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100+ Transmasc Names to Help Choose the Perfect FTM Name

Need help choosing a transmasc name? Search our list of unique transmasc names for trans men and nonbinary individuals.
Need help choosing a transmasc name? Search our list of unique transmasc names for trans men and nonbinary individuals.
Updated: May 23, 2023
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Transmasc or transmasculine is a term that refers to individuals who were assigned female at birth but identify more along the masculine spectrum.  

Jo Eckler, PsyD, a Texas-based clinical psychologist, said, “[Transmac] includes non-binary people, gender fluid people, genderqueer people — anyone assigned female at birth whose gender falls in the more masculine range.”

Choosing a new name is a powerful and important step in the transition process because, perhaps for the first time, these individuals will have a name that matches how they feel on the inside. 

Many factors may influence a Trans man or  FTM person’s name choice.  Traditional baby name lists may offer some ideas, but choosing a transmasc name is different because people are naming themselves.

We’ve compiled a list of 100+ possible transmasc names with their meanings specifically to help those going through an FTM transition.

Transmasc Names Based on Your Birth Name 

FTM individuals may still feel connected to your original name and want to choose a similar-sounding name or the masculine version of your birth name. 

Some trans and nonbinary people may choose to do this so that the name change is less drastic for people in their lives to adjust to. Others may want a transmasc name that still honors the loved one they were named after. 

However, even if a person chooses a new name similar to their birth name, it is essential for those in their lives to understand what deadnaming is and avoid calling a transitioned person by their deadname. 

Here are some of our favorite male forms of common female names for transmasc name inspiration 

Masculine Versions of Female Names (with Meanings) 

  1. Adrian - Katin. Dark. It also means rich in Greek. Male form of Adrianna.
  2. Alexander  - Greek. Defender of mankind. A powerful name. 
  3. Charles - French/German. Freeman. A masculine form of Charlene. 
  4. Christopher - Greek. Christ-bearer. The masculine version of Christina.
  5. Daniel - Hebrew. God is my judge—the male form of Danielle. 
  6. Gabriel - Hebrew. God is my strength—the masculine form of Gabrielle or Gabriella. 
  7. Henry - German/English. Ruler. An option for a masculine form of Harriet.
  8. Jack - English. God is gracious—a strong choice for the birth name Jacqueline. 
  9. Joel - Hebrew. The Lord is God—a masculine form of Jolie or Joline. 
  10. John- Hebrew. God is gracious—an option for those born Joan or Johanna. 
  11. Joseph - Hebrew. God will Increase. An alternative to Josephine or Josie.
  12. Oliver - Latin. Olive tree. The masculine form of Olivia. 
  13. Samuel - Hebrew. Name of God. The male form of Samantha.
  14. Stephen - Greek. Crown. The masculine form of Stephanie. 

Transmasc Names Inspired by Historical Figures 

Throughout the transition journey, many trans men and trans women take inspiration from prominent LGBTQ+ advocates, celebrities, or other family members. If you’d like to honor an individual who has been inspirational or influential in the LGBTQ+ community, one of these popular names might speak to you!

  1. Alan - Gaelic. Handsome and cheerful. Alan Turning was a brilliant code breaker during WWII who suffered a tragic fate after revealing his homosexuality. The movie The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch is about him. 
  2. Anderson - Swedish. Son of Anders. Anderson Cooper is a public figure who has been open about his sexuality and a current-day spokesperson for gay rights.
  3. Andre - Greek. Valiant and courageous. Andre is RuPaul’s middle name. RuPaul is perhaps the most famous drag performer ever and is credited with bringing drag as an art form to the mainstream. While a drag queen is not the same as a trans man, RuPaul has undoubtedly been an activist for the LGQTB+ community. 
  4. Bayard - Old French. Bay horse. Bayard Rustin was a contemporary of Martin Luther King Jr. who then went on to become an LGBTQ activist. 
  5. Billie - English. Resolute or wise. Billie Jean King, who was outed in 1981, became the first openly gay athlete. 
  6. Elliot - Hebrew. High. Elliot Page is a famous transgender actor who transitioned quite visibly in the public eye, having already established himself as an actor under his birth name, Ellen Page.
  7. George -Greek. Farmer. Christine Jorgensen was one of the first public transgender individuals. Her birth name was George. 
  8. Gilbert - Old French/Old German. Bright promise. Gilbert Baker designed the original pride flag. 
  9. Harvey - Old German. Battle. The meaning of this name signifies what many transgender people feel at some point in their life. Harvey Milk was a famous gay rights activist and politician. 
  10. James - Hebrew. Supplanter. James Baldwin was an influential LGBTQ and African American writer.  
  11. Michael - Hebrew. He who is like God. Michael Sam was the first openly gay man drafted into the NFL.  

Nature-Inspired Transmasc Names (with Meanings)

Nature-inspired names have been trending for quite some time as both girl and boy names. So if you’re looking for cool names with a nature vibe, check out the list below. 

