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Updated May 4, 2023

Do you have Finnish or Swedish in your background? Are you looking for the perfect baby name? Below we have a wide variety of Finnish names that include popular baby names as well as others commonly used in the Nordic territories.

Finnish Name History

If you have Scandinavian roots, this can include Finnish as well. Scandinavia is a peninsula, not a country, that is located in Northern Europe. It can refer to Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland. They are also considered some of the Nordic territories as well. This is why many Finnish names are also Swedish, Norwegian, Old Norse, etc.
Many Finnish names are actually Christian. By the early 19th century, many traditional Finnish names were hardly seen anymore. This changed toward the end of the 19th century, as the Finnish forms of the Latin and Swedish names were removed from the official almanac.

Finnish Naming Practices

Given names are typically chosen by the person’s parents while their surname comes from either the mother or father. Each child is allowed up to 3 middle names as well. Many parents chose names from Finnish folklore or converted Finnish words into first names.
There are a few restrictions when choosing your child’s name in Finland. Examples are; that it must not cause offense or harm, and must not be “unsuited” as a chosen name.

The Most Popular Finnish Boy Names

  1. Aatos - A popular baby boy’s name in Finland, “Aatos” means “thought” or “idea.”
  2. Antti - This name is derived from the Greek name “Andrea.” It means “warrior.”
  3. Jaakko - This is the Finnish variation of “Jacob” and it means “supplanter.”
  4. Joona - This Finnish name means “dove.”
  5. Onni - This popular Finnish name means “happiness” or “luck.”
  6. Vaino - This name means “wagon builder” in Finnish

More Finnish Boy Names

  1. Aadolf - This is the Finnish form of “Adolf” and it means “distinguished” or “strong wolf.”
  2. Aapeli - This name means “breath” and is the Finnish form of the name “Abel.” It is also the name of a storm that occurred in Finland in 2019.
  3. Aapo - This is the Finnish version of “Abraham.” It means “father of multitude.”
  4. Aimo - This name is of Scandinavian origin and it means “generous amount.”
  5. Akseli - In Finnish, this boy’s name means “father of peace.”
  6. Aleksanteri - This is a Persian and Finnish variation of “Alexander.” It means “defender of mankind.”
  7. Edvin - This Finnish name means “rich friend.”
  8. Eero - This name is the Finnish version of “Eric.” It means “ruler” in Scandinavian.
  9. Esa - This name is both Finnish and Hebrew. It means “God delivers.”
  10. Heikki - This is the Finnish form of the Old High German name “Heinrich.” It means “home-ruler.”
  11. Janne - This name is often used as a nickname in Finland or Sweden. It means “gift from God” in Finnish.
  12. Jari - This name means “God will raise up” in Finnish.
  13. Juhani - This name is Finnish for “God is gracious.”
  14. Jussi - This Finnish name means “gift from God.”
  15. Kalle - This name is both of Swedish and Finnish origin. It means “free man.”
  16. Kauko - This is an Ancient Finnish name found in “Kalevala,” a popular book in Finland. “Kauko” means “far away” in Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian.
  17. Kevat - This name is actually the Finnish word for “spring.”
  18. Mikko - This name is Finnish for “who is like God? It is the Finnish version of the name “Michael.”
  19. Mustanen - This Finnish boy’s name means “black.”

The Most Popular Finnish Girl Names

  1. Aada - This girl’s name is of Finnish and German origin. It means “noble one.”
  2. Aino - “Aino” is a character in the Kalevala, a popular Finnish collection of poems that include Finnish mythology. It means “the only one.”
  3. Eevi - This Hebrew and Finnish name mean “living and breathing.”
  4. Emilia - This name has a few different origins including Latin and Finnish. It means “eager” in Latin and “rival” in Finnish.
  5. Milla - This is the feminine form of “Milo.” It is Finnish for “industrious.”

More Finnish Girl Names

  1. Annikki - This is a Finnish diminutive of the name “Anna.” It is also the name of the forest goddess in Finnish mythology and it means “bitter.”
  2. Erika - This is a Scandinavian name and it means “honorable ruler.”
  3. Helka - This is the Finnish version of “Helga.” “Helga” is Old Norse for “divine woman.”
  4. Helmi - The Finnish meaning of this name is “pearl” and the Germanic meaning is “resolute protector.”
  5. Kaarina - This is a Finnish and Swedish name that means “pure.”
  6. Kaija - This is the Finnish version of “Katherine.” It means “precious daughter” or “sweet girl.”
  7. Kristiina - This name means “follower of Christ” in Estonian and Finnish. It is the Finnish form of the French name “Christine.”
  8. Liisa - This name has several origins including Greek, Hebrew, and Estonian. It is Finnish for “consecrated to God.”
  9. Lilja - This name means “lily” in Swedish and Finnish.
  10. Louhi - This is the name of the villain in the Kalevala and the queen of the underworld in Finnish mythology. It means “trance.”
  11. Marja - This is the Finnish form of “Mary” and it means “berry.”
  12. Marjatta - This Finnish name means “beloved.”
  13. Nea - This name means “goal” or “purpose” and is a variant of the Gaelic name “Nia.”
  14. Noora - This Finnish girl’s name means “light” and is a variant of the biblical name “Nora.”
  15. Preita - This Finnish name means “most loved one.”
  16. Reeta - This is the Finnish short form of “Margaret” and it means “pearl.”
  17. Senja - This is the Finnish version of the Greek name “Xenia” and it means “hospitable” or “welcoming.”
  18. Tarja - This name means “who holds firm the good” in Finnish.
  19. Terhi - This Finnish name means “acorn.”

Finnish Unisex Names

  1. Elin - This Finnish name means “shining light” or “torch.”
  2. Kodi - This is the Finnish form of “Cody” and it means “helpful person.”
  3. Loki - This Scandinavian name refers to the trickster God in Old Norse mythology.
  4. Sami - In Finnish, “Sami” means “exalted one.”

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