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The Ultimate List of Saint Names for Boys and Confirmation Name Ideas

These Catholic Saint names for boys are popular choices for confirmation names and religious baby names.
The Ultimate List of Saint Names for Boys and Confirmation Name Ideas
Updated: September 8, 2023
Fact checked by  Devika Tomar

If you are religious, and looking for the best male saint name for your baby boy's confirmation name or birth name, using Roman Catholic saints as inspiration is a great place to start! Saint names for boys are traditional and represent virtues and values that you may hope to pass on to your son.

Many Catholic Saint names stem from ancient languages like Hebrew and Latin and have transitioned to English names that have been popular for centuries. 

If you’re looking for a male confirmation name or a boy Saint name with a specific meaning, consider using the name of a patron saint that symbolizes something important to you. And if you don’t have a Christian background, you may wonder what a saint is? By definition, a saint is a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death. The word saint comes from the Latin word Sanctus which means holy. 

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Much like the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans had or have gods that symbolize different aspects of life; there is a patron saint for just about anything and everything! For example, St. Matthew is the patron saint of accountants. 

However, you don’t need to be religious or a member of the Catholic Church to name your child after a saint. Saintly names have a historical and cultural significance, too. So, if you're looking for a list of saint names for boys with significance and a religious flair, then check out this ultimate list of saint names for boys! 

Names of the Most Famous Male Saints (with Meanings)

Names of the Most Famous Male Saints
  1. Andrew - Greek. Strong and manly. Andrew was one of the 12 original apostles.
  2. Augustine - Latin. Great. St. Augustine was born about 350 years after Jesus. He was a philosopher and theologian.
  3. Bartholomew - Hebrew. Son of the furrow. One of the 12 original apostles.
  4. Benedict - Latin. Blessed. A name making a comeback because of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict of Nursia lived in Italy in the 5th ad 6th centuries CE.
  5. Cuthbert - Old English. Bright, brilliant, and famous. 
  6. Edmund - Old English. Wealthy protector. 
  7. Francis - Latin for Frenchman. There is more than one Saint Francis, but probably the most famous is the Italian Saint Francis of Assisi. 
  8. George - Greek. Farmer. Saint George lived approximately 300 years after Jesus. St. George’s day is April 23rd.
  9. Ignatius - Latin. Fiery. Not a popular name in the U.S., but it has a fun meaning!
  10. James - Hebrew. Supplanter. James was Jesus’s brother, the son of Mary and Joseph.
  11. Jesus - Greek/Hebrew. Savior. Jesus is more commonly used in Spanish-speaking cultures. Outside of Christianity, Jesus Christ is still considered an important figure. For example, Muslims also believe he was miraculously conceived. 
  12. John - Hebrew. God is Gracious. More than one saint bears this name, but the first was John the Apostle, the believed author of the Gospel of John.
  13. Jonah - Hebrew. Dove.
  14. Joseph - Hebrew. God will give. He is considered the guardian or earthly father of Jesus.
  15. Jude - Hebrew. Praised. One of the 12 original apostles.
  16. Julian - Latin. Young, downy-beard. Jove's child. 
  17. Patrick - Latin. Patrician, noble. Most people recognize St. Patrick for his festive holiday. He is the patron saint of Ireland, although he was born in England.
  18. Peter - Greek. Rock. Peter was the first Christian Pope.
  19. Thomas - Aramaic. Twin. Several saints bear the name Thomas.
  20. Valentine - Latin. Strong and Healthy. While many people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, most know little about him. He is the patron saint of lovers, beekeepers, and people with epilepsy.

Unique Patron Saint Names for Boys (with Meanings)

There seems to be a patron saint for just about everywhere and everything. So while some of these names may be ordinary and even popular, their patronages are unique! Some professions, skills, and groups of people have more than one patron saint, so this list is merely a sampling!

