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101 Baby Names That Mean Blessing

Choose a girl or boy name that means blessing to show your baby that they're a gift. These baby names that mean blessing are meaningful and special gifts to give your little one.
101 Baby Names That Mean Blessing
Updated: January 25, 2024
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The word "blessing" has been translated into many languages and meanings over its long history. But the symbolism and overall meaning of this word is the same: a blessing is a miraculous, heavenly gift. Choosing a name that means blessing will always be a meaningful baby girl name or baby boy name.

If you’ve ever felt a deep connection to the miracle of life, then you’ll understand that a baby truly is a blessing. For some, a baby is a miracle, while others may perceive them as a spiritual gift or a rainbow after a storm. Whatever the reason, a child’s presence is always seen as a blessing. 

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Are you expecting your own little blessing? Consider one or more of these 101 names that mean blessing, miracle, or gift as a first or middle name. Our list includes trending and popular names for boys and girls that mean blessing across different cultures, religions, and languages. 

Baby Girl Names that Mean Blessing

If you see your baby girl as a gift, there is a wide range of female names that mean blessing to show your daughter that she is a miracle. These names that mean blessing and gift for baby girls will remind your daughter how much she means to you every day. 

Baby Girl Names that Mean Blessing 
  1. Aksha Hindi name meaning "a blessing."
  2. Alazne - Basque name meaning “miracle.”
  3. Amari - Hebrew name meaning “eternal,” American meaning “miracle of God.”
  4. Alya - Arabic name meaning “sent from heaven.”
  5. Aldora - Greek name meaning “winged gift from God.”
  6. Althea - Greek name meaning “blessed with healing abilities.”
  7. Alya/Aaliyah - Greek/Hebrew/Slavic meaning “blessed.”
  8. Anna - Hebrew name meaning “grace” or “blessing.”
  9. Astrid - modernized version of Scandinavian “Assfrior” meaning “blessed.”
  10. Aurora - Latin name meaning “one who is blessed” or “dawn.”
  11. Ayah – Arabic name meaning "a miracle."
  12. Beatrix/Beatrice - Latin name meaning “blessed” or “bringer of joy.”
  13. Blessing – English/German, meaning a divine gift.
  14. Callidora - Greek name meaning “gift of beauty.”
  15. Carwyn Welsh name meaning "blessed love."
  16. Celestine – Latin, meaning "from the heavens"; Greek, meaning “most beautiful.”
  17. Chieko Japanese name meaning "a thousand blessings child."
  18. Celeste - Latin meaning “heavenly” or “miraculously.”
  19. Celia - English/Italian meaning “blessed land.”
  20. Desire French name meaning "hoped for so long."
  21. Diana - Persian name meaning “a messenger of blessing and wellness.”
  22. Dionne - French/Greek meaning “blessed" or “divine.”
  23. Darina - Slavic meaning “gift.”
  24. Dolly - Old English name meaning “gift from God.”
  25. Dorinda - Greek meaning “bountiful gift.”
  26. Dorothy - Greek meaning “gift from God.”
  27. Eira - Welsh meaning “miraculous land.”
  28. Elidi - Greek meaning “gift of the sun.”
  29. Elsa - German name meaning “noble” or “blessed.”
  30. Elysia - Latin/Greek meaning “heaven” or “blessed land.”
  31. Eudora - Greek meaning “generous gift.”
  32. Genevieve – French, meaning "God’s blessing."
  33. Gia – Italian, meaning "a gracious gift."
  34. Godiva - Old English meaning “God’s gift.”
  35. Gwyneth - Welsh name meaning “blessed.”
  36. Hannah - Hebrew meaning “favor of God.”
  37. Iva - Hebrew meaning “gift from God.”
  38. Jane - Hebrew meaning “a gift from God.”
  39. Karisma – Hindi or a derivative of the Greek “khárisma,” meaning "a miraculous gift" or “grace, beauty, and kindness.”
  40. Pelia – Hebrew, meaning "miracle."
  41. Prish – Hindi, meaning "extremely loved," "God’s gift."
  42. Marvella – French, meaning "a miracle."
  43. Mirielle – French, meaning "miraculous."
  44. Miriam – Hebrew, meaning "a wished-for child."
  45. Mireya - Spanish meaning “miracle.”
  46. Medora - Greek meaning “Mother’s gift.”
  47. Mercedes - Italian meaning “gracious gifts.”
  48. Mehr – Arabic, meaning "a blessing."
  49. Sachi – Japanese, meaning a "miracle," or "bliss."
  50. Tayja – Hindu, meaning "a little gem from the heavens."
  51. Thea - Hebrew meaning “blessing of the lord.”
  52. Winifred – Welsh, meaning "a blessed peacemaking."

