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100 Boy Names That Mean Love from Around The World

These boy names that mean love will fill your heart with joy. From romantic boy names to heart and love names of different cultures, you'll find a baby name to fall in love with.
100 Boy Names That Mean Love from Around The World
Updated: June 5, 2024

Nothing is as strong as a parent’s love for their baby, so choosing a baby boy name that means love is a perfect fit. These baby boy names are inspired by different types of love from all kinds of cultures, stories and mythologies.

If you want to choose the sweetest baby name for your little boy, explore our list of romantic boy names inspired by literature and famous symbols of love. You’re sure to lose your heart to one of these beautiful boy names.

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Baby Boy Names Meaning Love Starting with A to L 

These boy names that mean love will help get you started on your search for the perfect name that will always remind your little one just how much they are loved.

  1. Agapius - Of Latin origin meaning divine love
  2. Aiko - Japanese name meaning child of love
  3. Amadeus - A Latin name meaning lover of God
  4. Amador - Of Latin origin meaning one who loves
  5. Amatus - Latin boy name meaning loved
  6. Amias - Of Latin origin meaning loved
  7. Amor - Latin name meaning “loving.” 
  8. Anbu - Of Indian origin translated to love
  9. Anwil - Of Welsh origin meaning beloved
  10. Aonghus - Aonghus is the Irish God of Love and Youth
  11. Armas - Finnish name that translates to love.
  12. Atif - Arabic name meaning affectionate one
  13. Atuf - Arabic for love
  14. Aziz - This Arabic name means beloved
  15. Bes - Name of an ancient Egyptian deity who was also known as the “God of love.”
  16. Caratacos - A Celtic boy name that translates to “love” 
  17. Cargus - Ancient Celtic word meaning love
  18. Caron - Welsh gender-neutral name meaning loving or kind.
  19. Carwyn - This Welsh name means fair love
  20. Carys - Welsh name meaning “to love.” 
  21. Casanova - Italian name that is often used to refer to a male lover or ladies’ man. 
  22. Cerio - Welsh name meaning beloved
  23. Connelly - Of Irish origin meaning love and friendship
  24. Cupid - God of love in Roman mythology
  25. David - Of Hebrew origin meaning beloved
  26. Daviel - Hebrew name meaning beloved.
  27. Davin - Welsh name meaning loved.
  28. Dawood - Hebrew male name meaning beloved friend.
  29. Dragoste - Romanian name meaning love.
  30. Dwyn - The God of Love in Celtic mythology.
  31. Eldad - Biblical name of Hebrew origin meaning God has loved.
  32. Elmo - Of Greek, Latin, and Italian origin meaning love
  33. Erasmus - Of Greek origin meaning beloved
  34. Eros - The Greek God of Love
  35. Eustorgio - Italian name meaning “good to love” 
  36. Fenmore - An English name meaning dear love
  37. Gerwyn - Of Welsh origin meaning fair love
  38. Gracian - Of Italian origin meaning beloved
  39. Habib - Arabic word for beloved.
  40. Jacayl - Somali word for love. 
  41. Jeb - Of Hebrew origin meaning beloved friend
  42. Jedidiah - Of Hebrew origin meaning beloved of the lord
  43. Kama - In the Hindu tradition, Kama is the God of love
  44. Karlek - Of Swedish origin meaning love or romance.
  45. Kealoha - Hawaiian name meaning “the loved one” 
  46. Kendi - African name for boys that means love.
  47. Leif - A Scandinavian name meaning love
  48. Liebe - This German name means love
  49. Lieber - A male Yiddish name that means “love” 
  50. Lennan - Irish boy name meaning “lover”
  51. Lolonyo - Of African descent meaning love is beautiful
  52. Lubos - Slavic name that means love.
  53. Lubomir -Czech name meaning “love and peace” 
  54. Lufian - Old English name meaning one who is full of love
  55. Lyuben - A Bulgarian name meaning “love” 

Baby Boy Names Meaning Love Starting with M to Z

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  1. Medad - A Biblical name for boys that means “love” 
  2. Milos - This Slavic name means beloved
  3. Paris - Name inspired by the city of love: Paris, France
  4. Phil- An English name with Greek origins coming from philos which means loved
  5. Philemon - Of Greek origins meaning loving
  6. Prem - Of Indian origin for love and affection
  7. Roman - Italian name for romantic lover. 
  8. Rudo - An African boy’s name meaning “love” 
  9. Sajan - Of Hindi origin meaning loved one
  10. Upendo - A Swahili name meaning love
  11. Yue Lao - God of love in Chinese mythology.

Boy Names That Mean Heart 

These names are perfect for a little boy with a very big heart! 

  1. Ahlab - Biblical name that means “brother of the heart.” 
  2. Caleb - Hebrew name meaning “Whole heart.” 
  3. Chane - French name meaning “Strong, oak-heart.” 
  4. Chino - Boy name meaning small, golden heart 
  5. Chitpal - Punjabi boy name meaning “lovely heart.” 
  6. Corazon - Spanish name meaning “heart.” 
  7. Corwin - Gaelic name meaning “heart’s friend.” 
  8. Damir - Muslim boy name meaning “heart” and “love.”
  9. Daric -Gaelic boy name meaning “Strong, oak-hearted.”
  10. Deedar  - Indian name meaning “melancholy or broken heart.” 
  11. Dilraj - Indian name meaning “heart’s king”
  12. DyreScandinavian name meaning “dear heart.” 
  13. Euston - Irish male name meaning “heart.” 
  14. Fawad - Muslim boy name meaning “heart.” 
  15. Hagen - Irish name meaning “young heart” or “youthful one.” 
  16. Hugh - German meaning “mind and heart” 
  17. Hughard - German name meaning “brave heart” 
  18. Lev - Israeli name meaning “heart.” 
  19. Redan - Hindi boy name meaning “one with a loving heart.”
  20. Swaran - Indian name meaning “one who has a golden heart.” 
  21. Tate - Native American name meaning “lighthearted” or “pleasant talker” 
  22. Xaivian - Arabic name meaning “bright heart.” 
  23. Zamir - Hebrew name for “heart of the songbird.” 

Romantic Boy's Names Inspired by Literature and Pop Culture

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These boy names are inspired by the swoon worthy romantic heroes from literature, rom-coms, and pop culture. 

  1. Brandon - A classic Jane Austen romantic hero, Colonel Brandon is a love interest in Sense and Sensibility. The name Brandon is of Old English origin and means "fiery hill." 
  2. Fitzwilliam - The first name of Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy. Fitzwilliam means “solider’s son.” 
  3. Gilbert - This name means “bright desire” and is a great pick for Anne of Green Gables fans who had a childhood crush on Gilbert Blythe! 
  4. Flynn - Rapunzel’s dashing prince in Disney’s Tangled.
  5. Heathcliff - A romantic hero or anti-hero with a lot of baggage, this name comes from Charlotte Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.
  6. Marius - After the romantic lead in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Marius falls in love with the beautiful Cosette. 
  7. Nicholas - A name to honor popular romance writer Nicholas Sparks who gave us classic romance stories like The Notebook and Dear John
  8. Orpheus - Romantic poet and hero in Ancient Greek mythology who goes to the underworld to rescue his wife Eurydice. 
  9. Pothos - Greek god of longing, desire, and passion.
  10. Romeo - Of the tragic pair of lovers from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  11. Westley - Inspired by the romantic hero of The Princess Bride

If you are not totally smitten with this list of boy names that mean love, consider these popular baby name lists for more inspiration: 

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100 Boy Names That Mean Love from Around The World


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