25 Hygge Names Perfect for a Winter Baby

Updated: January 6, 2021
These hygge baby names just invoke a warm, cozy, comforting feeling.
25 Adorable Hygge Winter Baby Names
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Winter is the perfect time for curling up inside of a thick blanket and getting comfy. That’s why we’ve really embraced the concept of hygge in recent years. Hygge is a Danish word describing feelings of warmth, coziness, and comfort — basically all of the things we want when it’s cold. Hygge is derived from a Norse word, hugga, which means “to comfort.” If you couldn’t guess, the English word hug comes from hugga. 

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Hygge is definitely perfect for moms due in winter. Nesting is so real, and usually means creating a sense of coziness and comfort for the baby coming soon. While hygge is more of a state of being, you can certainly find inspiration in the origin of the words. There are plenty of adorable Scandinavian names that you can give your winter baby. Additionally, there are names that just invoke a warm, cozy, or even comforting feeling, which is the ultimate hygge name. 

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Winter Names for Girls

Hygge Winter Baby Girl looking at her father


Linnea - this name of a flower named by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus also means lime tree

Freya - named after the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, this is a perfect Scandinavian baby name

Britta - this Scandinavian name meaning strength is also a derivative of the Irish name Bridget

Winter - you can’t get more on the nose than using the name Winter

Posy - this name is English, but there is something sweet and cozy about it

Lottie - this is a diminutive of Charlotte, and a popular Scandinavian name

Sigrid -  in Danish, this name means victorious counselor

Astrid - this Scandinavian name means divine strength

Gender Neutral Winter Names

Hygge Winter Baby held by their father

Elias - this is a common name across Scandinavian culture

Soren - this is Scandinavian for severe, which is often true of winter weather

Ari - the Norse meaning of this name is eagle

Finn - in Norse, this name means finder

Otso - this is the Finnish word for bear, which is perfect for your hibernating winter babe

Wren - just like the small birds, who take nesting very seriously

Asher - the ash tree is a symbol in Norse mythology

Torsten - if you’re a superhero fan, this is Swedish for Thor’s stone

Gunnar - this is Scandinavian for warrior

Winter Names for Boys

 Hygge Winter Baby Boy Names

Magnus - a strong showing, it means great in Danish, and strong warrior in Norse

Casper - not just for ghosts, this is the Scandinavian version of Jasper

Lars - the Danish version of laurel, which is a common winter tree

Nickolaj - another, more obvious diminutive of Nicholas

Felix - this Latin name is very popular among Scandinavian cultures

Johan - this is the Nordic version of John, and sounds much cooler

Otto - this is of German origin, but very common among Scndinavian countries

Klaus - a diminutive of Nicholas, this name is very popular in Scandinavian countries

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