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100 Warrior Girl Names for Your Warrior Princess

If you're looking for a powerful, fearless name for your little fighter, look no further than our list of 100 warrior girl names.
100 warrior names for baby girls
Updated: January 25, 2024
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If you're looking for a powerful, fearless name for your little fighter, look no further than our list of 100 warrior girl names.

Give your little girl a strong name indicative of the strong woman she’ll one day become from this list of baby names that are perfect for a warrior princess! You can’t go wrong with these fierce and badass girl names which mean “warrior” and “soldier,” and have a variety of origins.

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If you’re looking for a list of names that evoke the strength of a warrior princess, this is the ultimate collection of warrior names for girls.

Warrior Girl Names

Discover the best female warrior names and strong girl names, from rare ones to more common options.

  1. Aadya - Bengali, means "first" or "Earth" referring to the power that created the Earth
  2. Adira - Hebrew, means "strong, mighty."
  3. Aine - Celtic, means "radiance, splendor, brilliance."
  4. Alessia - Italian, means "helper, defender."
  5. Alexandra - Greek, means "helper, defender."
  6. Alexandria - English, means "helper, defender."
  7. Althea - Greek Mythology, means "with healing power."
  8. Alvilda - Norse, means "battle of elves."
  9. Amira - Arabic, means "commander."
  10. Andrea - English, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, means "manly, masculine."
  11. Annemarie - Hebrew, means "rebellious woman."
  12. Aoife - Irish Mythology, a warrior princess
  13. Artemis - Greek Mythology, goddess of the moon and of the hunt
  14. Athena - Greek Mythology, goddess of wisdom and of war
  15. Audelia - English, means "noble" or "strength."
  16. Audrey - English, means "noble" or "strength."
  17. Bellatrix - Latin, means “female warrior”
  18. Bellona - Roman Mythology, goddess of war, means "personification of battle."
  19. Bernadette - German, means "strong and brave as a bear."
  20. Brenda - Norse, means "sword."
  21. Brenna - Norse, means "sword."
  22. Bria - Irish, means "power, strength, vigor."
  23. Briana - English, means "high, noble."
  24. Bridget - Irish, means “exalted one" or "power”
  25. Brielle - English, means “warrior of God”
  26. Bryndis - Scandinavian, means "strong armor."
  27. Camilla - Roman Mythology, a legendary warrior maiden
  28. Carla - Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Dutch, means "army" or "warrior."
  29. Cassandra - Greek, means “man’s defender; warrior”
  30. Chasina - Aramaic, means "strong, mighty."
  31. Diana - Roman Mythology, goddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth
  32. Dusty - Norse, means "tough like the stone of Thor."
  33. Ebba - German, means "strength of an animal."
  34. Edrei - Biblical, means "strong and powerful."
  35. Elaheh - Persian, means "like a goddess."
  36. Enyo - Greek Mythology, a war goddess'
  37. Fairuza - Persian, means "woman of triumph."
  38. Fallon - Irish, means “superiority; descended from a ruler”
  39. Fianna - Irish, means "band of warriors."
  40. Finley - Scottish, means “fair warrior”
  41. Gabriella - Italian, means "God is my strength."
  42. Gertrude - English, Dutch, French, means "spear of strength."
  43. Gesa - Dutch, means "strength of a spear."
  44. Harlow - English, means “army”
  45. Jaiyana - Arabic, means "strength."
  46. Karleen - Old German, means "womanly strength."
  47. Kennedy - Gaelic, means "protected with helmet."
  48. Keren - Hebrew, means "strength, power."
  49. Louella - English, means "famous battle."
  50. Louisa - English, German, Dutch, means "famous battle."
  51. Lulu - German, means "famous battle."
  52. Maajida - Islamic, means "powerful."
  53. Maeve - Irish Mythology, warrior queen of Connacht
  54. Maia - Maori, means “brave warrior”
  55. Marcella - Latin, means “warlike”
  56. Marcheline - French, means “warrior”
  57. Malin - English, means “strong" or little warrior”
  58. Martina - Spanish, means "warrior."
  59. Matilda - German, means “battle-mighty”
  60. Maude - German, means “battle-mighty”
  61. Melisende - Medieval French, means "strong."
  62. Meredith - Celtic, means, “protector of the sea."
  63. Mia - Scandinavian, means "ocean goddess" or "queen."
  64. Minka - Polish, means "strong-willed warrior."
  65. Mildred - English, means "gentle strength."
  66. Morgan - Welsh, English, French, means “sea warrior”
  67. Moxie - American, means “boldness and strength of character”
  68. Mukta - Sanskrit, means "free."
  69. Myla - English, means “soldier."
  70. Neilina - Gaelic, means "champion."
  71. Nicole - French, means "victory of the people."
  72. Nikita - Greek, means “unconquered”
  73. Nirupama - Sanskrit, means "unmatched."
  74. Nirvana - Sanskrit, means "one who blows out."
  75. Qadira - Arabic, means "full of power."
  76. Olesia - Greek, means "man's defender."
  77. Oma - Arabic, means "thriving."
  78. Philomena - Greek, means "lover of strength."
  79. Reika - German, means "power of the wolf."
  80. Sasha - Russian, Ukranian, English, French, means “defending warrior”
  81. Sandra - Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Czech, Romanian, means “defending warrior”
  82. Shamra - Arabic, means "ready for battle."
  83. Shahrzad - Persian, means "bringing freedom to the city."
  84. Thora - Scandinavian, means "Thor's struggle."
  85. Trudy - German, means "spear of strength."
  86. Tyra - Scandinavian, means “Thor’s warrior”
  87. Valda - German, means “battle heroine”
  88. Velda - German, means "ruler" or "power."
  89. Valencia - Spanish, means "strong, victorious."
  90. Valentina - Italian, Russian, Latvian, German, Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Romanian, Spanish, Greek, Ancient Roman, means “strong, vigorous, powerful”
  91. Valerie - English, German, Czech, means, “strength, health”
  92. Vanshni - Biblical, means "strong."
  93. Victoria - Latin, means "victory."
  94. Walta - African, means "shield."
  95. Wilma - German, means "will-helmet" or "protection."
  96. Wyetta - Old English, means "war strength."
  97. Zaila - Arabic, means "might, power."
  98. Zelda - English, Spanish, means “gray fighting maid."
  99. Zelma - German, means "helmet of God."
  100. Zenevieva - Slavic, means "woman of the people."

