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100 Viking Boy Names for Your Little Viking Warrior

Viking boy names are perfect for noble warriors. Find a male Viking name inspired by Old Norse gods, mythology, and Viking stories.
100 Viking Boy Names for Your Little Viking Warrior
Updated: March 20, 2024
Fact checked by  Devika Tomar
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If you want to give your fearless little explorer a Viking name, take a look through our list of Viking boy names inspired by these Norse conquerors. Vikings were the seafaring Norse people of Scandinavia. They hailed from what is now Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 

The Vikings developed an infamous reputation for raiding and pirating throughout Europe and Asia, but they weren't monsters. On the contrary, they had a rich culture including sophisticated survival tactics and fascinating tales of Norse Mythology. Norse God names like Thor, Odin, and Loki have also had a resurgence in popularity due to the superpowered characters with these names appearing in many Marvel movies!

Vikings hailed from the bitter-cold Scandinavian North and they went out searching for new and better places to live.  They succeeded in settling in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, and even North America. The period of Viking expansion, from the late 8th to the late 11th Century, is known as the Viking Age.

Thanks to Hollywood and the popularity of looking up 23andMe and AncestryDNA results, more and more people are proudly claiming their Viking heritage. Many people with Irish or Germanic heritage are discovering that they also have Nordic or Finnish DNA, likely tying them to a Viking ancestor long ago.

To honor their ancient Viking heritage, many expectant parents look for unique Viking names or Norse names for their children. If you're on a voyage to find a male Viking name for your future warrior name, this article not only unearths Viking naming traditions but also uncovers 100 of the most popular Viking names for boys to inspire your search.

Viking Names for Boys

Viking Names for Boys that Start with L to S

Let's dive into a collection of formidable Norse names and Viking boy names, steeped in the rich history and powerful mythology of the people of the North!

  1. Aesir - A Norse god from Norse mythology. This male Viking name means "of the Gods."
  2. Alex - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, means "defender."
  3. Alf - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means, "elf"; Norse Mythology, Alf was a king who pursued a reluctant maiden who later changed her mind.
  4. Alvis - Norse Mythology, a dwarf who was to marry Thor's daughter Thrud.
  5. Anders - Old Norse word meaning “brave.”
  6. Aren - African and German origins. This name means "eagle."
  7. Arne - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "eagle."
  8. Aric - Swedish, Old Norse, means "eternal ruler."
  9. Arkyn - Old Norse, means "eternal king’s son."
  10. Asbjorn - Norwegian, Danish, means " godly bear."
  11. Asmund - Norse, means “divine protection.” 
  12. Audor - Ancient Scandinavian, means "wealth."
  13. Balder - Balder or Baldr is the Norse god of light, beauty, love, and happiness. This boy Viking name also means "courageous army."
  14. Birger - Scandinavian name meaning “to help and protect.”
  15. Bjarke - Danish, means "bear."
  16. Bjarne - Ancient Scandinavian, Faroese, means "bear."
  17. Bjoern - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "bear."
  18. Björn - Swedish, Icelandic, German, means "bear."
  19. Bo - Old Norse, meaning “to reside.”
  20. Bodin - Old Norse, meaning “shelter.”
  21. Booth - Old Norse word meaning “born in a barn.”
  22. Bragi - Icelandic, means “first”; Norse Mythology, Norse god of poetry.
  23. Carr - Old Norse name meaning “swamp.”
  24. Dag - Old Norse word meaning “day.”
  25. Denny - Old Norse name meaning “the Dane's village", "follower of Dionysius.”
  26. Ebbe - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, means "wild boar."
  27. Egil - Scandinavian name meaning “edge of a sword.”
  28. Einar - Old Norse name which translates to “one warrior.”
  29. Eino - Old Norse word meaning “one.”
  30. Erik - Scandinavian, means "eternal ruler."
  31. Erling - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "heir of the clan, chief."
  32. Espen - Danish, Norwegian, means " god bear."
  33. Floki - Icelandic name meaning “heroic Viking.”
  34. Fenrir - Norse Mythology, a giant, monstrous wolf—Loki's son by the evil giantess Angrboða—who was destined to kill the god Odin at the final battle of Ragnarök.
  35. Frey - Norse Mythology, Norse god of fertility, sunlight, and rain. This Viking name also can mean "lord, exalted one."
  36. Freyre - Norse Mythology, Norse god of fertility, sunlight, and rain.
  37. Frode - Danish, Norwegian, means "learned, wise."
  38. Gandalf - Old Norse, means "wand elf."
  39. Garald - Old Norse, means “spear ruler.”
  40. Gisli - Icelandic, Faroese, Ancient Scandinavian, means "ray of sunshine."
  41. Gorm - Old Norse word meaning "honor, respect."
  42. Gunnar - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, means "army warrior" or "he who stands alone." In Norse Mythology, Gunnar is the husband of Brynhildr, a maiden rescued by another man who pretended to be him.
  43. Hagan - Old Norse, meaning: “youthful.”
  44. Halfdan - Old Norse, means “half Danish.”
  45. Hakan - Old Norse, meaning “supreme ruler.”
  46. Hanne - Danish, Norwegian, means "Yahweh is gracious."
  47. Hans - Danish, meaning "Yahweh is gracious."
  48. Harald (Harold) - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, means "war chief."
  49. Helge - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, means "holy, blessed."
  50. Heimdall - An Old Norse name meaning "white god." In Norse mythology, Heimdall is the father of all mankind.
  51. Herleif - Old Norse, means “leader of an army.”
  52. Henny - Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, means "home-ruler."
  53. Herleif - Norwegian, means "warrior descendant."
  54. Holger - Old Norse name meaning “island.”
  55. Hrafen - Ancient Scandinavian, means "raven."
  56. Ing - Ancient Norse name meaning “ancestor.”
  57. Ivar - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "bow warrior, archer."
  58. Jarl - Old Norse name meaning “nobleman.”
  59. Jo - English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, means "Yahweh is gracious."
  60. Joran - Old Norse, means “farmer.”
  61. Jurgen - Old Norse, means “farmer.”
  62. Kåre - Old Norse, means “curly haired” or “curved hair.”
  63. Knut - Norse word for “knot.”
  64. Krystof - Old Norse, meaning “bearing Christ.”
  65. Leif - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "descendant, heir."
  66. Larson - Old Norse, meaning “son of Lars.”
  67. Loki - Norse Mythology, the trickster god.
  68. Magnus - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "great, mighty."
  69. Munin - One of Odin’s ravens, Munin represents memory.
  70. Njal - Scandinavian boy name meaning “champion.”
  71. Njord - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means “man of North."
  72. Norrell - Old Norse, meaning “from the North.”
  73. Odin - Meaning "lord of frenzy." In Norse Mythology, Odin is the highest of the Norse gods, presiding over art, war, wisdom, and death.
  74. Olaf - Norwegian, Danish, means "ancestor's descendent."
  75. Osman - Old Norse name, meaning “God’s protection.”
  76. Ragnar - Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, means "army rule."
  77. Rune - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, means "secret lore."
  78. Sigurd - Scandinavian male name meaning “guardian.”
  79. Sindri - Ancient Scandinavian name, Icelandic, means “sparkling”; Norse Mythology, a dwarf who made magical items for the gods.
  80. Skoll - Wolf in Norse mythology who chases the sun and moon.
  81. Steffen - Scandinavian, means “God’s crown.”
  82. Sten - Scandinavian male name meaning “stone.”
  83. Sven - Danish and Norwegian name meaning “young man.”
  84. Thor - Norse mythology, Norse god of strength, thunder, war, and storms, son of Odin. Thor has gained popularity as a name for boys in recent years due to Chris Hemsworth’s popular portrayal as Thor in Marvel’s Avengers movies!
  85. Tor - Norse Mythology, Norse god of strength, thunder, war, and storms, son of Odin.
  86. Torben - Norse mythology, “bear of Thor” or "thunder bear."
  87. Troels - Name from Old Norse mythology meaning “Thor’s arrow” or “Thor’s stone.”
  88. Trygve - Old Norse word meaning “truth.”
  89. Tyr - Norse Mythology, god of war and justice.
  90. Tyrell - Old Norse word meaning “stubborn.”
  91. Ulf - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "wolf."
  92. Ullr - Old Norse name meaning “glory” or “splendor.”
  93. Ulrik - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, means "noble ruler" or "power of the wolf."
  94. Ve -  Scandinavian name meaning "giver of feelings." In Norse Mythology Ve is one of two twin brothers of Odin.
  95. Viggo - Old Norse, meaning “battle” or "exuberant."
  96. Vali - Old Norse, meaning, “son of Odin.”
  97. Vidar - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "forest warrior"; Norse Mythology, son of Odin and Grid.
  98. Volund - Old Norse, means “skillful, artful.”
  99. Wayde - Old Norse word meaning “able to go.”
  100. Waddell - Old Norse word meaning “ able to go.”

