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Are you a parent or parenting expert that wants to share your story or advice with millions of moms and dads in the US and around the globe? FamilyEducation is looking for collaborators in the pregnancy, parenting, and family sciences space to help us educate today's parents on topics ranging from pregnancy to early childhood development to popular entertainment, activities, and trends for kids. 

With our expanding reach and reputation as the longest-standing parenting site on the web coupled with your parenting wisdom and know how, we can be the go-to resource for parents everywhere.

Check out our opportunities below for ways we can start working together to support parents worldwide!

Are you a parenting writer or freelancer?

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We are always looking for writers to share their parenting wisdom with our community. While we’ve been doling out parenting tips and advice for 20+ years, we are always looking for fresh perspectives on everything from pregnancy to raising teens and college-aged kids (and everything in between!). We can all learn from someone else’s journey!


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Are you a pregnancy, child development, or parenting expert?

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We are constantly looking to grow our team of FamilyEducation experts which currently includes a strong team of medical experts in women's health and pregnancy, child and family psychologist, former teachers and early childhood educators, and more! We collaborate with certified health professionals, journalists, and psychologists to create the most up-to-date and accurate content in the parenting space.


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Are you a sharp fact-checker or pregnancy and parenting subject matter expert?

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We  want to ensure the content we put out at FamilyEducation is accurate, up-to-date and trustworthy in order to ensure we provide the best advice to our community of parents. We're looking for experienced fact-checkers and Subject Matter Experts (SMES) to review FamilyEducation's content and provide up-to-date sources and resources to verify the content for our readers. 


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Are you a parenting influencer?

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Are you passionate about parenting news and topics? Do you have a loyal following on parenting TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest?  Are you looking for ways to leverage your existing audience and grow your brand? Let’s work together! 


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