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Alan Mosely headshot

Alan Mosely

Children's Sleep Expert

About Alan 

Alan Mosely is the Co-Founder and CTO of, Alan is a father of… read more about this author

Amanda Houle headshot

Amanda Houle

Holistic Health Expert

About Amanda

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner, Amanda is a professional Content Creator who runs Divine Mamahood International,… read more about this author

Amber Bobnar headshot

Amber Bobnar

Children's Disability Expert

About Amber

Amber is the founder and editor of ‘’, a website which supports parents and caregivers of young children with visual impairments and… read more about this author

Avital Schreiber Levy headshot

Avital Schreiber Levy

Parenting and Marriage Coach

About Avital

Avital is a mother to 5 children and is the founder of Hi, Fam! (previously The Parenting Junkie). With 31.5K followers on… read more about this author

Bre Richey headshot

Bre Richey

Journalist and Lead Product Writer

About Bre

Breanna is an experienced journalist and writer whose work has been featured in Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Best Reviews, Her View From Home… read more about this author

Brittany McCabe headshot

Brittany McCabe

Professional Learning Specialist

About Brittany

Brittany attained her MA in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Early Child Development and Infant Mental Health in 2012, and is now a… read more about this author

Candace Nagy headshot

Candace Nagy

Freelance Parenting Writer

About Candace

Candace is a passionate writer with a flair for storytelling that is deeply rooted in her curious tendencies and peculiarly perceptive mind. As a… read more about this author

Charise Rohm Nulsen headshot

Charise Rohm Nulsen

Award-winning Parenting and Lifestyle Author

About Charise

Charise is a Travel Planner and founder of Experience the Dream Travel, specializing in family and Disney holidays. She has also worked as a… read more about this author

curious world logo

Curious World Staff

Academic and Learning Partner

About Curious World

Curious World is an award-winning early learning mobile app designed to boost academic skills, fuel curiosity and encourage a lifelong love… read more about this author

 Dawn Huebner, Ph.D. headshot

Dawn Huebner

Child Psychologist and Award-winning Children's Book Author

About Dawn

For more than 36 years, Dawn has been a Psychologist in private practice who sees children under 12 and their parents. She specializes in anxiety… read more about this author

Deborah Cruz author headshot

Deborah Cruz

Parenting News Writer

About Deborah

Deborah works as a news writer for Wild Sky, and is a freelance writer for a number of online parenting publications. However, she is best known… read more about this author

Deborah Porter headshot

Deborah Porter

Certified Life Coach

About Deborah

Deborah is a recurring expert guest on CBS Virginia This Morning, ABC’s The MotherSide in Washington, DC, and The Mom Squad on FOX DC, and writes… read more about this author

Amy Webb headshot

Dr. Amy Webb, Ph.D.

Doctor of Human Development and Family Sciences

About Amy

Dr. Amy Webb graduated from the University of Texas with a doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences in 2008 and has since worked as a… read more about this author

Dr. Ana Aznar


About Ana

Dr. Ana Aznar is the founder of REC Parenting. She is a psychologist with a passion to support parents and children. With so much contradicting and… read more about this author

Taoheed Jimoh

Dr. Taoheed Jimoh

DDS - Dentist

About Taoheed

Taoheed is a recently-qualified doctor who has trained in various hospital units, (particularly ICU, Accident and Emergency, and Oral and… read more about this author

Elisa Cinelli headshot

Elisa Cinelli

Parenting and Pregnancy Writer

About Elisa

Elisa is a well-known parenting writer who is passionate about providing research-based content to help parents make the best decisions for their… read more about this author

Ellie Lott headshot

Ellie Lott

Personal Finance Blogger

About Ellie

Ellie is a  personal finance blogger for She is passionate about educating families on making smarter decisions with their… read more about this author

Erica Loop headshot

Erica Loop

Child Development Expert

About Erica

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Erica is a mom and former preschool teacher with degrees in Art History and Applied Developmental Psychology (… read more about this author

Erin Dower

Erin Dower

Education Reporter

About Erin

Erin Dower is a writer and editor for She has worked as an education reporter for The Somerville Journal in the Boston… read more about this author

Erin Olilla headshot

Erin Ollila

Parenting Editor and Writer

About Erin

Erin helps small business owners boost their confidence and attract the right audience for them through her work as an SEO Copywriter for websites, a… read more about this author

familyeducation logo

FamilyEducation Editorial Staff

FamilyEducation Staff

About FamilyEducation's Editorial Team

FamilyEducation is a trusted leader in parenting and pregnancy information, providing parents with expert-approved… read more about this author

Gemma Young headshot

Gemma Young, BSc

Science and Genetics Writer

About Gemma

Gemma has over 13 years of experience as a scientific writer, reviewer, and editor in the UK, and has written a range of publications, from student… read more about this author

Halimeh Salem

Halimeh Salem

Experienced High School Teacher

About Gemma

Halimeh is an experienced teacher who has worked in a variety of US classroom settings. She is highly experienced in curriculum development,… read more about this author

HeHe Stewart Headshot

HeHe Stewart

Birth and Postpartum Doula

About HeHe

HeHe is an experienced Doula, Childbirth consultant and Infant Feeding Specialist. She is the founder of a Maternity Concierge, Doula and Birthing… read more about this author

Heidi Butler headshot

Heidi Butler

Breaking News Reporter

About Heidi

Heidi is an experienced journalist who worked in the television news industry for a decade, where she gave local forecasts as an award-winning… read more about this author

Jacqueline Weiss headshot

Jacqueline Weiss

Lifestyle Writer

About Jacqueline

Based in Los Angeles, Jacqueline is a freelance writer and social media strategist. She has been blogging for over 13 years on her website ‘… read more about this author

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