. Florence - This is used as a local name for someone from Florence, Italy. It is also Latin for “flourishing.”
  17. Gabriella - This name is of Italian and Spanish origin. It is the feminine form of “Gabriel” and means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  18. Gemma - This Italian name is derived from the personal name that means “precious gemstone.”
  19. Giada - In Italian, this name means “jade.”
  20. Giordana - In Italian, this girl’s name means “descending.”
  21. Ilaria - This is the Italian form of “Hilary” which means “cheer” in Greek.
  22. Isabetta - This is the Italian version of “Elizabeth” and it means “pledged to God.”
  23. Luciana - In Latin, this name means “light” and in Italian, it means “illumination.”
  24. Luna - Not only is this name Italian for “moon,” but it is also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.
  25. Margherita - This name has roots in several languages including Italian, Hebrew, and Latin. It means “child of light.”
  26. Mariabella - This name means “beautiful” in Italian.
  27. Natalia - This Italian name means “child born on Christmas.”
  28. Pia - This name is of Latin origin and it means “pious.”
  29. Sienna - This name is derived from the Italian city Siena. It means “reddish-brown” and refers to the color of the clay that originates there.
  30. Tessa - This name has several origins and meanings. In Italian, it means “countess.”

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