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75 Magical Fairy Names for Girls (with Meanings)

If you’re looking to name your little one after magical fairies but want more options than Tinkerbell, here are the top fairy names, fey names, and fae names for girls!
75 fairy names for magical girls
Updated: January 25, 2024
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Fairies are delicate, magical, and sometimes, a little naughty. As such, a fairy name could be perfect for your little girl!

A fairy is a tiny, winged, mythological creature that originated in the Northern parts of Europe during the pagan times. Many fairy stories come from Ireland and England, but we also see them in the folklore of France, Germany, and the Slavic states.

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Fairies are commonly portrayed as spirits of nature, since the pagan cultures that created them were centered around nature and the elements. Although today we most often associate fairies with good beings, sometimes with a streak of innocent naughtiness, it wasn’t alway like that. Long ago, fairies were blamed for all sorts of misfortune, such as sickness or a poor crop yield. In Ireland, where the majority of fairy folklore comes from, the four-leaf clover, which today is known as a good luck symbol, was used to ward off fairies. 

In more recent times, fairies are seen in a more favorable light. Cicely Mary Barker created beautiful images of nature fairies for each season to accompany delightful poems for children. Everyone loves the pixie Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, even though she is a bit naughty and has a jealous streak. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream also features friendly yet trouble-making fairies.

Because stories about fairies were used to explain natural phenomena, giving your little girl a fairy name is a great way to show your love for nature and the world’s elements, like the sun and the sea. 

a beautiful little girl in a fairy costume

Fairy Names for Girls

Check out our list of 75 enchanting fairy names to get inspired!

  1. Adelina - Small winged one, German
  2. Aine - Queen of fairies, Irish.
  3. Alette - Small winged one, Latin.
  4. Ashera - Goddess of fertility and motherhood, Hebrew.
  5. Asia - Sunrise, Greek mythology.
  6. Aubrette - Elf, German.
  7. Aurora - Goddess of the dawn, Greek mythology.
  8. Avery - Ruler of elves, Old English.
  9. Brucie - Forest fairy, Scottish.
  10. Calypso - A sea nymph, Greek mythology.
  11. Celeste - Heavenly, French.
  12. Charlotte - Baby princess fairy, English.
  13. Chepi - Fairy, Native American.
  14. Dana - Irish goddess, Irish.
  15. Dela - Small winged one, Latin.
  16. Derya - From the ocean, Turkish.
  17. Dianthe - Divine flower, Greek.
  18. Eflie - Elf, Irish.
  19. Elida - Small winged one, Irish.
  20. Elisa - Swan princess, Literary.
  21. Ellie - Beautiful fairy woman, Greek.
  22. Elvina - Elf empress, Old English.
  23. Elvinia - Queen of elves, Irish.
  24. Fay - Fairy, Old English.
  25. Fayetta - Little fairy, French.
  26. Fayette - Little fairy, French.
  27. Fairy - Fairy, English.
  28. Feya - Fairy, Hebrew.
  29. Firtha - Sea maiden, Scotland.
  30. Flora - A fairy, literary.
  31. Hai - Fairy shoe, Vietnamese.
  32. Ilayda - Water fairy, Turkish.
  33. Kelpie - A water horse that turns into a beautiful woman, Celtic.
  34. Lanette - Small songbird, nymph, Welsh.
  35. Lara - A nymph, Latin.
  36. Leucothea - A sea nymph, Greek mythology.
  37. Linette - Fairy, nymph, French.
  38. Linetta - Small songbird, Welsh.
  39. Lynette - Small songbird, French.
  40. Mariam - Star of the sea, Latin.
  41. Marica - A nymph, Romanian.
  42. Marin - Star of the sea, Gaelic.
  43. Melody - Music, Greek.
  44. Meriol - A sea nymph, Irish.
  45. Migina - Fairy woman, Native American.
  46. Naida - Water nymph, Arabic.
  47. Nidaw - Fairy, Omaha Native American.
  48. Nissa - Elf, fairy, Scandanavian.
  49. Ondine - Spirit of the waters, Latin.
  50. Olette - Small winged one, Latin.
  51. Pari - Fairy, Indian.
  52. Parisa - Fairy-like, Persian.
  53. Pixie - A naughty, mythical flying creature, Irish.
  54. Pippy - Horse lover, Swedish.
  55. Posy - Small flower, English.
  56. Poppy - Milk of happiness, Latin.
  57. Rosemary - Sea dew, Latin.
  58. Rusalka - Wood sprite, Russian.
  59. Sebille - A fairy, literary.
  60. Sen - Lotus flower, Vietnamese.
  61. Shayla - Fairy palace, Hindi.
  62. Shailagh - From the fairy palace, Gaelic.
  63. Shailyn - From the fairy palace, Gaelic.
  64. Shaylah - From the fairy palace, Irish.
  65. Shaylee - Little fairy from over the hill, Irish.
  66. Shayleen - From the fairy palace, Gaelic.
  67. Shayleigh - Fairy princess, Celtic.
  68. Siofra - Elf, Irish.
  69. Taneisha - Fairy queen, American.
  70. Tien - Fairy, Vietnamese.
  71. Tiana - Fairy queen, Russian.
  72. Titania - A fairy, Shakespeare.
  73. Tryamon - Fairy princess, Arthurian legend.
  74. Tunder - Fairy, Hungarian.
  75. Win - Elf, English.

What Is a Good Fae Name?

Fey names (or fae names) often evoke a sense of enchantment and whimsy, reflecting the mythical and magical nature of these creatures in folklore and fantasy literature. Some examples include names like "Titania", "Oberon", and "Puck" from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, or "Tinkerbell" from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

Other fey names might be more obscure, drawn from less well-known sources, or created from the imagination of the author or game designer. Regardless of their origin, fey names often have a lyrical quality to them, sounding melodic and musical when spoken aloud—and this is something that carries over to fae names for babies in the real world, as well!

How Do You Come up With a Fairy Name?

Coming up with a fairy name can be a fun and creative exercise. Here are some steps you can follow to create your own unique fairy name for your child:

  1. Start with a Natural Element: Fairies are often associated with nature, so think about your favorite natural elements or phenomena for a fae name. This could be a type of flower (like Rose or Lily), a type of tree (like Willow or Oak), a body of water (like River or Ocean), or even a celestial body (like Star or Moon).
  2. Add a Magical Twist: Now, to make it more fantastical, add a magical or whimsical element. This could be a color (like Silver or Golden), a magical creature (like Dragon or Phoenix), or a mystical quality (like Dream or Whisper).
  3. Consider Alliteration or Rhyme: To make the name sound even more fairy-like, consider using alliteration (where the first letters of the two words are the same, like "Misty Meadow") or rhyme (like "Luna Dune").
  4. Try Different Combinations: Don't be afraid to mix and match different elements until you find the combination that sounds just right to you.
  5. Make It Personal: Finally, make sure the name reflects their personality or the personality. If you're creating a nickname for a mischievous babe, for example, you might choose something like "Puck Prankster".
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