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Erin Ollila

Parenting Editor and Writer

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About Erin

Erin helps small business owners boost their confidence and attract the right audience for them through her work as an SEO Copywriter for websites, a copy coach, and as the host of the ‘Talk Copy to Me’ podcast. Following her attainment of an MFA in Creative Writing, Erin was a Co-founding Editor at the award-winning online literary journal, Spry Literary Journal, and now has 15+ years experience in the publishing industry, and has written 3 books herself. Erin lives with her family in southeastern Massachusetts.

Background and Experience

  • BA, English and Communications, Rhode Island College
  • MFA, Creative Writing- Nonfiction, Fairfield University

FamilyEducation Area of Expertise

Erin is an experienced parenting writer and editor for Family Education.

  • Children's Health

    Discover the causes and treatments for kids grinding teeth at night. Our expert guide helps you understand how to stop your child's bruxism and protect their dental health.

  • Baby Showers

    Looking for inspiration for baby shower decorations? Check out our top baby shower decoration ideas and themes to host a unique baby shower celebration!

  • Mom's Corner

    Feeling touched out or over touched as a new mom can lead to intimacy issues with your kids and partners. Why moms feel touched out and how to recover.

  • Organizing Your Home

    Being a minimalist mom is about less clutter and less stress. Here's how to teach kids minimalism and embrace minimalism as a family.

  • Baby Names, Choosing a Name

    Should you keep your baby name a secret until the birth? When is the best time to announce your baby name? We interviewed six moms about their experiences revealing their baby names, what they regretted, and what they did right.

  • Entertainment and Activities, Holidays, Christmas

    Christmas morning is truly magical. One mama pours out her heart and her hopes and wishes for her kids of various ages on Christmas morning in this open-letter style piece.

  • Pregnancy, Preparing for Baby, Pregnant Life

    Aches, pains, and the inability to indulge in some of your favorite party snacks and drinks are only a few of the reasons why pregnant women can be found saying “Bah Humbug” during this magical season.

  • Pregnancy, Preparing for Baby, Pregnant Life

    Some people simply don't know how to talk to pregnant women. Soon-to-be moms are sick of hearing "You're not due til December?! You're huge!!" Here are the top five topics you should never discuss with a pregnant woman or mom-to-be.

  • Family Life, Family Relationships, Making Family Time

    It's important to make sure you spend enough one-on-one time with your children, but some days it's not always easy. One is having a meltdown at dinner while the other is waiting patiently to be fed. What do you do? Five parents weigh in with their tips for splitting your time when you have multiple children.

  • School and Learning, Back to School

    Your daughter loves braids, but you just can't get the hang of those Youtube tutorials. Don't sweat it. We found five easy braids you can totally master for back-to-school.

  • Family Life, Managing Your Home, Home Improvements and Maintenance

    Every kid dreams of a room decorated just for them. We found four parents on Pinterest who gave their kids a room that reflected their unique personalities.

  • Family Life, Managing Your Home, Home Improvements and Maintenance

    Looking for easy ways to make your yard a fun place to hang out? Check out our favorite quick renovations!

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