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75 Unique Unisex Names for Your Little Bundle of Joy

As families recognize that gender is a construct and choose to steer away from gender stereotypes, unisex names have become increasingly popular. Here are 75 of our favorite unisex names.
75 unique unisex baby names
Updated: January 25, 2024
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Unisex names are becoming more and more popular amongst parents of new babies these days. As families recognize that gender is a construct and choose to steer away from gender reveal celebrations, unisex names have become solid name choices as they can feel free of more typical girl and boy name stereotypes.

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When considering gender-neutral names, parents often look for inspiration in family tree surnames, places that hold meaning to the family, nature, colors, and seasons. Another place to draw unisex name inspiration is by looking at derivatives of more common names that parents like or relay positive associations.

Unique Unisex Names

We’ve got a list of 75 awesome and special gender neutral names for you to consider for your baby on the way!

  1. Aiden - The fiery one. Origin: Celtic.
  2. Ali - Elevated or champion. Origin: Arabic.
  3. Ashton - Ash tree town. Origin: English.
  4. Aspen - Quaking tree. Origin: Old English.
  5. Atlas - Support. Origin: Greek.
  6. Austen - Great and magnificent. Origin: Latin.
  7. Avery - Elf king. Origin: Old English.
  8. Azure - Bright blue. Origin: Spanish.
  9. Blake - Pale blonde one or dark. Origin: Old English.
  10. Briar - Small tree. Origin: English.
  11. Campbell - Crooked smile. Origin: Scottish.
  12. Charlie - Free man. Origin: English.
  13. Dakota - Friend or friendly. Origin: Native American.
  14. Dylan - Born of the ocean, son of the sea, or son of the wave. Origin: Welsh. 
  15. Echo - Reverberating sound. Origin: Greek.
  16. Eden - Delight or paradise. Origin: Hebrew.
  17. Ellis - The Lord is my God. Origin: Welsh and English.
  18. Emmerson - Brave and powerful. Origin: English.
  19. Evan - Youth or young warrior. Origin: Welsh.
  20. Finley - White and fair, or warrior and hero. Origin: Scottish.
  21. Forest - The woods. Origin: Old French.
  22. Gavi - God is my strength. Origin: Hebrew.
  23. Gray - The color grey. Origin: Scotland, Ireland, and England.
  24. Greer - Alert or watchful. Origin: Scottish.
  25. Harley - Wood, clearing, or meadow. Origin: Old English.
  26. Haven - Safe place or refuge. Origin: Old English.
  27. Hayden - Heather, hay valley, or hay hill. Origin: English.
  28. Indigo - Blue dye from India. Also, a reference to the flower of the same name. Origin: Greek.
  29. Journey - A trip or experience from one place to another. Origin: Old French.
  30. Justice - Doing right by the law. Origin: English.
  31. Kale - Man. Origin: Hawaiian.
  32. Kendall - Valley of the River Kent. Origin: English.
  33. Kennedy - Helmeted chief or leader. Origin: Irish.
  34. Kieran - Little, dark one. Origin: Irish.
  35. Kyle - Narrow strait or channel. Origin: Scottish.
  36. Lennon - Dear one. Origin: Irish.
  37. Lincoln - Lake or pool colony. Origin: Old English.
  38. London - From the great river. Origin: English.
  39. Lyric - Words of a song. Origin: English.
  40. Mika - Beautiful smell or fragrant. Origin: Native American.
  41. Montana - Mountain. Origin: Latin.
  42. Navy - A fleet of ships. Origin: English.
  43. Night - Evening. Origin: American.
  44. Nova - New. Origin: Latin.
  45. Ocean - Sea. Origin: Greek.
  46. Onyx - Black gemstone. Origin: English.
  47. Peyton - Patrician or noble. Origin: Irish.
  48. Phoenix - Blood red. Origin: Greek.
  49. Quinn - Wise, wisdom, intelligence. Origin: Gaelic.
  50. Reese - Ardent or fiery. Origin: Welsh.
  51. Reign - Rule or sovereign. Origin: English.
  52. Riley - Brave. Origin: Irish.
  53. River - Stream of water that flows to the sea. Origin: English.
  54. Royal - Of the king. Origin: English.
  55. Rory - Red-haired kind. Origin: Ireland and Scotland.
  56. Rylan - The rye land. Origin: English.
  57. Sage - Herb or prophet. Origin: Latin.
  58. Sawyer - Woodcutter. Origin: English.
  59. Shay - Admirable, hawk-like, and gift. Origin: Hebrew.
  60. Shiloh - Peace. Origin: Ancient Israel.
  61. Sky - Atmosphere seen from the earth. Origin: Scandinavian.
  62. Skyler - Scholar. Origin: American.
  63. Sterling - Starling or little star. Origin: English.
  64. Storm - Tempest. Origin: Old English.
  65. Story - Tale. Origin: American.
  66. Taylen - A combination of the occupational name Tailor and Lyn meaning “lake.” Origin: American.
  67. Teagan - Attractive, beautiful, or perfect. Origin: Irish.
  68. Tristan - Noise of arms or bold. Origin: Welsh.
  69. Tru - Strength of the spear. Origin: Germanic.
  70. Vesper - Evening star. Origin: Latin.
  71. Winter - The season. Origin: American.
  72. Woods - Of the woods. Origin: Middle English.
  73. Wren - Small bird. Origin: English.
  74. Zen - A type of Buddhism. Origin: Japanese.
  75. Zion - Israel. Origin: Hebrew.

Uni Gender Names

Unisex or gender-neutral names are becoming increasingly popular as they break down stereotypes and provide a sense of individuality. Such names include some commonly used ones, like Jordan, Taylor, Casey, and Riley. These names are versatile and unique, suitable for all genders and allowing individuals to express their identity freely and authentically.

What Is a Rare Gender-Neutral Name?

A rare gender-neutral name that features on this list is "Quinn". Originating from the Irish surname Ó Cuinn, meaning "descendant of Conn", it has grown in popularity as a first name for both boys and girls. While historically it might have been more commonly assigned to boys, today it is used to a similar extent for children of any gender, making it a truly gender-neutral choice.

What Is a Cool Unisex Name?

One cool unisex name that has gained popularity recently is Alex. This name, short for Alexander or Alexandra, exudes a sense of sophistication and simplicity. Whether for a boy or a girl, Alex is a strong, versatile choice that transcends traditional gender boundaries.

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