Meaning and Origin of: Mason

Boy name origins & meanings

  • French : Stoneworker

Boy name variations

Family name origins & meanings

  • English and Scottish : occupational name for a stonemason, Middle English, Old French mas(s)on. Compare Machen. Stonemasonry was a hugely important craft in the Middle Ages.
  • Italian (Veneto) : from a short form of Masone.
  • French : from a regional variant of maison ‘house’.
  • George Mason (1725–92), the American colonial statesman who framed the VA Bill of Rights and Constitution, which was used as a model by Thomas Jefferson when drafting the Declaration of Independence, was a VA planter, fourth in descent from George Mason (?1629–?86), a royalist soldier of the English Civil War who had received land grants in VA. As well as being prominent in the affairs of VA, the family also produced the first governor of MI.

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