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Updated May 6, 2023

India is full of different religions and diverse people. Their official language is Hindi and almost half the population speaks it. So if your last name is Hindi, there’s a good chance that you have Indian roots. Below we will talk about the background of Indian names as well as naming traditions so you can learn a little bit more about your ancestry.

The History of Indian Names

India is a melting pot of cultures with so many different people living there, along with different religions. You’ll see everything from Punjabi to Bengali and Hinduism to Buddhism. Though, a common factor is that many given names are Hindu names and come from Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient language and names in that language are typically based on a specific Sanskrit word.

Naming Practices in India

Indian customs play a large part when choosing a name for a new baby. Indian people rely heavily on naming conventions and religion, which varies depending on which region of India you are from. Many baby names are chosen based on their meaning. Indians want their children’s names to have a deeper meaning. Some are named after Gods and Goddesses while others are named based on what their parents want them to become. You can even see horoscopes and astrology influence naming in India.

Common Indian Baby Boy Names

  1. Atharv - In the Hindu religion, this is one of the names of Lord Ganesh. It means “knowledge” in Sanskrit.
  2. Chaitya - This name means “place of worship” in Hindi. It is a word often used for a Buddhist temple.
  3. Devak - The meaning of this Hindi boy’s name is “divine.”
  4. Dhavak - This boy’s name means “runner” or “swift” in Hindu.
  5. Gana - This name is of Sanskrit and Hebrew origin. It means “garden.”
  6. Harin - This is a variation of the word “hari” which refers to Lord Vishnu in the Hindu religion. It also means “deer” in Sanskrit.
  7. Hiresh - This Hindu name of Indian origin for boys means “king of precious stones.”
  8. Kanj - The meaning of this name is “Lord Brahma” in Hindi.
  9. Kunal - This baby boy's name has two meanings. It can either mean “lotus” or son of Emperor Ashok in Indian Sanskrit.
  10. Mihit - This name is of Sanskrit and Hindu origin and means “sun.” It is also the name of the Goddess Surya, the sun in Indian mythology.
  11. Samrat - This name is of Sikh and Punjabi origin. It means “emperor.”

Common Indian Baby Girl Names

  1. Anika - Not only is this one of the names of the Goddess Durga but it is also derived from the Sanskrit word that means “graceful” or “brilliant.”
  2. Bishakha - This is a Hindi baby name that means “star.”
  3. Divya - This Indian name is derived from the Sanskrit word that means “divine brilliance.”
  4. Geet - You can sometimes see this name used for baby boys as well as baby girls. It means “a song” in Sikh and Punjabi.
  5. Gulika - This baby girl’s name is most common in the Muslim Hindu religion. It means “a pearl.”
  6. Iraja - This Sanskrit baby name means “born of the wind.”
  7. Jhalak - This name of Indian origin means “glimpse” or “spark” and is mainly in the Hindu religion.
  8. Meera - This girl’s name means “prosperous” in Hindi and it comes from a Sanskrit word that means “ocean” or “sea.”
  9. Pahal - The meaning of this baby name is “the start” in Gujarati and is also one of the names of the Goddess Lakshmi.
  10. Saanvi - This is a very popular girl name in India. It means “follower of Lakshmi” in Hindu.
  11. Urmil - The meaning of this Hindi name is “humble” or “enchantress.”
  12. Vedika - This is a Hindi name meaning “consciousness” or “full of knowledge.”

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