Viking Naming Traditions

Viking Naming Traditions

The naming traditions of the Vikings were steeped in rich history and significance. Names held great importance, often reflecting the individual's lineage, characteristics, or even their place of origin. The Vikings commonly used patronymic surnames, derived from the father's name, such as "Eriksson" for a son of Erik. Moreover, descriptive bynames were utilized to distinguish individuals, resulting in names like "Erik the Red" or "Olaf the Stout."

The use of these naming conventions not only served as a means of identification but also held deep cultural, religious, and familial significance within Viking society. Some specific traditions include naming children in the following ways:

  • After a Relative: Vikings revered their Scandinavian ancestors, so calling their child after one was believed to pass on the deceased one’s luck and success to him or her.
  • After a God: Vikings glorified their Norse gods in many ways, including naming their children after them. Many times, they would take elements of a Norse god’s name and create a name for themselves. For example, Thor was commonly turned into Thorald or Thorgest.
  • After a Sibling: Parents would often use the first letter of the oldest sibling for the rest of each child’s name. This is a common tradition with even modern families who have children all with the same first letter. Scandinavian parents would also use the first element of a name for all of their children, such as Astrid, Aren, Åse, Arne, etc.

What Is a Strong Male Viking Name?

Some strong male Viking names include Ragnar, Ratner, Sigtryggr, Cnut, and Ragnall. These names are known for their association with bravery, leadership, and the warrior spirit of the Vikings, and have often been featured in popular media like TV shows and historical films.

What Is a Classic Viking Name?

Classic Viking names often reflect qualities such as strength, courage, and honor. Some examples of classic Viking names include Arne (meaning "eagle"), Birger (meaning "keeper"), Bjørn (meaning "bear"), Bo (meaning "the resident"), and Erik (meaning "absolute ruler"). These names embody the enduring legacy of the Viking culture and its emphasis on valor and resilience.

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100 Viking Boy Names for Your Little Viking Warrior


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