Girl Names that Mean Warrior

Here is a list of rare girl names that signify the warrior spirit or mean warrior themselves:

  • Aife: An Irish name, Aife was a legendary warrior woman in Celtic mythology.
  • Ailith: An Old English name, Ailith stands for "seasoned warrior."
  • Briana - A Celtic name that means "strong, virtuous, and honorable."
  • Dina: A Scottish name, Dina means "sea warrior."
  • Kacie - An American name meaning "alert, vigorous."
  • Nakoma: A Native American name, Nakoma means "great warrior or great spirit."
  • Zarya - A Slavic name meaning "morning star, protector of warriors."

Creating Warrior Princess Names

Creating names for a warrior princess character can be an exciting task. Here are some unique and powerful names from popular culture and history that might inspire you. Remember, a great warrior princess name should not only sound strong and beautiful, but it should also reflect the character's personality and heritage!

  • Aella - In Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior known for wielding a double-edged sword.
  • Bellatrix - This Latin name means "female warrior", and is featured in the Harry Potter series.
  • Boudicca - Named after the Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against the Romans.
  • Eowyn - A character from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Eowyn is a brave and skilled warrior princess of Rohan.
  • Kahlan - A character from Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, Kahlan is a powerful woman who fights for justice.
  • Maev - An Irish name meaning "intoxicating", Maev was also the name of a warrior queen in ancient Irish folklore.
  • Penthesilea - In Greek mythology, Penthesilea was an Amazonian queen famous for her bravery in the Trojan War.
  • Rhiannon - A Welsh name meaning "great queen" or "goddess". Rhiannon is a major figure in the Mabinogi, a collection of medieval Welsh tales.
  • Thalia - From Greek mythology, Thalia is one of the nine muses and her name means "to flourish".
  • Xena - Made famous by the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena is a formidable fighter with a good heart.

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