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75 Creative Baby Names for Your Little One

These are 75 of the most creative baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options with meanings.
75 Creative Baby Names
Updated: July 19, 2022

What exactly signifies a creative baby name? Is it a cool name that is catchy and popular? Maybe it is a unique baby name that you don’t often hear. It could also be an offbeat name or character name from a favorite book or movie.

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By definition, courtesy of Merriam-Webster online, creative means having the quality of something created rather than imitated; imaginative.

People, by nature, are creative, and we constantly brainstorm to create new and unique ideas. Creative individuals such as artists, actors, and writers want to invoke specific images in your head with their creations, and they may reference past art and experiences for inspiration.

Likewise, small business owners understand the struggle of coming up with a creative company name, one that people will remember. And isn’t that what you are seeking to do for your baby? You want to give them a name that is as special and unique as they are. Business owners have access to business name generators to suggest a list of names. So, where do you turn to find creative baby name ideas?

Lucky for you, we have three baby names lists of 75 trendy monikers to find the perfect little girl, baby boy, or unisex name for your little one! While you may not be looking to make your baby’s name a brand name, like Blue Ivy, finding the perfect name is still essential as you start your family!

Baby Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Aida - Ethiopian princess in the opera of the same name. There is also a Broadway musical by Disney of this beautiful, tragic love story.
  2. Allegra - Italian. Lively and beautiful. A musical term. Also has brand identity with allergy medication, so a creative business name choice for them!
  3. Althea - Greek. Truthful, creative, alluring, and loyal.
  4. Avalon - Old English. The island that King Arthur was supposedly brought to after his death.
  5. Belle - French. Beautiful. If you are a Disney fan, you will know this is the name of the intelligent and creative heroine in Beauty and the Beast.
  6. Charmaine - French/English. Combination of the word Charm and the name Lorraine.
  7. Daisy - Old English. This name is an adorable classic but not often used. It means day’s eyes because the daisy flower closes its petals at night and opens them again in the morning.
  8. Danica - Slavic. Venus or morning star.
  9. Devika - Hindi. Little goddess.
  10. Eden - Hebrew. Place of pleasure. In Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions, it is where life and creation began.
  11. Enya - English/Irish. The name of a famous Irish singer and songwriter. It means kernel or grain.
  12. Esme - Old French. Esteemed. Well-loved. A name with a very romantic feel to it.
  13. Fern - English. Name of a plant. A name inspired by nature.
  14. Fionnula - Irish. Fair shoulder. The name is from an Irish legend where a girl is turned into a swan.
  15. Gemma - Italian. Gemstone, precious.
  16. Idina - English/Hebrew. Wealthy friend. Nobel. It was made famous by the actress Idina Menzel from Broadway’s Rent & Wicked and who voiced Elsa in Disney’s Frozen.
  17. Iris - Greek. Rainbow. Goddess of rainbows and the name of a flower.
  18. Ivy - English. Name of a winding, clinging green plant. Brings forth images of quaint country cottages and fairytales.
  19. Layla - Arabic. Night. A name used commonly in Arabian and Persian poetry and stories.
  20. Luna - Latin. Moon. The name of the goddess of the moon.
  21. Moira - Gaelic. Star of the sea. The name became well-known thanks to Catherine O’Hara’s iconic character on the sitcom Schitt’s Creek.
  22. Ophelia- Greek. Featured in literature, most famously in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  23. Phoebe - Latin/Greek. A Greek titan in mythology. The grandmother of Apollo, the sun god.
  24. Poppy - Latin. Red flower. A fun name with a lot of character.
  25. Raquel - Spanish version of Rachel. Means ewe. Not necessarily a creative name meaning but a unique spelling for sure!
  26. Valencia - Spanish. Strength and vigor.
  27. Viola - Latin. Purple. A variation of Violet. Viola is the heroine of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
  28. Vishali - Indian from the Jainism religion. Beautiful, creative, one with a big heart.
  29. Zadie - Arabic. Prosperous or fortunate. Name of a famous contemporary writer, Zadie Smith.
  30. Zenaida - Greek. The female version of Zeus. A great name to empower a little girl.

