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102 Boy Names That Mean Storm

A stormy boy name is as powerful as thunder and lightning! These boy names that mean storm are inspired by rainstorms, hurricanes and wild winds.
102 Boy Names That Mean Storm
Updated: August 18, 2023
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Looking through baby names and trying to find the perfect match for your little one doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It can be fun and exciting! If you are expecting a bouncing baby boy to join your family, we have some wonderful stormy boy names ideas. 

These boy names are inspired by rain storms, thunder, and other tempestuous weather conditions. They are powerful names that are wonderful options for your strong boy. 

We broke up these baby boy names into categories and included name meanings for storm names with different origins. ! Take a look below to find the perfect stormy male name for your little one. 

Boy Names That Mean Storm or Hurricane

  1. Adad - Greek; meaning God of storm and flood
  2. Aegaeon - Greek; meaning “stormy” and the name of the God of the storms of the Aegean Sea in Greek mythology
  3. Arashi - Japanese; meaning “storm”
  4. Bahoz - Kurdish; meaning “storm”
  5. Boremund - An American mythological name that means “Lord of Storm’s End”
  6. Corentin - French; meaning “hurricane”
  7. Dorrin - Irish; meaning “tempest”
  8. Gale - Irish and Gaelic; meaning “sea storm”
  9. Hanish - Hindu; meaning “one who forewarns of storms”
  10. Ino - Hawaiian; meaning “storm”
  11. Mahpiya - Native American; meaning “clouds”
  12. Neil - Irish, meaning “storm cloud”
  13. Ranto - Japanese; meaning “storm” or “tempest”
  14. Saar - Hebrew name; meaning “storm” or “tempest”
  15. Stormur - Old Norse; meaning “storm”
  16. Sturm - German/Icelandic; meaning “storm”
  17. Styrmir - Old Norse; meaning “one who causes storms”
  18. Tikokura - Polynesian; meaning “storm wave”
  19. Tufan - Persian and Swahili origins; meaning “storm”
  20. Yuki - Japanese; meaning “snowstorm”
  21. Zyran - Arabic; meaning “storm”

Boy Names That Mean Lightning

  1. Aratiri - Guarani; meaning “bolt of lightning”
  2. Barachiel - Hebrew; meaning “lightning of God”
  3. Barak - Hebrew; meaning “lightning”
  4. Djalu - Aboriginal; meaning “lightning”
  5. Foudre - French; meaning “lightning”
  6. Jupiter - The God of the sky in Roman mythology
  7. Kallik - Inuit; meaning “lightning”
  8. Kidlat - Tagalog for the God of lighting in Philippine mythology
  9. Mellan - Irish; meaning “lightning bolt”
  10. Pailan - Armenian; meaning “lightning”
  11. Petir - Indonesian; meaning “lightning”
  12. Rai - Japanese name; meaning “lightning”
  13. Simsek - Turkish; meaning “lightning
  14. Uhila - Polynesian; meaning “lightning”
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Boy Names Meaning Rain and Sky

  1. Akash - Sanskrit/Indian name; meaning “open space” or “sky”
  2. Amphorn - Thai; meaning “sky”
  3. Baran - Persian; meaning “rain”
  4. Brishen - Romani; meaning “born during a rain storm”
  5. Caelus - Latin; meaning “sky” and also the God of the sky in Roman mythology
  6. Dalfon - Hebrew; meaning “raindrop”
  7. Freyr - The Norse God of rain and sunlight
  8. Gokcan - Turkish; meaning “vast sky”
  9. Haneul - Korean; meaning “sky”
  10. Horus - The name of an Ancient Egyptian Lord of the sky
  11. Iravat - Arabic; meaning “rain clouds”
  12. Keyne - Welsh; meaning “man of the eastern sky”
  13. Langit - Indonesian; meaning “sky”
  14. Lokni - Native American; meaning “raining through the roof”
  15. Mehul - Hindi; meaning “rain.”
  16. Moe - Hebrew; meaning “drawn out of the water”
  17. Myrsky - Finnish; meaning “sky”
  18. Neven - Breton; meaning “sky”
  19. Ociel - Latin; meaning “from the sky”
  20. Regen - German; meaning “rain”
  21. Wambua - Kenyan; meaning “born during the rain”
  22. Zenebe - Ethiopian; meaning “raining”
  23. Zeru - Basque; meaning “sky”
  24. Zeus - The God of the sky in Greek mythology

Boy Names That Mean Thunder

  1. Boran - Kurdish; meaning “thunderstorm”
  2. Brontes - Greek; meaning “thunder”
  3. Coen - Aboriginal Australian; meaning “thunder”
  4. Donner - German; meaning “thunder”
  5. Dustin - Norse; meaning “thunder stone”
  6. Guntur - Scandinavian; meaning “thunder”
  7. Hadad - Aramaic; The God of thunder in Mesopotamian religions
  8. Haikili - The God of thunder in Hawaiian mythology
  9. Leigong - The Chinese God of thunder
  10. Perun - Polish and Ukrainian; meaning “thunder”
  11. Raiden - Japanese; meaning “thunder”
  12. Ramiel - Hebrew; meaning “thunder of God”
  13. Ramman - Hebrew; meaning “the thundering one”
  14. Shappa - Native American; meaning “red thunder”
  15. Taranis - The Celtic God of thunder
  16. Thor - Old Norse; meaning “thunder” and also the God of thunder in Norse mythology
  17. Torben - Old Norse; meaning “thunder bear”

Boy Names That Mean Wind and Windy

  1. Abel - Hebrew; meaning “breath”
  2. Amiri - Maori; meaning “east wind”
  3. Anil - The Hindu God of wind
  4. Anore - Greenlandic; meaning “wind”
  5. Anvindr - Old Norse; meaning “against the wind”
  6. Aquilo - Greek; meaning “north wind”
  7. Bayu - Indonesian; meaning “wind”
  8. Boreas - The God of the north wind in Greek mythology
  9. Erjon - Albanian; meaning “wind of the Ionian Sea”
  10. Ermir - Albanian; meaning “good wind”
  11. Fujin - Japanese; meaning “wind God”
  12. Govad - Persian; meaning “angel of wind”
  13. Guthrie - Scottish/Gaelic; meaning “wind”
  14. Hayate - Japanese; meaning “sound of the wind”
  15. Keanu - Hawaiian; meaning “cool mountain breeze”
  16. Naseem - Arabic name; meaning “breeze”
  17. Pavan - Indian; meaning “breeze”
  18. Poyraz - Turkish; meaning “north wind”
  19. Ruzgar - Turkish; meaning “wind”
  20. Samir - Hindi; meaning “wind”
  21. Souta - Japanese; meaning “a sudden sound of the wind”
  22. Tal - Hebrew; meaning “rain” or “dew”
  23. Typhoon - Chinese; meaning “great wind”
  24. Vayu - Sanskrit; meaning “air” and also the Lord of the winds in Hindu mythology
  25. Wyndham - Old English name; meaning “from the windy village”
  26. Zephyr - Greek name; meaning “west wind” and Spanish; meaning “flying in the wind”

Your strong little boy deserves a name that packs a punch and there are plenty of weather names here that work wonderfully! We hope you felt inspired by these baby names that mean storm!

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