100 Rare Baby Names With Deep and Unique Meanings

Updated: April 7, 2022
Looking for a unique name for baby? Here are our top 50 rare baby names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
Rare Baby Names
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Some countries have strict laws about naming babies. Some, like France, even have a list of banned names.

Fortunately, if you live outside those 17 countries, you can give your baby any name you like.

Many people like unique baby names. The problem can be finding the perfect one: the baby name that stands out from the rest, and is perhaps a bit exotic, but that is also easy to remember.

Here are 100 unique baby girl names, baby boy names, and gender-neutral baby names to consider for your little one.

Are you ready?

Unique Names for Girls

Rare Girl Names

From sweet to strong, here are some rare girl names.

  1. Aisla - Also spelled Isla, this Scottish Gaelic name is popular in Scotland, but rare outside of the country.
  2. Amber - Amber is an “old timey” name, which comes from the precious material.
  3. Artemis - This name comes from Greek mythology. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt.
  4. Astred - Astred isn’t an alternate spelling for “Astrid.” This Norse moniker means “an impulsive girl with divine strength.”
  5. Abir - The Arabic name “Abir” sounds a bit like Amber, but it means “perfume,” specifically a rare perfume that has been lost to the sands of time.
  6. Bellamy - This uncommon first name is an English family name. It comes from French, and means “good friend.”
  7. Callista - This is a Greek name that means “the most beautiful.”
  8. Cassia - If you’re looking for a Biblical name that’s both unique and easy to remember, this pretty name means “cinnamon.”
  9. Chiara - Chiara is an Italian name that means “clear” or “light.” It’s also the name of physicist Chiara Nappi.
  10. Cordelia - This is both a Latin name and a Celtic name. It means “heart.”
  11. Fern - Fern is an English name that comes from the Fern plant.
  12. Franny - A common nickname for Frances, it means “free.”
  13. Gwen - This Welsh name is short for Gwendolyn, and a name in its own right. It means “blessed” or “holy.”
  14. Glynnis - This Welsh name means “Valley” or “pure.”
  15. Imara - Imara is a Swahili name that means “Strong.”
  16. Imogen - The name Imogen is popular in Britain, but rare outside of it. Did you know that Shakespeare invented it?
  17. Ishani - This Sanskrit name means “Close to God.”
  18. Jihan - Jihan is a Persian name that means “The World.”
  19. Isolde - Having a winter baby? This Irish princess’s name means “ice ruler.”
  20. Katana - If you want to raise a girl who kicks butt, a katana is a Japanese sword.
  21. Lantana - If you’re looking for an unusual name that you won’t find on lists of popular baby names, try the name for this bright, orange flower.
  22. Leonie - This uncommon name comes from the Latin word for “lion”
  23. Leonora - Leonora is a Greek name that means “compassion.” You can shorten it to “Leo” if it suits.
  24. Millicent - This old-fashioned name that means “strong in work” deserves a comeback.
  25. Montserrat - This beautiful, unique name refers to a mountain in the Spanish region of Catalonia.
  26. Minu - Minu is a pretty Persian place name that means “Eden.”
  27. Ophelia - This Shakesperian name means “help.”
  28. Primrose - A pretty flower, Primrose is also the name of Katniss Everdeen’s sister in The Hunger Games.
  29. Rhea - Looking for an uncommon nature name? Rhea means “a flowing stream.”
  30. Rivka - Rivka is a name of Hebrew origin, which means “To bind or link together.”
  31. Ruth - This Hebrew name, which means “compassionate friend,” is rare because its popularity peaked in 1920. It’s due for a comeback, in our opinion.
  32. Sabine - Although it’s a popular name in French speaking countries, Sabine is still unique in places where English is spoken.
  33. Vita - This Latin name means “vital,” “vivacious,” or “life.”
  34. Zosia - This Slavic name means “wisdom.” It’s a Polish variation on the Greek name “Sophia.”

Unique Names for Boys

Rare Boy Names

Looking for rare boy names? Try some of these.