Baby Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Ace - English. Number One. Perfect for a firstborn!
  2. Ansel - German. With divine protection. First name of the famous photographer Ansel Adams.
  3. Banks - English. Edge of the river.
  4. Beckham - English. From the Beck Homestead. Made famous by the soccer player David Beckham.
  5. Bowie - Scottish. Blonde. Stage name of rocker David Bowie.
  6. Byron - English. Barn for cows. Not the most romantic name meaning, however, the English poet Lord Byron gives the name some unique and creative appeal.
  7. Creed - Latin. Guiding principle. I believe.
  8. Dante - Latin. Enduring. The first name of the 14th c. Italian poet Dante Alighieri who wrote the famous Dante’s Inferno.
  9. Darius - Persian/Greek. Wealth or king.
  10. Eamon - Irish. Wealthy protector.
  11. Ewan - Scottish. From the yew tree. Becoming more popular because of the actor Ewan McGregor from Moulin Rouge and Star Wars. A unique Celtic unique alternative to the popular Liam or Evan.
  12. Hendrix - English. Son of Hendrix. Last name of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Perfect for the parents who love rock!
  13. Jameson - English. Son of James. A trendy way to honor anyone in your family who is named James.
  14. Jasper - Persian. Bringer of treasurer. One of the three wise men who supposedly visited Jesus at his birth.
  15. Kenzo - Japanese. Strong and healthy. First name of three famous and creative Japanese men; Kenzo (one name only), a fashion designer; Kenzo Takada, a famous architect; and Kenzo Okada, a renowned painter.
  16. Ledger - Old English. Spear Tribe. This name brings to mind the actor Heath Ledger.
  17. Lennon - Latin. Lover. Last name of Beatles member John Lennon.
  18. Maverick - American. Nonconformist. Independent.
  19. Miller - English. Typically not seen as a first or middle name, it literally means one who grinds grain but has a cool, edgy feel.
  20. Norcross - English. From the north crossroads. Not the most original name meaning but a very cool-sounding name!
  21. Ocean - English. Ocean, water, sea.
  22. Orion - Greek. Boundary. One of the famous constellations in the sky.
  23. Pierce - Greek. A unique variant of Peter.
  24. Rhodes - German. Where the roses grow.
  25. Talon - English. Claw.
  26. Valen - Latin. Strong or healthy. This sounds like a mash-up of the band Van Halen into one name.
  27. Wolf - German. Wolf.
  28. Zale - Greek. Sea strength.
  29. Zephyr - Greek. West Wind. It is also a brand name of guitars as well and other stringed instruments.
  30. Zyan - Quranic. Adornment, decoration, beautification.

Unisex Baby Names and Meanings

  1. Auden - English. Old friend. Last name of modern poet W. H. Auden.
  2. Bronte - Greek. Thunder. Last name of three famous sisters who were writers Anne, Charlotte, and Emily.
  3. Harlow - Old English. Army hill. Variations include Harlo and Arlo, like the musician Arlo Guthrie.
  4. Joss - German. One of the goths. Jocelyn is the traditional feminine version, but Joss can work for both boys and girls.
  5. Juniper - Dutch. Probably more commonly used these days as a female name, it was traditionally a boy’s name. It is the name of the evergreen plant whose berries are distilled to make gin.
  6. Kit - Greek. It can be used for boys and girls—a derivative of Christopher, Christiana, and Catherine.
  7. Nova - Latin. New. Term for a type of star.
  8. Poe - English. Peacock. The last name of the famous American Gothic poet Edgar Allan Poe.
  9. River - English. A place of nature. Water. This name became popular in the 80s because of the actor River Phoenix.
  10. Rory - Latin. Dawn. This spelling is used for both boys and girls, but you could always go with Aurora if you’d like a more feminine version.
  11. Sailor - American. Boatman. While the meaning means man, it sounds pretty cool as a girl’s name!
  12. Scout - Old French. To listen. Made popular in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.
  13. Story - American. A literary name choice. Related to words like fable or poem.
  14. Winslow - Old English. Friend’s hill. Popular surname in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S.
  15. Zenni - Muslim. Image. Traditionally used as a Muslim girl’s name, it has a modern, trendy feel that could work for boys. Alternative spellings are Zennie, Zenny.

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