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Our Editorial Standards and Guidelines 

Since 1996, we’ve been committed to caring for parents every step of the way on their parenting journey. 

Our team conducts daily research, searching a wide variety of news outlets, health reports and parenting websites, as well as social media, to identify the most current and important topics to support our readers – 25 million busy, hard-working parents just like you. 

We know how important it is that you feel confident you are making the right choices for your family. At Family Education, all of our content is carefully written, vetted and curated to address your parenting needs and help you make the most informed decisions possible.

We also know that approaches to parenting are changing and evolving, and we're changing too, proudly supporting diverse families across the generations. Whether you are a parent, guardian, caregiver or grandparent, you'll find FamilyEducation is a safe place to get real answers to real parenting questions. 

On the Family Education site, you can explore a range of topics including baby names and name meanings, pregnancy, raising babies and toddlers, parenting kids and teens, fun activities for all agesschool and learning resources and family life and relationships.

By creating content that is both helpful and inspirational, we strive to:

  • Connect with parents on topics that matter to them, including family planning, raising happy, confident children and taking care of their own needs too.
  • Educate parents with useful, practical information on how to grow as a parent.
  • Empathize with the many challenges of parenting while also recognizing that parents – just like homemade cupcakes – are never perfect and that's okay.
  • Support and celebrate parents in everything they do for their families.

Our Content Production and Review Process 

Our Family Education Editorial Team undertake extensive research and analysis into a variety of topics each month before working with our writing team

  • All articles are written by an experienced journalist or writer who can specifically speak to the topic at hand and has real-life experience as a parent, or as a qualified professional in a medical and parenting field.
  • Our writers also work closely with and get feedback from our panel of Parenting Experts, who provide guidance, quotes and related resources on the topic.
  • Before publication, each piece is carefully reviewed by the Family Education Editorial Team to ensure its accuracy and clarity. 

Our Commitment to Accuracy and Trust 

Our team of Parenting Experts provides guidance, oversight, quotes and expertise to ensure we are providing the most up-to-date and accurate information to our audience. Our expert team consists of OB-GYNs, nurses, health care experts, licensed social workers, M.D.s, psychologists and psychotherapists, educators and more.

Our Expert Fact-Checkers and Medical Experts review and carefully check our articles to ensure that all information is up-to-date and informed by the latest research. 

At Family Education, we believe in supporting and celebrating parents in all that they do for their families. Join us on this parenting journey, and we'll support you with all the information you need to help your family grow and lead happy, healthy lives.

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