  1. Ambrose - Latin. Immortal. The patron saint of beekeepers. 
  2. Antony - Latin. Priceless. The patron saint of basket makers. 
  3. Charles English/French - A free man. The patron saint of apple orchards.
  4. Cosmas - Greek. Order. The patron saint of apothecaries. 
  5. Dominic - Latin. Of the lord. The patron saint of astronomers.
  6. Drogo - German. To bear or carry. The patron saint of unattractive people.
  7. Erasmus - Greek. Beloved or desired. The patron saint of abdominal pains.
  8. Gabriel - Hebrew. God is my strength. The patron saint of broadcasters.
  9. Justin - Latin. Fair or righteous. The patron saint of apologists.
  10. Louis - French/German. Famous warrior. The patron saint of Barbers.
  11. Luke - Greek. Light-giving. A person from Luciana. The patron saint of notaries.
  12. Matthew - Hebrew. Gift of Yahweh. The patron saint of Accountants.
  13. Nicholas - Greek. The victory of the people. The patron saint of brewers.
  14. Timothy  - Greek. To honor God. The patron saint of stomach ailments.
  15. Vincent - Latin. Victorious. The patron saint of plumbers.

Modern Sounding Saint Names for Boys (with Meanings)

  1. Adrian - Greek. From the Adriatic Sea.
  2. Anselm - German. God’s helmet. 
  3. Blaise - Latin. Lisp or stutter. A great unisex name. 
  4. Callian - Irish. Battle or rock. 
  5. Damian- Greek. To tame or subdue. Saint Damian is the patron saint of the blind and doctors.
  6. Fabian - Italian. Bean grower. 
  7. Jordan - Jordan feels hip and new, but it is an old Jewish name that means flowing down. It can be used as a girl's name too.
  8. Leo - A Latin name for Lion. 13 popes have used Leo. 
  9. Owen - Welsh. Young warrior or well born. St. Owen was known for assisting the poor and homeless.
  10. Zeno - Greek. Gift of Zeus. 

Male Patron Saints of Places (with Meanings)

  1. Ansgar - German. God spear. The patron saint of Scandanavia. 
  2. Eric - Norse. Eternal ruler. The patron saint of Sweden.
  3. Giles - Greek. Small goat. The patron saint of Edinburgh. 
  4. Josaphat - German/Hebrew. The Lord is my judge. The patron saint of Ukraine. 
  5. Kevin - A Celtic name that means handsome. The patron saint of Dublin. 
  6. Lawrence - Latin. From Laurentum. The patron saint of France.
  7. Mark - Latin. Consecrated to god. The patron saint of Venice. St. Mark is the author of the Gospel of Mark in the Christian Bible. 
  8. Philip - Greek. Lover of horses. The patron saint of Rome. 
  9. Rupert - German. Fame, bright. The patron saint of Salzburg.
  10. Sebastian - Greek. Venerable. The patron saint of Rio de Janeiro. 

Saint Confirmation Names for Boys (with Meanings)

Confirmation Names for Boys 

A confirmation name is a name your child chooses for themselves when they are confirmed into the Catholic church. The Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox churches also perform confirmation ceremonies. Confirmation is the reaffirmation of the vows a child’s parents made at their baptism. A confirmation name must be a saint’s name and should represent something meaningful to you. Below is a list of possible baby boy names or confirmation names. 

  1. Abel - Hebrew. Breath. 
  2. Abraham - Hebrew. Father of many. 
  3. Amias - Latin. Beloved. Amias is the surname of St. John Amias. 
  4. Charabel - Lebanese. The name means God the King. Charbel was an Arabic speaking priest who lived in the 19th century. 
  5. Christopher  - Greek/Latin. Bearer of Christ. 
  6. Clement - Latin. Mild and merciful. Clement has been a popular choice for Popes. There are several St. Clements. 
  7. David - Hebrew. Beloved.
  8. Elias - Hebrew.  The Lord is my God. Elias is a form of Elijah. Elijah is a prophet in the Old Testament referred to as St. Elias.
  9. Felix - Latin. Happy or fortunate. There are 67 St. Felixes. 
  10. Fergus - Scottish/Irish. Strength. Not much is known about St. Fergus’s past, but he was born in Ireland and died in Scotland in 730 CE.
  11. Lucian - Latin. Light.
  12. Magnus - Latin/Scandanavian. The greatest.
  13. Paul - Latin. Small
  14. Raphael - Hebrew. God has healed. 
  15. Silas - English/Latin. From the woods. St. Silas was an early member of the Christian Church. 
  16. Stephen - Greek. Crown. 
  17. Simon - Hebrew. God has heard. To hear, be heard; Reputation. Simon was a writer and a political reformer. 
  18. Theodore - Greek. Gift of God.
  19. Tobias - Greek/Hebrew. God is good. 
  20. Zachary - The English version of a Hebrew name, it means the Lord has remembered. 

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