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Updated April 16, 2024

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Boy name origins & meanings

What does Aiden mean and stand for?


  • Irish: Little fire, warm
  • Gaelic: Born of fire

Gender: Male

Syllables: 2

Pronunciation: The name Aiden is pronounced ay-den

The name Aiden originates from the Irish name Aodhán, which translates to "little fire" or "fiery one" in Gaelic, symbolizing warmth, energy, and inspiration. It also connects to the ancient Celtic god Aodh, the god of fire and the sun, indicating a strong, spirited nature.

Boy name variations

How Popular Is The Name Aiden

Famous people who gave their babies this name

Aiden in Pop Culture

Do you know these fictional characters that share this first name?

  1. Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs - A skilled hacker and vigilante seeking justice in a corrupt society.
  2. Aiden Caldwell from Dying Light 2 - A survivor navigating a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies and factions.
  3. Aiden Ford from Stargate Atlantis - A military officer who becomes infected with a Wraith enzyme, leading to significant character development.
  4. Aiden Burn from CSI: NY - A smart and tough detective with a sharp wit.
  5. Aiden Dennison from South of Nowhere - A sensitive and conflicted teenager navigating life and love.

Popularity of the Name Aiden

According to data from the Social Security Administration, the name Aiden has experienced significant popularity in the United States. Aiden has consistently been a well-liked name, maintaining high rankings over the years. It has been a preferred choice for many parents, often ranking within the top 20, top 50, and even top 10 names in recent decades. 

The name Aiden also holds cultural significance, with associations to historical figures, actors, writers, and fictional characters. Notable individuals such as actors Aiden Turner and Aiden Gillen have brought attention to the name in the entertainment industry. Additionally, characters named Aiden have appeared in various media titles like Watch Dogs, Dying Light 2, Stargate Atlantis, Revenge, and Grey's Anatomy, contributing to the name's recognition and appeal in popular culture.

Where Is the Name Aiden Popular?

This name is most popular across certain states in the U.S., including those highlighted on the map below.

Nicknames for Aiden

These shortened names can make great nicknames for your baby.

  • Ahd
  • Denny

Aiden Pairs Well With These Middle Names

Looking for a middle name that fits perfectly? Consider these!

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