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108 Gentle Baby Boy Names With a Softer Side

Looking for a gentle name for your baby boy? Check out our list of soft names and gentle boy names that are perfect for your little one.
108 Gentle Boy Names
Updated: June 27, 2023

When it comes to choosing the perfect baby boy name, many parents gravitate towards names that are more “masculine” or “strong.” However, baby naming is starting to become less stereotypical. We are seeing strong names for girls and softer names for boys.

We have put together a list of gentle boy names split up into categories like popular boy names and unique boy names for you to find the best fit for your little boy. There are plenty of male name choices and unisex ones as well complete with name meanings and origins.

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Popular Gentle Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Alexander - Greek for “protector of mankind.”
  2. Amari - Greek for “immortal” or “eternal beauty.”
  3. Austin - English for “great” and Latin for “useful.”
  4. Christian - Greek for “anointed.”
  5. Dakota - Native American for “friend” or “ally.”
  6. Elijah - Hebrew for “God the Lord” or “Yahweh is God.”
  7. Ezra - Hebrew for “salvation.”
  8. Flynn - An Irish name for “son of the red-haired man.”
  9. Ian - Scottish for “God is gracious.”
  10. Isaac - Hebrew for “laughter.”
  11. Isaiah - A Hebrew name for “salvation of the Lord.”
  12. Jasper - Persian for “keeper of the treasure.”
  13. Liam - Irish and Celtic/Gaelic for “unwavering protector.”
  14. Luca - Italian for “bringer of light.”
  15. Milo - A German name for “soft-hearted” or “merciful.”
  16. Noah - Hebrew for “comfort” or “wanderer.”
  17. Oliver - Old Norse name for “kind one” and French for “peace.”
  18. Silas - Latin for “woodman.”
  19. Theo - German for “the boldest” and Greek for “gift of God.”

Modern Gentle Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Archie - A name of English origin that means “bold prince.”
  2. Asher - A Hebrew name for “fortunate.”
  3. Atlas - A mythical Greek titan who supported the earth on his back.
  4. Axel - Old German for “father of peace” and Swedish for “divine source of life.”
  5. Bodhi - Sanskrit name for “awakening” or “enlightenment.”
  6. Bowie - Welsh for “son of Owen.”
  7. Charlie - Old English for “free man.”
  8. Crew - Latin for “chariot.”
  9. Declan - A Greek name for “messenger.”
  10. Hayes - Old English for “hedged area."
  11. Ira - Hebrew for “watchful.”
  12. Kaden - American for “charismatic.”
  13. Koa - Hawaiian for “warrior” or “brave.”
  14. Riley - Greek and Gaelic for “valiant.”
  15. Walker - Middle English for “cloth worker.”
  16. Zion - Hebrew for “highest mountain.”

Modern Gentle Boy Names

Unique Gentle Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Adonis - A handsome Greek mythological creature.
  2. Ambrose - Greek for “immortal.”
  3. Ames - Latin for “loves” and French for “friend.”
  4. Aubrey - French and English for “elf ruler.” It’s also a great girl’s name.
  5. Baris - Turkish for “peace.”
  6. Callum - Irish for “of Saint Colombia.”
  7. Cassius - A Latin name for “vain.”
  8. Chandler - French for “candle maker.”
  9. Gareth - Norse for “enclosure” and French for “watchful.”
  10. Happy - An English nickname that comes from the adjective “happy.”
  11. Haven - Dutch and English for “harbor.” It’s also a unisex name.
  12. Ivan - Russian and Slavic for “God is gracious.”
  13. Lumi - Finnish for “snow.”
  14. Maddox - Welsh for “good fortune.”
  15. Neville - A French name for “from the new farmland.”
  16. Phineas - Hebrew for “oracle.”
  17. Remy - French for “fun-loving.”
  18. Rhys - Welsh for “ardent one.”
  19. Shiloh - Hebrew for “peaceful.”
  20. Tate - Old English for “cheerful” and Native American for “long-winded talker.”
  21. Tucker - Middle English for “tailor.”

Nature-Inspired Gentle Boy Names and Meanings

Nature Inspired Gentle Names

  1. Arlo - German for “famous throughout the land” and Spanish for “between two hills.”
  2. Basil - A name for an aromatic herb. Also means “royal” in Greek and “brave” in Arabic.
  3. Bentley - English for “meadow with coarse grass.”
  4. Birch - Old English for “white” or “birch tree.”
  5. Cedar - English for “cedar tree.”
  6. Everett - German for “strong boar.”
  7. Forest - Old French name for “out of the woods.”
  8. Hudson - Old English name for “son of Hud.” This name was included in homage to the Hudson River.
  9. Keanu - Hawaiian name for “cool breeze over the mountains.”
  10. Marvin - English for “beautiful sea.”
  11. Oakley - Old English for “from the oak meadow.”
  12. Pip - English for “horse lover.”
  13. River - English for “by the riverbank.”
  14. Rowan - Old English, Irish, and Scottish for “tree with the red berries.”
  15. Sunny - English for “bright disposition” or “cheerful.”
  16. Yael - A name of Hebrew origin meaning “mountain goat.”

Sweet and Soft Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Adley - Hebrew for “just.”
  2. Asa - Japanese boy name for “born in the morning” and Hebrew for “healer.”
  3. Bailey - French for “bailiff” and Old English for “fortification.”
  4. Benji - Hebrew for “son of my right hand.”
  5. Drew - Greek for “courageous” and Welsh for “wise.”
  6. Ethan - Latin for “constant.”
  7. Finley - Celtic and Scottish for “fair-haired one.”
  8. Gale - English for “lively.”
  9. Grey - An Old English name meaning “to shine.”
  10. Hugh - German for “bright soul.”
  11. Jamie - Hebrew for “he who supplants” and French for “I love.”
  12. Jesse - Hebrew for “God’s gift.”
  13. Nico - Italian boy name for “victory of the people.”
  14. Noel - Latin for “birthday” and French for “Christmas.”
  15. Nova - Latin for “new.”
  16. Pace - English and French for “born on Easter.”
  17. Roman - An Italian name that means “from Rome.”
  18. Rory - German for “famous one” and Gaelic for “red king.”
  19. Rune - Gaelic for “red-haired” or German and Scandinavian for “a secret.”
  20. Zeke - Arabic boy name for “the memory of the Lord.”

Classic and Timeless Gentle Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Abraham - A Hebrew name for “Father of Multitudes.”
  2. Addison - Old English for “son of Adam.”
  3. Beau - French for “beautiful” or “handsome.”
  4. Cassidy - Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic name for “clever.”
  5. Griffin - Latin for “hooked nose” and Welsh for “red.”
  6. Harrison - A German name for “house ruler.”
  7. Henry - German for “house ruler.”
  8. Julian - Latin for “youthful” and English for “love’s child.”
  9. Louis - Old German and French for “famous warrior.”
  10. Murray - Latin for “dark-skinned” and Celtic for “sailor.”
  11. Shane - Hebrew and Irish for “God’s grace.”
  12. Teddy - Old English for “rich warrior” and Greek for “gift of God.”
  13. Tobias - Hebrew for “God is good.”
  14. Virgil - This is a Latin name that means “staff bearer.”
  15. Warren - German for “watchman” or “gamekeeper.”
  16. Zachary - This name of Hebrew origin means “God remembers.”

We hope you find the perfect match for your soft and gentle little one among these baby names!

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