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75 Baby Names That Mean Rebirth or New Beginnings

Looking for a baby name meaning rebirth or new beginnings to mark this next chapter in your life? Here are 75 names that mean reborn and transformation.
 Names that Mean Rebirth or New Beginnings
Updated: February 19, 2024
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Whether you are looking for a fresh start or a new beginning, I think we can all agree that the birth of a new baby is the start of something new and exciting! If you are already a parent or if you are expecting your first child, you'll want to find the perfect name for them.

This list contains names from many different languages and origins that all mean generally the same thing; rebirth and new beginnings. These baby names signify hope and optimism or even affirm your faith in life. They are all unique and beautiful. Plus, there are names for boys and girls, including unisex names as well.

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Girl Names That Mean Rebirth or New Beginnings

As we welcome new life phases, choosing a name that signifies rebirth or a fresh start can be deeply meaningful. Here are some girl names that encapsulate the essence of renewal and beginnings.

  1. Alba - Spanish and Italian for "sunrise" or "dawn."
  2. Amaryllis - Greek for "new and sparkling", Amaryllis is the name of a beautiful flower.
  3. Anastasia - Greek for "resurrection."
  4. Aurora - Greek for "goddess of the dawn." Aurora is also the name of the Disney princess Sleeping Beauty.
  5. Avril - Latin for "blooming." Also, Latin for the month of April which is known as the month of rebirth. 
  6. Aviva - A name of Hebrew origin that means "springtime."
  7. Beeja - Hindi for "the beginning."
  8. Chae-Won - Korean name when combined means "collect" and "beginning."
  9. Chava - Hebrew for "life" and also the Hebrew name for Eve, the first woman created by God.
  10. Chloe - Greek name meaning "verdant and blooming" Chloe is one of the many names for Demeter, who is the goddess of the young plants that bloom in Spring.
  11. Dagny - Scandinavian for "new day."
  12. Dawn - English for "daybreak."
  13. Eos - The name of the Greek goddess of the dawn.
  14. Fatiha - Arabic for "opening" or "beginning."
  15. Iola - Greek for "violet dawn."
  16. Kady - Irish for "first."
  17. Kia/Kiah - Welsh for "start of the season."
  18. Nasima - Arabic for "fresh air."
  19. Navika - Derived from the Indian word for "new."
  20. Neoma - Greek for "new moon."
  21. Nyssa - Greek for "goal" or "beginning."
  22. Odoti - Gujarati for "dawn."
  23. Oriana - French name for "sunrise" and "dawn."
  24. Renata - Latin for "reborn" and French for "born again."
  25. Roxanna - A variant of the Persian name "Roxanne" and it means "dawn."
  26. Sahar - Arabic for "just before dawn."
  27. Senara - The name of a Cornish saint that means "one who brings light."
  28. Usha - Hindu for "dawn."
  29. Wahuj - A Muslim name with Urdi origin that means "new beginning" or "first light of day."
  30. Winona - Native American for "firstborn daughter."
  31. Zelenka - Czech for "new," "green" or "fresh."
  32. Zera - Hebrew for "seed" or "beginning."
  33. Zerlinda - Hebrew name for "beautiful dawn."

Boy Names That Mean Rebirth or New Beginnings

baby at dawn or sunrise enjoying a new start to the day

Similarly, boy names that imbue the spirit of rebirth or new beginnings offer a powerful identity marker for those stepping into the world with a promise of hope and fresh prospects.

  1. Aadi - Sanskrit for "first."
  2. Abel - Hebrew for "breath."
  3. Altan - Turkish for "red dawn."
  4. Amil - Arabic for "hope" or "new beginnings."
  5. Anatole - Greek for "rising sun."
  6. Ankur - Hindi for "new life."
  7. Arata - Japanese for "fresh" or "new."
  8. Arun - Hindi for "dawn."
  9. Asier - A name of Spanish origin that means "the beginning."
  10. Avil - German for "bird."
  11. Brahma - Hindu for "creator of the universe."
  12. Dagian - An English origin name meaning "dawn."
  13. Fajr - Arabic for "dawn."
  14. Fresco - Italian for "fresh."
  15. Inizio - Italian for "beginning."
  16. Irvin - Gaelic for "fresh water."
  17. Janmay - Italian for "new beginnings" and Indian for "newborn."
  18. Janus - Janus is the Roman god of beginnings and gateways.
  19. Navin - Indian for "new."
  20. Neander - Greek for "new man."
  21. Neo - Latin for "new."
  22. Novak - Slavic for "a newcomer to newly cleared land."
  23. Oighrig - Scottish Gaelic for "new speckled one."
  24. Ordell - English for "beginning."
  25. Raanan - Hebrew for "fresh."
  26. Rohit - Sanskrit for "first red rays of the sun."
  27. Sahar - Hebrew for "dawn."
  28. Shinichi - Japanese for "first" or "truth."
  29. Tadesse - Amharic for "renewed."
  30. Urien - Celtic and Welsh for "privileged birth."
  31. Vihaan - Sanskrit for "morning, dawn."
  32. Zoran - Slavic for "the beginning light."
  33. Zorro - Slavic for "golden dawn" or "daybreak."

Unisex Names That Mean Rebirth or New Beginnings

Moving beyond traditional gender lines, there is a growing interest in unisex names that carry a sense of rejuvenation and new beginnings. These names have a universal appeal and symbolize hope and renewal for any child.

  1. Genesis - Hebrew for "origin."
  2. Kit - Greek for "bearer of Christ."
  3. Mika - Japanese for "new moon."
  4. Nouvel - French for "new" or "young."
  5. Nova - Latin for "new."
  6. Phoenix - A mythical Greek bird that represents reincarnation.
  7. Renee/Rene - French for "reborn."
  8. Tan - Vietnamese for "a new start."
  9. Torny - Norse for "new."

What Is a Name That Means Rebirth?

A name that means rebirth is "Renaissance". This name originated from the French word renaissance, which means "rebirth". It gained popularity during the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century and has been associated with revival, renewal, and transformation ever since.

Other names that also mean rebirth include:

  • Atreus - This Greek name means "father of rebirth" and is often associated with strength and resilience. 
  • Kai - This Hawaiian name means "sea" and is often associated with the idea of rebirth and new beginnings.
  • Nava - This Hebrew name means "beautiful" or "delightful", representing the beauty and joy of a new beginning.
  • Yara - This Arabic name means "small butterfly" and is often associated with change, growth, and transformation.
  • Zoya - This Slavic name means "life" or "alive", symbolizing the idea of being reborn or starting anew.

What Name Means New Beginnings?

There are many names that symbolize new beginnings, some of which include:

  • Arata - This Japanese name means "fresh" or "new", making it a perfect name for someone looking to start fresh.
  • Nadira - This Arabic name means "rare" or "unique" and can represent a new and unique beginning in one's life.
  • Neo - This Greek name means "new" or "young" and can represent a new chapter in one's life.
  • Nova - This Latin name means "new" and is often associated with fresh starts and new beginnings.
  • Zara - This Arabic name means "blooming flower" and can symbolize growth, change, and new beginnings.

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