75 Names That Mean Snow, Ice or Winter for Your Little One

Updated: October 12, 2021
Why not celebrate the magic of winter by choosing a name that means snow-themed name for your winter baby? Here are the top names for boys and girls, along with some great gender-neutral options.
Baby Names that Mean Snow
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Why not celebrate the magic of winter by choosing a name that means snow for your winter baby? Here are the top names that mean snow, ice, or winter for boys, girls, along with some great gender-neutral options.

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Winter brings a peaceful sort of magic along with it. Have you ever heard the mysterious quiet of snow falling or looked out on snow-capped peaks and just soaked in the beauty of an all-white world? If your baby is born during winter, a name that celebrates this time of the year might just be perfect.

The winter season lets us look out onto the simplicity of nature, but it also brings immeasurable power. Snow, hail, and ice remind us of the great force of nature, and we associate winter with leafless tree branches and the disappearance of most animals (with many going into hibernation).

The cold and dark time of the year also drives us inside for shelter and warmth, and with that comes hot cocoa, cozy blankets, warm fires, and lots and lots of cuddles. Winter wields its power and we surrender to it, spending time together and celebrating the holidays.

Having a baby during the cold season shapes the way the first months will go. There will be days indoors looking out at the white world from a rocker by the window. A snow-covered yard will await your little one’s curious hands (and mouth!) Why not celebrate the magic of winter by choosing a name that indicates one of the elements for your winter baby?

We rounded up our favorite names that mean snow, ice, or winter for you.

Girl Names that Mean Snow, Ice, or Winter

  1. Alba - Of Spanish origin, Alba means bright or white.
  2. Apricity - Of English origin, Apricity means the warmth of the sun in winter, a pretty name for a baby girl.
  3. Bianca - This Italian name means white, a lovely way to reference the color of winter.
  4. Blanca - Spanish for white, another way to pay homage to snow and icicles.
  5. Blanche - French for white, the color of winter.>/li>
  6. Chan - This Chinese name means snow.
  7. Cherith - A unique Hebrew name that means winter stream.
  8. Demetria - The Greek goddess of winter, Demetria is the perfect name for a strong little girl.
  9. Diamond - Referring to the winter birthstone, Diamond would make a pretty name for sparkly girl.
  10. Eira - A Welsh name that means snow.
  11. Eirwen - This Welsh name means blessed snow, a great name for a winter girl.
  12. Elsa - Gaining popularity for baby girl names after the movie Frozen, Elsa is Scandinavian.
  13. Epiphany - Epiphany is Greek for a sudden realization and refers to a Christian winter holiday.
  14. Flykra - Of German and Danish origin meaning snowflake.
  15. Frostine - A French name that means snow.
  16. Guinevere - This English name means white.
  17. Gwenyth - Gwenyth, or Gwen for short, is a Welsh name meaning white.
  18. Gwyneira - Of Welsh origin, Gwyneira is a unique name that means blessed snow.
  19. Haukea - A Hawaiian name that means white snow.
  20. Haunani - Another Hawaiian name that means beautiful snow.
  21. Icyln - This English name means ice.
  22. Ivy - Of English origin, Ivy is a plant associated with winter.
  23. Janara - From Roman Mythology, Janara is the feminine form of Janus, God of the Snow.
  24. Lumi - Finnish for snow.
  25. Miyuki - A Japanese name that means deep snow or beautiful snow.
  26. Natasha - A Russian name that means Christmas, a winter holiday.
  27. Neve - This Irish name means bright or snowy.
  28. Nevis - From Carribean Spanish, Nevis means snow.
  29. Nieves - Spanish for a lady of the snow.
  30. Nivia - Of Latin origin, Nivia means snow.
  31. Noella - A French name that means Christmas.
  32. Noelle - Another French version meaning Christmas.
  33. Olwen - A unique Welsh name that means white footprint.
  34. Skadi - From Norse Mythology, Skadi is the goddess of winter and of the hunt.
  35. Snow - An English name that means exactly that.
  36. Viola - Of Latin origin, Viola means winter flower.
  37. Xuĕ - A Chinese name that means snowfall.
  38. Yukina - This Japanese name means snow.

Boy Names that Mean Snow, Ice, or Winter

  1. Andri - An Old Norse name meaning snowshoe.
  2. Bylur - Of Icelandic origin, Bylur means “snowstorm”, a strong name for a baby boy.
  3. Dong - This Chinese name means winter.
  4. Douglas - A Scottish name that means Christmas tree.
  5. Edur - Of Basque origin, Edur means snow.
  6. Eirwen - This Welsh name means white as snow.
  7. Eryi - This Welsh name means from Snowdon.
  8. Fannar - An Old Norse name that means snowdrift.
  9. Frost - An English name referring to the frost you find on a cold winter morning, or Jack Frost, a variant on Old Man Winter.
  10. Kari - This Turkish name means covered with snow.
  11. Lixue - A Chinese name that means pretty snow.
  12. Nas - Of Native American origin, Nas means snow.
  13. Nicholas - Of Greek origin, Saint Nicholas inspired the story of Santa Claus.
  14. Quilo - From Roman Mythology, Quilo refers to the North Wind.
  15. Rudolph - This Latin name refers to the story of the “red-nosed reindeer”, a winter classic.
  16. Tuhin - This Indian name means snow.
  17. Tushar - Of Indian origin, Tushar means snow.
  18. Warrin - Pitjantjatjara (Central Australian Aboriginal), Warrin means the cold months.
  19. Whittaker - A classic Old English name that means from the white field.
  20. Yukio - A Japanese name that means snow.
  21. Yule - An Old English name, Yule means winter solstice.
  22. Zane - An American name that means white as snow.

Gender-Neutral Names that Mean Snow, Ice, or Winter

  1. Aspen - This gender-neutral name refers to a city in Colorado known for its skiing and beautiful ski resorts.
  2. Blaze - This unisex name is of English origin and means snowstorm.
  3. Cypress - A strong Greek name referring to a tree commonly associated with winter and snow.
  4. Ember - This lovely English name means beautiful warm fire, or spark, something to keep you warm in the winter.
  5. January - An English name referencing a winter month.
  6. Juniper - Of Latin origin, the Juniper tree is often associated with snowy weather as they are winter hardy and drought-resistant.
  7. Nevada - A Spanish name that means snow-capped.
  8. Noel - This French name means Christmas, a winter holiday.
  9. North - An English name, as you head North you encounter a wintry mix of weather.
  10. Robin - This English name is perfect for a boy or girl, and refers to the winter red bird.
  11. Storm - Another English name that can be associated with snowstorms.
  12. Winter - Of English origin, Winter can be used for both little girls and boys.
  13. Whit - This English name means white.
  14. Wren - Another English name referring to a winter bird.
  15. Wynter - Wynter would make a unique name with a variation of the English spelling of winter.

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