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Updated October 18, 2022

Sanskrit is a classical and ancient language and is one of the three earliest documented languages. It is the sacred language of Hinduism and Hindu poetry, myth, and philosophy. Sanskrit is also the sacred language of Buddhism and Jainism and is used in monasteries and temples. 

While Sanskrit is no longer a spoken language in most parts of modern society, like Latin in the western world, it is still used in religious ceremonies and texts. There are, however, a few small pockets in India where people still speak Sanskirt daily.

Historians believe that because Sanskrit is the language of Brahmins or the holy or highest caste of people, everyday people slowly stopped speaking it out of reverence or respect. 

However, many names in India and parts of Asia, particularly those who practice Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, use Sanskrit names for their children. 

If you’re interested in using a Sanskrit name to represent your Indian or Asian roots check out our list of popular baby names that stem from the ancient language!

Sanskrit Boy Names and Sanskrit Name Meanings 

  1. Aditya - The sun. 
  2. Agni - This Hindu name means fire. Agni is the god of Fire. 
  3. Arjun - This Hindu name has multiple meanings: peacock, bright, white, clear, and silver. 
  4. Avyay - One name of Lord Shiva. 
  5. Bhavin - Blessing. Illustrious.
  6. Brahma - Prayer. It is derived from the word Brahman. Braham is referred to as the creator in Hinduism. 
  7. Darsh - The name Darsh refers to Lord Krishna and is commonly used by those who practice Hinduism or Jainism.
  8. Darshan - A Hindu god or vision.
  9. Gautam - A Hindu name for Lord Buddha.
  10. Hansin - The universal soul. 
  11. Harit - Muslim. Lion.
  12. Indra - Possesses rain. A poetic name referring to the king of the sky, lightning, and rain.
  13. Jaiman - Lord of the universe. This is a good option if you want a Sanskirt name with an Americanized nickname. For example, he could go by Jay or Jai. 
  14. Jayesh - Victor. Jayesh is among the trending Sanskrit baby boy names.
  15. Kiran - Beam or ray of light.
  16. Krishna - Krishna is a major deity in Hinduism. The name means black or dark.
  17. Kumar - Youthful or boy.
  18. Manan - Hindi. Meditatie, thinking, or thought.
  19. Mukuta - Royal crown.
  20. Paarth - One name for Arjun, son of the god Indra.
  21. Raga - Raga is a musical genre in India. The name means harmonious, color, and passion.
  22. Ram - Godlike.
  23. Ranav - King.
  24. Rathan - A charioteer.
  25. Samir - Sanskrit. WInd. In Arabic, it means entertaining companion.
  26. Sarvin - This name has been trending in the U.S. since 2014. While it’s not breaking any records, before 2011, it was even making the charts. 
  27. Tarak - Protector.
  28. Udyat - Star or rising.
  29. Vedic - Ancient.
  30. Vishnu - Lord Vishnu is a Hindu god known as the protector of the world. 


Reading Sanskrit text Hindi

Sanskrit Girl Names and Sanskrit Name Meanings 

  1. Adhira - Quick. 
  2. Avni - The earth. An excellent name for a baby whose sibling is named Indra.
  3. Bhanavi - Belonging to the sun. 
  4. Charvi - A beautiful woman. 
  5. Dakini - This unique name means walking in the sky or a witch. 
  6. Daksha - A Hindu name meaning the earth or the skilled one. Daksha is the wife of Lord Shiva.
  7. Deva - This Hindi name means holy or divine. 
  8. Durga - The goddess Durga is a significant Hindu goddess associated with strength and protection. The name also refers to the goddess Parvati.
  9. Ekata - Unity. 
  10. Eni  - River or stream.
  11. Esha - A Hindi name meaning wish or desire. 
  12. Gitika - A short hym.
  13. Iditra - One who is worthy of praise.
  14. Ila - Hindu. Earth. It is also a Scottish name that means isle or island. 
  15. Indira - In Hindu mythology, she is the consort of Lord Vishnu. Indira is another name for the goddess Lakshmi, the bestower of prosperity. 
  16. Jaya - Victory or triumphant. The name is associated with the goddess Durga.
  17. Kali - The Hindu goddess of destruction and enlightenment. 
  18. Karka - Crab. 
  19. Lalita - Sweet or elegant.
  20. Lavani - Grace and beauty. 
  21. Maya - In Sanskrit, this name means illusion. 
  22. Milan - Union or coming together. 
  23. Nalini - A sacred lotus flower. 
  24. Priya- Beloved. 
  25. Rajasi - Worthy of a king. 
  26. Ritvika - This unique Sanskrit name refers to a priestess.
  27. Sita - Furrow. Sita is the Hindu goddess of the harvest.
  28. Swara - Hindu. Musical notes, tone, self-shining. A beautiful name for music lovers. 
  29. Tara - Star or hill. The wife of Shiva is sometimes referred to as Tara. 
  30. Uma - Uma is one name for the Indian goddess Parvati, the wife of Shiva. 
  31. Upala - This Sanskrit baby girl name means gemstone with many colors or Opal. 
  32. Veda - Knowledge. The Vedas are one of the four sacred texts in Hinduism. So using this beautiful name is an auspicious start for your little one!

Gender-Neutral Names with Sanskrit Meanings 

  1. Adi - First-born, primary. 

  2. Amit - Infinite or boundless. It is a popular name in India, Asia, and parts of the Middle East. 
  3. Capala - One who is as swift as lightning. 
  4. Indumati - Full moon.Commonly used as a girl’s name but also for boys occasionally.
  5. Kashmir - Heaven. 
  6. Koti - Extreme corner or edge. 
  7. Neelakshi - Primarily used for girls but sometimes for boys, it means blue-eyed. It can also be spelled Nilakshi.
  8. Nilmani - Precious stone or blue sapphire. 
  9. Nirvana - Bliss or liberation. 
  10. Raine - This Sanskirt name derives from the word “she is singing.” It also means queen. 
  11. Rama - Used as both a boy name and a girl name Rama is a principal deity in Hinduism. The name means pleasing. 
  12. Raja - Hope or ruler. If you’re a fan of the Disney film Aladdin, it is the name of Jasmine’s tiger. 

Santosh - Traditionally a girl’s name but used for boys and girls, it means contentment, happiness, or satisfaction.

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