  1. Apollo - Apollo is the Greek god whose chariot pulls the sun across the sky each day.
  2. Axel - Looking for an Old German name? Look no further.
  3. August - It’s not just the eighth month; it also means strong and robust.
  4. Baldwin - If you like literary names, try the name of writer James Baldwin.
  5. Booker - Booker T. Washington was a Black leader and advisor to several presidents during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  6. Caspian - The name of a sea and a popular literary character, Caspian is dreamy and strong.
  7. Ellington - If you love musical-inspired names, Ellington is as cool as they come.
  8. Falconer - If you want your child to have a unique career, this could be the perfect name.
  9. Finnegan - Can’t get enough Irish names? Finnegan means “blond.”
  10. Fraser - This popular Scottish name means strawberry.
  11. Gannon - Gannon is another Irish name that means “fair haired.”
  12. Gideon - In the Bible, Gideon used intelligence to lead his small army to victory over a much larger one.
  13. Hale - Hale is an Anglo Saxon name that means “hollow” or “nook.”
  14. Griffith - More commonly a last name, Griffith is a great alternative to Griffin.
  15. Jericho - Jericho is a Biblical name that derives from Greek. It means “bright moon.”
  16. Killian - Killian is an Irish name that means “bright-haired.”
  17. Laird - Laird is the Scottish word for “Lord.”
  18. Maxfield - Tired of Maximillian or Maxwell? What about Maxfield?
  19. Oberon - A name of Germanic origin that means “Noble Bear.”
  20. Orson - Orson is another name that means “bear.” Are we sensing a theme?
  21. Pascal - Having a baby around Easter? Pascal means “born during Easter.”
  22. Rockwell - This English name means “rock spring.”
  23. Roy - Easy to say and remember, “Roy” is unique in its rarity. It’s of French origin and means “King.”
  24. Rex - Rex also means “King,” only in Latin.
  25. Rufus - Having a redhead baby? Consider naming him Rufus, which means “red haired.”
  26. Stellan - This starry sounding name means “calm.”
  27. Tarik - Tarik, or Tariq, is an Arabic name that means “morning star.”
  28. Tiberius - Low key nerd? This is the middle name of Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
  29. Tobias - Tobias is a Hebrew name meaning “God is Good.”
  30. Vaughn - This Welsh name is a common last name meaning “small.”
  31. Werner - This German name isn’t particularly common, and that’s what makes it cool.
  32. Willis - More commonly used as a last name, Willis makes an equally cool first name.
  33. Wolfram - Wolfram is another name for Tungsten, one of the strongest and rarest metals on earth.

Unique Gender-Neutral Names

Thinking about a unisex name for your new arrival? Try one of these.

  1. Alexis - This gender neutral name is of Russian origin, and means “defender.”
  2. Amari - You’ll find this name across genders and in many cultures, including Yoruba, Hebrew, and Thai.
  3. Arden - Arden is an English name that means “valley of the eagle.”
  4. Auden - This English name means “old friend.”
  5. Branwen - This name comes from Welsh mythology and is a unisex variation on the feminine name “Bronwyn.”
  6. Dale - This Old English name means “valley.”
  7. Ellis - Ellis is of Welsh / English origin, and means “benevolent”
  8. Ferris - Ferris is a gender neutral Irish name meaning “rock.”
  9. Gable - This unisex name is of German origin, and means “bright.”
  10. Gael - This Irish name refers to the Gaelic people.
  11. Halen - Helen is Swedish in origin, and means “Hall of light.”
  12. Kai - A Hawaiian word that means “sea.”
  13. Kalani - This Hawaiian name means “the Heavens,” and works well across genders.
  14. Kensington - Obsessed with the royals? Kensington Palace is great for name inspo.
  15. Kiernan - Kiernan is another Irish name that works well across genders.
  16. Kit - Short for Christopher or Catherine, it can also be a name in its own right.
  17. Koda - Koda means “friend” or “ally” in some dialects of the Lakota Sioux language. It’s also a Japanese surname.
  18. Lapis - Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful, bright blue stone.
  19. Laris - This Scandinavian unisex name means “crowned with laurel.”
  20. Lowen - This Cornish nonbinary name means “Joy.”
  21. Luz - This name is Spanish for “light,” which is perfect for a baby.
  22. Mika - Mika is a unisex name is found in Native American, Finnish, Hungarian, Japanese, and other cultures.
  23. Monet - If you like artistic names, name your child after this famous French impressionist.
  24. Quinn - Quinn is an Irish unisex name that means “Chief.”
  25. Roman - Roman means “of Rome.” It’s a popular French name, but still picking up steam in English speaking parts of the world.
  26. Sage - Like the purifying aromatic herb, Sage is a fresh name suitable for all genders.
  27. Shawn - Shawn has roots in both Hebrew and Irish cultures. It means “God is Gracious.”
  28. Spencer - This surname makes a great first name choice for any gender.
  29. Stevie - From Stevie Nicks to Stevie Ray Vaughn, this is a gender neutral name for music lovers.
  30. Tamsin - Having twins? Perhaps name one of them Tamsin, which means “twin.”
  31. Tegan - Though many of us know Tegan and Sara, you could use it regardless of gender.
  32. Walden - It’s more than an Instagram filter; Walden Pond is a famous landmark.
  33. Wren - If “Robin” is too commonplace, try this unisex bird name instead.

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