Transmasc Names
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  1. Asher - Hebrew. Blessed or fortunate one. Has a connection to the ash tree. 
  2. Beck - Swedish/German. Stream.
  3. Caspian - Arabic. White.
  4. Cedar - English. Cedar tree. 
  5. Florian - Latin. Flowering or blooming. A unique name idea for someone who is blooming themselves. 
  6. Forest - Old French. Out of the woods. A nature name with a poetic meaning for a trans boy or man. 
  7. Foster - Old French. Forest keeper. 
  8. Gavin - Hebrew. Hawk.
  9. Holt - Old English. Son of the unspoiled forests. 
  10. Kai - Hawaiin. Sea or ocean.
  11. Karmen - Spanish. A fruitful orchard.
  12. Lachlan - Galeic/Celtic. A traditionally Scottish name that means from the lake. 
  13. Marley - Old English. Pleasant meadow.
  14. Monroe - Irish. The mouth of the river.
  15. Morgan - Welsh. Sea. 
  16. Parker - Old English. Keeper of the park. Cultivated land. 
  17. Phoenix - Greek. A mythical bird who rises transformed from the ashes. It could be the perfect name for an LGBTQ person who transitions because of its beautiful meaning. 
  18. Sylvan - This unique Italian name means Sylvan. 
  19. Yardley - English. Of the yard. 
  20. Yale - English. Fertile.

Masculine Names with Strong Meanings 

If you’d like a masculine name that makes a statement with a strong meaning, the following names may appeal to you. 

  1. Ace - Latin. One. Unity. 
  2. Aiden- Irish. Warm or little fire. 
  3. Allyn - Irish. Attractive. Peaceful. 
  4. Amari - Arabic. Immortal. 
  5. Atlas - The Greek titan who supported the world on his back. A strong name choice for a trans guy. 
  6. Arlo - German. Famous throughout the land. 
  7. Bai - Chinese. Pure.
  8. Caelan - Irish. Eternal warrior. Victorious. 
  9. Cole - Greek. Victorious people. 
  10. Dante - Latin. Enduring one. 
  11. Davian - English. Beloved.
  12. Ezra - Hebrew. Salvation. 
  13. Gideon - Hebrew. Warrior.
  14. Hollis - Norse. Hero. 
  15. Isaac - Hebrew. Laughter. 
  16. Jay - In Sanskrit, Jay means victory.  
  17. Jayden - Hebrew. God heard.
  18. Jude - Hebrew. Praise.
  19. Kit - Latin. Bearing Christ. A diminutive form of Christopher. 
  20. Lennon - Irish/Gaelic. Cloak or lover.  
  21. Lucian - Latin. Light.
  22. Max - Latin. The greatest. 
  23. Micah - Hebrew. One who is like the Lord. 
  24. Noah - Hebrew. To rest. 
  25. Nox - Latin. Light.
  26. Pax - Latin. Peaceful.
  27. Peyton - English. Fighting man’s estate.
  28. Remy - Latin. Cure or remedy. 
  29. Sebastian - Greek. Revered.
  30. Teagan - Irish/Welsh. Attractive or beautiful. 
  31. Theodore - Greek. Gift of God. 
  32. Tobin - Hebrew. God is good. 
  33. Valentine - Latin. Good health. Strong and healthy. 
  34. Xavi - Basque. The new house. 
  35. Zane - Hebrew. God is gracious. 
  36. Zene - African/Nigerian. Beautiful. 
  37. Zion - Hebrew. The highest point.

Gender-Neutral Names (with Meanings)

For those who would like a genderfluid or nonbinary name, we have a selection of unisex names below. Gender identity is a broad spectrum, so while some may wish to move away from a distinctly feminine name, they may feel that a gender-neutral name suits them best. 

  1. Ari - Norse. Eagle or lion. 
  2. Avery - Old English. Ruler of elves. 
  3. Blake Old English. Pale, fair, or bright and shining. 
  4. Charlie - A diminutive form of Charles, it means free man. 
  5. Dakota  - Native American. Friend, ally. 
  6. Delaney - French. Dark challenger. 
  7. Ellery - Lartin. Cheerful. 
  8. Frankie - Old French. Free man. A diminutive form of Franklin. 
  9. Hayden - Old English. Little hay field.
  10. Jessee - Hebrew. Wealth or gift. 
  11. Quinn - Latin. Counsel.
  12. Reese - Welsh. Enthusiastic or ardent. 
  13. Riley - Greek. Valiant.
  14. Robin - Old English. Bright. 
  15. Rowan - Irish/Scottish. Red tree.
  16. Sage - Latin. Wise one. 
  17. Sasha - Russian. A diminutive form of Alexander which means defender of mankind. 
  18. Scout - French/American. Watchman, explorer. 
  19. Shiloh - Hebrew. Peaceful. The meaning could signify how a person feels after their transition and name change. 
  20. Skye - Skye is a popular English/Scottish boy and girl name with several meanings. It could refer to the Isle of Skye and also means cloud, winged eternal life, or beauty. 
  21. Sloane - Irish. Raider. 
  22. Stevie - Greek. Crown.

What to Consider When Choosing a Transmasc Name 

If you are transitioning and choosing a new name and switching your pronouns, spend time explaining to your friends and family why choosing a different name is important to you. Explain to them what a deadname is and why calling someone by their deadname is hurtful. 

Most people in your life who care about you won’t intentionally try to hurt you. Still, it may take them time to adjust, calling you by your new name or using different pronouns naturally, so be patient. The more you can lovingly educate those around you, the more understanding you bring to the world. 

For more name ideas check out our list of 150 Nontraditional Tomboy Names!

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100+ Transmasc Names to Help Choose the Perfect FTM Name

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