The 100Coolest Baby Names in the World

Updated: March 30, 2022
This list is the ultimate collection of cool baby names, including cool baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
100 Cool Baby Names
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You are probably wondering what makes a name a cool name? This can be because of several factors. Maybe it's trending, maybe it simply sounds cool, maybe it's rare, or perhaps it's a popular baby name. Some of them may even sound a bit hipster or alternative. Whatever fits your definition of cool, you are bound to find the perfect name on this list.

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Below you will find an assortment of cool baby names that will give your little girl or little boy the best choices.

Cool Baby Girl Names

  1. Alma - Latin for "soul" or "nourishing"
  2. Astrid - Greek for "star" and Old Norse for "super strength"
  3. Beatrix - Latin for "happy"
  4. Birdie - English for "birdlike"
  5. Blaire - Gaelic for "plain"
  6. Celeste - Greek for "most beautiful" and Latin for "heavenly"
  7. Clementine - Latin and Polish for "mild"
  8. Clover - English for "key"
  9. Coco - Spanish name that is a diminutive form of Soccoro
  10. Cora - French for "beloved" and Greek for "heart"
  11. Daisy - Latin for "day's eye"
  12. Dixie - American for "southern girl"
  13. Evie - Hebrew for "life"
  14. Fallon - Celtic for "of a ruling family"
  15. Fern - Old English for "leafy plant"
  16. Flora - Latin for "blooming flower"
  17. Juniper - Latin for "young"
  18. Harlow - Old English for "from the protected town" and German for "flax"
  19. Holland - the French name for a province in the Netherlands
  20. India - Hindi for "from India"
  21. Inez - Greek for "pure" and Spanish for "gentle"
  22. Isla - Spanish and Scottish for "island"
  23. Lake - English for "body of water" or "tranquil water"
  24. Lola - Spanish for "strong woman"
  25. Luna - Latin for "moon"
  26. Lyra - Greek for "song" or "expression of emotion"
  27. Mabel - Latin for "lovable"
  28. Maeve - Several meanings including Irish for "joyous and Greek for "Goddess of the song"
  29. Maisie - Several origins including Persian and Scottish for "pearl"
  30. Nova - Latin for "new"
  31. Olive - Old Norse for "kind one"
  32. Opal - Sanskrit for "jewel"
  33. Piper - English for "flute player"
  34. Poppy - Latin for "flower"
  35. Ramona - Spanish for "wise protector"
  36. Ruby - French for "red gem"
  37. Sage - English for "wise one"
  38. Tallulah - Choctaw Indian for "leaping water"
  39. Vera - Latin for "true" and Slavic for "faith"
  40. Willow - English for "freedom" or "tree"
  41. Zelda - German for "gray warrior" or "woman warrior"

Cool Baby Boy Names

  1. Archie - English for "bold prince"
  2. Arlo - German for "famous throughout the land"
  3. Atticus - Latin for "from Athens"
  4. August - Latin for"exalted"
  5. Beckett - Swedish for "brook"
  6. Calvin - Latin for "bald"
  7. Colt - Latin for "lame"
  8. Crew - Latin for "chariot" or "run"
  9. Byron - French for "cottage" or English for "at the cowshed"
  10. Dallas - Irish for "skilled"
  11. Dexter - Latin for "right-handed"
  12. Easton - English for "east-facing place"
  13. Elvis - Old Norse and Scandinavian for "all-wise"
  14. Huck - German topographic name for bog
  15. Ike - Hebrew for "he will laugh"
  16. Jace - American for "moon" and Greek for "healer"
  17. Jagger - English for "carter"
  18. Jasper - Persian for "keeper of the treasure"
  19. Jet - English for "hard" or "black mineral"
  20. Knox - Old English for "from the hills"
  21. Levi - Hebrew for "united"
  22. Lincoln - Old English for "home by the pond"
  23. Major - Latin for "greater"
  24. Matteo - Several origins including Italian and Greek for "God's gift" or "devoted to God"
  25. Milo - German for "merciful" and Latin for "soldier"
  26. Onyx - Greek for "dark black" or "precious stone"
  27. Orion - Greek for "son of fire" and also the name of the hunter constellation
  28. Ozzy - Hebrew for "strength"
  29. Phineas - Hebrew for "oracle"
  30. Pierce - Latin and English for "rock"
  31. Rex - Latin for "king"
  32. Roman - Hebrew for "powerful" and Italian for "romantic lover"
  33. Roscoe - Old Norse for "from the deer forest"
  34. Silas - Latin for "woodman"
  35. Tate - English for "cheerful" and Native American for "a great talker"
  36. Theo - German for "the boldest" and Greek for "the gift of God"
  37. Tobias - Hebrew for "God is good"
  38. Wells - English for "inquisitive" and Old English for "from the springs"
  39. Wilder - English, German, and Danish for a variant of wild
  40. Zane - Arabic for "beloved"
  41. Zephyr - Spanish for "flying in the wind" and Greek for "wind"

Cool Gender-Neutral Baby Names

  1. Banks - English and Scottish for "one who lives on the hillside or riverbank"
  2. Billie - English for "resolution" or "wise"
  3. Bowie - Welsh for "son of Owen"
  4. Justice - English for "righteous"
  5. Kai - Hawaiian for "sea" and Native American for "willow tree"
  6. Kit - Latin for "little cat" and Greek for "mischievous"
  7. Parker - Old English for "cultivated land"
  8. Peyton - English for "fighting man's estate" and Irish for "warrior town"
  9. Phoenix - Greek for "mystical bird"
  10. Remy - French for "fun-loving"
  11. River - English for "by the riverbank"
  12. Rowan - English for "tree with red berries"
  13. Sawyer - Middle English for "woodsman"
  14. Scout - French for "watchman"
  15. Shane - Hebrew for "beautiful"
  16. Shiloh - Hebrew for "peaceful"
  17. Wren - Welsh for "chief"
  18. Wyatt - Old English for "little warrior" and French for "water"

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