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100 Virtue Names for Boys from Traditional to Modern

These virtue names for boys include traditional, modern and unique virtue names with special meanings for your baby boy.
100 Virtue Names for Boys
Updated: December 28, 2022

Virtue baby names are rising in popularity. If you are looking for a meaningful name baby boy name, this might be the perfect baby name list. The names below are broken up into a few different categories so you can see whether or not they would be a good fit.

Some boy virtue names trending while others are more unique baby names. There are even several unisex names as well such as Sage, Verity, or Constance that could make an excellent name for a baby girl as well.

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What are Virtue Names?

Another name for virtue names is “grace names.” They originated with the Puritans in the early 16th century. They were known for being creative with choosing baby names that connected with their virtues and religious faith.

Common virtue names for girls like Grace or Felicity were most often chosen during this time. As times have changed, many people choose virtue names without any religious significance – they just like their simplicity and meaning.

Trendy and Modern Virtue Names for Boys

Trendy Virtue Names for Boys

  1. Able - Hebrew name for “breath”
  2. Bodhi - Sanskrit name for “awakening” or “enlightenment”
  3. Boone - Latin for “good”
  4. Chance - French boy name for “church official” or “good fortune”
  5. Charm - English name for “charisma” or “strong personality”
  6. Creed - English name for a place in Cornwall that is named for St. Cride, the patron saint of the church
  7. Future - English for “a period that is to come”
  8. Golden - Old English name for “to shine”
  9. Haven - Dutch for “harbor”
  10. Journey - English for “an expedition”
  11. Justice/Justus - An old French name that simply means “justice”
  12. Legend - English for “story about the past”
  13. Logic - English for “valid reasoning”
  14. Lyric - Greek name for “melodic word”
  15. Maverick - American for “wildly independent” or English for “nonconforming”
  16. Noble - Latin for “honorable one”
  17. Phoenix - Greek for “mystical bird” or “dark red”
  18. Prosper - Latin for “fortune”
  19. Ransom - Latin for “redeemer”
  20. Sage - French for “wise one” or Latin for “prophet”
  21. Saint - An English and French nickname for a particularly pious individual
  22. Wilder - A German name and Danish variant of Wild
  23. Wisdom - English for “common sense”

Traditional Virtue Names for Boys

Traditional Virtue Names for Boys

  1. Amity - Latin for “beloved” or “friendly”
  2. Chivalry - Old French for “knightliness”
  3. Dare - Persian name for “wealthy” or Old French for “beloved”
  4. Earnest/Ernest - Old German for “vigorous”
  5. Ever - American for “always”
  6. Gallant - English for “courageous”
  7. Hero - Greek for “defender”
  8. Merit - Latin for “deserving of good fortune”
  9. Pax - Latin for “peace”
  10. Spirit - English for “spectral entity”
  11. Swift - An English nickname for a rapid runner
  12. Tobin - Hebrew for “God is good”
  13. Treasure - Middle English for “wealth” or “riches”
  14. Verity - Latin and French for “truth”
  15. Zen - Japanese for “religious” or Greek for “gift of Zeus”

Uncommon Virtue Names for Boys

Uncommon Virtue Names for Boys

  1. Arrow - An English habitational name
  2. Constance - Latin for “faithful” or “loyal”
  3. Danger - A French habitational name for someone from Angers
  4. Glory - A Latin name that simply means “glory”
  5. Leon - German for “lion-hearted” or Greek for “lion”
  6. Light - An English nickname for a happy and cheerful person
  7. Lucky - American name for “fortunate”
  8. Power - English for “alert”
  9. Revere - Several meanings including an English nickname for “robber”
  10. Rogue - English for “unpredictable”
  11. Royal - Old French for “regal one”
  12. Savior - Latin for “someone who saves others from danger”
  13. Vision - American for “sight”
  14. Zion - Hebrew for “a sign” or “guarded land”

More Good Virtue Names for Boys from A-K

More Virtue Names for Boys

  1. Abram - Hebrew for “father of a multitude”
  2. Bastion - A French topographic name for “building”
  3. Bonaventure - French for “good fortune”
  4. Bravery - English for “strong in the face of fear”
  5. Brawn - English for “marked by fire”
  6. Brio - Italian for “vivacity” or “zest”
  7. Christian - Greek for “anointed”
  8. Clement - Latin for “merciful
  9. Constant - Latin for “faithful” or “steadfast”
  10. Courage - English for “confidence”
  11. Deacon - Greek for “messenger”
  12. Enoch - Hebrew for “trained and vowed"
  13. Epic - English for “impressive”
  14. Fortune - French “given to luck”
  15. Foster - Old French for “forest keeper”
  16. Genuine - English for “real”
  17. Gideon - Hebrew for “mighty warrior”
  18. Harbor - An English occupational name for a keeper of a lodging house (also spelled Harbour)
  19. Honor - Latin for “dignified” and French for “nobleman”
  20. Jeremiah - Hebrew for “exalted of God”
  21. Judge - Hebrew for “praised”
  22. Keen - Gaelic name for “brave” or English for “bold”
  23. Kindred - Irish boy name for “son of Henry” or Scottish for “royal chieftain (a variation of Kendrick)
  24. Knight - English for “protects”

More Good Virtue Names for Boys from L-Z

  1. Loyal - French for “faithful” or “honest”
  2. Marvel - French for “miracle”
  3. Mordecai - Hebrew for “warrior”
  4. Obadiah - Hebrew for “servant of God”
  5. Patriot - English for “loyal to one’s country
  6. Prince - Latin for “royal son”
  7. Prudent - Latin virtue name for “good judgment”
  8. Psalm - Hebrew for “song”
  9. Reason - An English and French nickname for an intelligent person (alternative spelling for Raison)
  10. Regal - A French nickname for “royal”
  11. Revel - A French nickname for “rebel”
  12. Rise - Latin for “laughing one”
  13. Shepherd - Old English for “one who herds sheep”
  14. Stellar - Latin name for “star”
  15. Sterling - English for “genuine” or “valued”
  16. Titus - Greek name for “of the giants”
  17. Truett - Old Norse name for “dry resinous wood” or English for “river bend”
  18. Uriah - Hebrew for “God is light”
  19. Valor - Latin for “boldness” and “bravery”
  20. Venture - English for “a risky undertaking”
  21. Victory - A Latin name that simply means “victory”
  22. Vigil - A Spanish name habitational name for a place named Vixil
  23. Worth - An English habitational name for a place named Worth
  24. Zeal - English for “with passion”

Even though some of these baby names sound old-fashioned, you can guarantee that choosing a good virtue name will have a positive impact. There are some beautiful names here that would fit a beautiful baby boy!

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100 Virtue Names for Boys

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