Meaning and Origin of: Nova

Nova is of Latin origin and means "new."
Meaning and Origin of Nova

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Latin : New

What does Nova mean and stand for?

The name Nova is of Latin origin and means "new". It's also an astronomical term for stars that brighten quickly before fading.

Syllables: 2

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Family name origins & meanings

  • Asturian-Leonese and Spanish : habitational name from any of the towns called Nova in Albacete or Asturies.
  • Galician : literally ‘new’, probably a habitational name from a place named Vila Nova.
  • Italian : unexplained.


According to Social Security Administration data, Nova has been rising in popularity, jumping from 886 in 2000 to 136 in 2016 and then 51 in 2019.

However, it is the 3rd most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Nova was at its peak popularity in April 2020.

Before being used as a name, Nova was the astronomical term for a star that suddenly increases in brightness before fading. The name is perhaps best known for Nova Pilbeam, a British actress in early Alfred Hitchcock films. It has also been chosen by parents on both Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

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Nicknames for Nova

  • Nov
  • Va

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