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Creative Baby Shower Decoration Ideas to Host an Unforgettable Shower

Looking for inspiration for baby shower decorations? Check out our top baby shower decoration ideas and themes to host a unique baby shower celebration!
Creative Baby Shower Decoration Ideas to Host an Unforgettable Shower
Updated: May 3, 2023
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You’ve been tasked with planning a baby shower for a loved one, and while you’re excited to take on this challenge, you’re also a bit nervous. 

You want this event to be perfect, but you’re struggling to come up with baby shower decoration ideas to jazz up the room or theme the event around. 

In this article, we’ll share a long list of baby shower decoration ideas and party themes so you can host a baby shower party that will be remembered for a long time to come. 

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Unique Baby Shower Themes and Ideas

When it comes to planning a baby shower, choosing a theme can be a great starting point before even thinking about decorations and activities. Those details are often a lot easier to figure out if a theme is chosen first. 

Don’t have a theme yet? No worries. Here are some fun and creative baby shower themes to get you started. 

1. Oh Baby! 

One of the easiest and most economical ways to celebrate the upcoming new baby is by decorating with baby-related items, such as diaper cake centerpieces, a clothesline of baby onesies, pacifiers, stuffed animals, rattles, and more! 

Baby shower themes and ideas - Oh Baby!

Bonus: If you use real baby items to decorate rather than paper versions, decorations can be gifted to the new parents for them to use when the baby arrives.

And don’t forget baby shower games! Have some fun with a diaper-changing relay race, get creative by decorating onesies, or play baby bingo as the parents open up presents!

2. Into the Woods

A forest-inspired themed baby shower is a great option for a baby shower. You can decorate with earth elements like tree branches and leaves. And for extra whimsy, don’t forget to include some forest animals in the table decorations. If you want it to be extra cute, try using a teddy bear for the main centerpiece.

baby shower idea - into the woods theme

You could take the theme a bit further and use it to help with food and party favors. Instead of cupcakes or cake, make a statement with a DIY s'mores station. Make yummy and healthy trail mix and give the snack as a party favor. 

3. A Garden Get-Together 

If you’re trying to plan a beautiful baby shower with gorgeous decorations, focus on flowers and greenery. You could decorate the room with flower garlands, large plants, or even topiaries. 

garden baby shower idea

For the centerpieces, fill vases with mixed blooms or choose one type of flower for each table. And don’t forget to scatter rose petals on the table too. 

A fun and creative way to celebrate would be making flower crowns as a group. For favors, pouches of dried lavender or eucalyptus would be a perfect touch.

4. A Royal Celebration 

A regal-themed baby shower is the perfect way to welcome a little prince or princess into the world. The royal theme is also a great option if you’re looking to host a gender reveal party.

royal themed baby shower - baby shower ideas

Celebrate the new baby boy or baby girl as if they were royalty with jeweled party decorations, such as gold centerpieces and a throne-like chair for the mom-to-be. Paper crowns could be left at the guests’ place setting so they can fit into the royal atmosphere.

And when it comes to invitations, consider mailing them with a wax-imprint seal or hand delivered as scrolls to local guests. 

5. You’re a Wild One

There are so many ways to play with a wild one theme, especially by introducing jungle animals as cute baby shower elements. For example, baby shower invitations could feature baby animals, like elephants, giraffes, lions and zebras.

Instead of floral table centerpieces, fill vases with lush greenery, like monstera leaves. Similarly, another centerpiece idea could be a large candle surrounded by eucalyptus or other green leaf wreaths. 

animal themed baby shower idea; baby shower Inso

Each table could have a small stuffed animal as its “table number” to start off the baby's future stuffy collection. Or, if the parents want to wait on stuffies, balloon animals would be a fun option instead.

Alternatively, take inspiration from the classic children’s book/movie “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

Your baby shower guests could wear gold paper crowns, and your centerpieces could be designed to look like small boats filled with flowers or small plants. 

6. Sweet As Can Bee

A honey bee-themed baby shower is such a sweet option! 

If you’re celebrating a married couple’s first baby, why not create bee-themed invitations with slogans like, “Soon to Bee a Family of Three!” 

Another option, If the parents are choosing not to find out the baby’s sex before birth, is to have a station called “What Will I Bee?” where guests make guesses about what sex they think the baby will be! 

Baby shower ideas - honeybee themed baby shower

Decorations for this baby shower theme can include large yellow and black sunflowers,  honeycomb-shaped cupcake holders, and small, fuzzy bumblebees stuck around the room. 

A bee-themed shower offers so many ideas for party favors, too: flavored honey sticks, beeswax candles, bottles of honey, or honeycomb cake!

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A starry night theme is great for a gender-neutral baby shower — especially an evening or nighttime baby shower.

For a starry night theme, decorate the space with stars hanging from the ceiling and sparkling twinkle lights behind a sheer curtain backdrop. Place baby blocks with stars and moons on tables around the room. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Themed Baby Shower - Baby Shower Ideas

If you’re creative, you could also make a large paper-mache moon to hang near the mother’s seat that could be repurposed and used in the future baby’s nursery.

Star and moon-shaped gourmet cookies and cakes will keep your guest satisfied and add to the overall theme. Other options for desserts and baby shower favors can be cinnamon star bread or sweet or savory mooncakes.

8. A Tea Party Baby Shower 

Seeking an elegant baby shower theme? 

A tea party is an excellent theme for an afternoon shower and offers many options for elegant baby shower decoration ideas based on a pastel and floral color theme. 

For food options at your afternoon tea, serve delicate finger sandwiches, scones and other cookies or biscuits. And let’s not forget the most important element for this theme: the tea! 