Baby Boy Names that Mean Blessing

If your little blessing is a baby boy, there are many traditional or unique baby names to choose from. Here are our favorite names that mean blessing for boys. 

Baby Boy Names that Mean Blessing
  1. Aaron – Hebrew, meaning “shining light” or "miraculous."
  2. Adiel - Hebrew meaning “God sent.”
  3. AdomAfrican name, meaning "God’s blessing."
  4. Apikai Hawaiin name, meaning "a blessing."
  5. BarackSwahili name, meaning "a blessing."
  6. Barke – African, meaning "many blessings."
  7. Benedict – Latin, meaning "a blessed boy."
  8. Beneficio – Italian, meaning "a blessing."
  9. Benoit - French meaning “blessed.”
  10. Boone – French, meaning "blessing."
  11. Caspian - Greek meaning “miraculous.”
  12. Cedric - Anglo-Saxon meaning “loved and blessed.”
  13. Daliso – African, meaning "a heavenly gift."
  14. Darko – Slavic, meaning "a special gift."
  15. David - Hebrew meaning “blessed.”
  16. Eijaz - Arabic meaning “miracle.”
  17. Gianni – Italian meaning "God is gracious."
  18. Ian – Gaelic, meaning "a gift from the Lord."
  19. Jeremiah - Hebrew name meaning “God has gifted.”
  20. Jonathan - Hebrew meaning “God’s gift.”
  21. Loreto – Italian, meaning "blessing or "miraculous."
  22. Mateo - Latin meaning “gift of God.”
  23. Matthew – English, meaning "gift of God."
  24. Mikah - Hebrew meaning “one who is like God.”
  25. Miracolo – Italian, meaning "a miracle."
  26. Nathaniel - Hebrew meaning “gift of God.”
  27. Neo - A Tswana name  that means “gift.”
  28. Regalo – Spanish, meaning a special gift
  29. Reyan – Indian/Sanskrit name, meaning "gift of God," "little king."
  30. Segen – German, meaning "a blessing" or "godsend."
  31. Thaddeus - Aramaic name meaning “praise” or “given by God.”
  32. Theo – Greek, meaning "a divine gift."
  33. Yanis - Greek meaning “blessing from heaven.”
  34. Zebadiah - Greek meaning “God’s gift.”
  35. Zelig – German, meaning "a blessing."

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Blessing

From Welsh names to Spanish or Japanese names, blessing names that can be used for girls or boys are plentiful. These are just a few gender-neutral baby names that mean blessing. 

Gender-Neutral Baby Names that Mean Blessing
  1. 88 Aerowen - Welsh meaning “blessed berries.”
  2. Asher - Hebrew, meaning "a blessing," "fortunate."
  3. Bennett – Latin, meaning "a little blessed one."
  4. Dory – French, meaning "gift of God."
  5. Guadalupe - Hispanic meaning “valley of blessing.”
  6. Jesse – Hebrew, meaning "a blessing," "gift."
  7. HarikaTurkish name, meaning "a miracle."
  8. Lahja – Nordic meaning "special gift" (pronounced la-hee-yuh).
  9. Nima – Latin and Arabic, meaning "a blessing."
  10. Milagro/Milagros - Spanish meaning “miracle” or “wonder.”
  11. Mikel/Mikelle - Hebrew meaning “who is like God."
  12. Marvel – French, meaning "miracle."
  13. Mirakel Norwegian name meaning "a miracle."
  14. Sachi - Japanese name meaning “miracle.”

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to choose a name that means blessing or gift. Whatever language, historical context, or moniker you choose, may your little blessing always fill you and the rest of your family with love and happiness.

Names That Mean Blessing

When it comes to names that signify "blessing," there exist a multitude of beautiful options from various cultures and languages. For instance, the name Benedict derived from Latin means "blessed." Asher, a Hebrew name, also carries the meaning "blessing" or "happiness." In Arabic, Mubarak signifies "blessed," while in Japanese, the name Sachi translates to "blissful" or "blessing." It's truly fascinating how the sentiment of blessing permeates through different languages and cultures in the form of names!

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101 Baby Names That Mean Blessing


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