Baby Shower Inspiration - Tea Party Themed Baby Shower

Offer guests a large selection of teas with their meal. From Darjeeling to chamomile, oolong to jasmine, and Earl Grey to Chai,  your guests will find a tea they love. Don’t forget any tea additives, such as citrus, cinnamon sticks, honey, mint, ginger, berries, or milk.

Tea cups make for both great centerpieces and party favors. While matching teacups may seem like the best approach, consider thrifting or buying tea cups with different designs. 

Some plain and pastel and others with bold colors and patterns will stand out, and your guests can later bring their cups home as a unique baby shower favor!  

9. A Baby-Q (BBQ Baby Shower)

Having an at-home baby shower party? Make it a Baby-Q, also known as a barbecue! 

This party theme can be taken in so many different ways. Hot dogs and hamburgers make the perfect meal when you’re on a budget. If you want to go a little grander, grill up some steaks, seafood, and veggies for your guests’ meals. Serve iced tea and lemonade in mason jars.

BBQ themed baby shower - baby shower ideas and baby shower inspiration

Decorate the tables with red-and-white checkered tablecloths and decorate the tables with garden flowers like daisies or sunflowers. 

And outdoor adventure also means lawn games, like horseshoes or corn hole. 

Expert Tip: Decorate your cornhole boards with the future baby's name on it that guests can sign, so mom and dad will have a special keepsake from their shower for years to come! 

Baby shower favors for the guests could include specialty barbecue sauces, craft beers, or pouches of sunflower seeds.

11. Mom/Dad’s Hobbies and Interests  

Are the parents superfans of a sports team, TV show, or something else specifically? Do they love to paint or play music? 

Incorporate that special thing into the baby shower theme! Here are a few ideas:

  • A superhero-themed baby shower is great for huge Marvel Fans 
  • An artistic couple may want activities in which the guests craft something that they can keep for the baby, such as a group painting, a poem, or a scrapbook filled with family pictures
  • Sports fans may want shower decorations in their team’s colors
  • For TV lovers, a baby shower inspired by their favorite TV show like “Schitts Creek” or “The Office” would be tons of fun

Baby shower ideas and themes

These, of course, are just a few parent-themed party ideas. There’s always a way to decorate around something that’s special for the people you’re celebrating.

Regardless of what theme you choose, you’ll have so many options when it comes to baby shower decoration ideas for the party. From simple to complex, the room or outdoor space you decorate will honor the parents-to-be and be a fun way to celebrate and welcome a new baby into the world.

Key Tips for How to Decorate for a Baby Shower 

Once you have a theme selected, it's time to start planning how to decorate the different areas of the room. Here are some spaces and ideas to get you started:

1. Create a special seating area 

To start, create a seating area that’s designated for the mom-to-be or parents if both will be there to celebrate. 

The main seating area at your baby shower should be comfortable and inviting. For example, you could fill the center of the floor with plush pillows and throws that match the theme. 

For the guest of honor, a gorgeous large chair can be used as a throne to make your baby shower more glamorous and royalty inspired. You’ll want this special seating arrangement to be where the guests-of-honor open their baby shower gifts, so everyone can gather around and see their reactions! 

2. Add centerpieces and other table decorations

Create a cohesive look for the baby shower by matching the small items, such as the tablecloths, napkins, plates, and centerpieces to the party’s theme. Personalized touches can be added with tiny details, such as place seating cards or table numbers. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of the traditional centerpiece zone that includes a vase of flowers. There are many centerpiece options available without flowers, such as a diaper cake, a balloon decoration, or dessert trays.

3. Set up special food and drink stations 

Food and drink are another important part of throwing a baby shower, so you’ll want to make sure the food and drink area is decorated to match the baby shower theme. 

No matter what types of baby shower foods you serve (casual appetizers vs. a multi-course meal), things like pretty plates and glasses can help make it feel extra special! 

If you have a designated drink table, consider creating a signature drink that matches the color scheme or drinkware that fits the theme of the party, such as tea cups or mason jars like in the examples mentioned above. 

Food tables may be crowded already with snacks and meal options, but you can still decorate them with confetti that matches the overall theme.

If you choose one of the baby shower decoration ideas above, a crown would accent the Royal Celebration party and stars would be great for the Twinkle, Twinkle baby shower theme.

For the dessert table, display sweets on tiered stands or in themed serving dishes. Cake toppers are another way to introduce the theme of the event. 

4. Don’t forget showstopper room accents 

What do a custom backdrop, balloon arch, and photo booth have in common? They all make for memorable baby shower decoration ideas. 

Set up a fun photo booth area where guests can take pictures together. Use a backdrop that fits the theme and provide props like signs and hats that match. Don’t have a set theme? A multi-line clothesline with onesies hanging on it will make the perfect backdrop.

If photobooths aren’t in your budget or if you don’t have space for one, don’t discount a backdrop that goes behind the parent’s seats where they open gifts or welcome guests into the party.

With a little creativity and planning, garlands make for a show-stopping baby shower decoration. Balloon garlands will make for the biggest wow with their size and color options, but flower and greenery garlands are an option too!

Are you surprised by how many ways there are to decorate for a baby shower and bring your theme to life? 

With all these baby shower decoration ideas, you’ll have the flexibility to get creative and incorporate personal touches that reflect the future parents’ personalities. 

Make Your Baby Shower a Unique and Special Celebration  

And whatever you do, don’t stress! Just focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where people can come together and celebrate the future new addition. 

With these baby shower decoration ideas and themes, you're on your way to hosting an absolutely unforgettable baby shower!

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