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75 Old Money Names That Sound Rich and Glamorous

These old money names are rich and preppy names that invoke old money status, wealth, and glamour. Find rich names for girls, boys, and gender-neutral options.
75 Old Money Baby Names That Sound Rich and Glamorous
Updated: February 19, 2024
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The trend of the “old money” aesthetic on Tiktok is ironically bringing back the fashions of the upper class, preppy, posh Americans and Brits. Old money families have generational wealth, can be royal or aristocratic, follow tradition, and typically own a large amount of property. People who had these monikers were typically educated, and their wealth can be seen in their lifestyles, though not necessarily in an obvious, bragging manner.

In recent years, baby names from this period have also become more trendy. Old money baby names are classic and have connotations of wealth or higher-income lifestyles. Some of the most popular baby names have an old-money feel to them. From names with a Victorian vibe inspired by Downton Abbey to old Hollywood baby names and Americana monikers, choosing a unique name from the past gives a feeling of class and style. So read on for our list of old-fashioned names to give your little one as a first or middle name.

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Old Money Girl Names 

Old Money Girl Names

Choose a classic, sophisticated names for girls that are steeped in tradition and history, evoking the essence of old money!

  1. Agatha - Greek for “good, honorable.“
  2. Alexandria - Greek for “helper and defender of mankind.”
  3. Alexis - Greek meaning “defender,” or “protector.”
  4. Anna (or Anne) - Latin meaning “favor” or “grace.”
  5. Agnes - Greek name meaning “holy.”
  6. Blythe - Old English name meaning “cheerful,” “joyous, or “pleasant.”
  7. Delilah - Arabic and Hebrew name meaning “delicate.”
  8. Dorothy - English and Greek origin, meaning God’s gift.”
  9. Elizabeth - Hebrew meaning “God is my oath.”
  10. Eloise - English and French name meaning “healthy” and “wide.”
  11. Fiona - Latin Gaelic meaning “fair” or “white.”
  12. Grace - Latin meaning “charm, goodness, and generosity.”
  13. Gwen - Welsh meaning “white, holy.”
  14. Helene - French for “bright, shining one.”
  15. Ivy - English/Latin for “vine.”
  16. Josephine - Hebrew origin for “shall grow.”
  17. Lillian - Latin for “purity.”
  18. Lorelai - German for “alluring” or “temptress.”
  19. Margaret - French for “pearl.”
  20. Martha - Latin/Greek for “the mistress” or “the lady.”
  21. Matilda - German meaning “battle-mighty.”
  22. Millicent - French/German for “work” or “strength.”
  23. Ophelia - Greek for “aid” or “benefit.”
  24. Phyllis - Greek for “greenery.”
  25. Prudence - Latin for “good judgment.”
  26. Ruby - Latin meaning ”deep red precious gemstone.”
  27. Sybil - Greek meaning “prophetess, oracle.”
  28. Veronica - Greek for “she who brings victory, true image.”
  29. Victoria - Latin for “victory.”
  30. Violet - English/Latin for “purple.”

Old Money Boy Names

Old Money Boy Names

These timeless, aristocratic names have been carried through generations of the elite, offering not just a beautiful moniker for your baby boy, but also a rich legacy that harks back to the grandeur of bygone eras.

  1. Albert - German, meaning “noble” and “bright.”
  2. Alexander - Latin/Greek for “defender of men.“
  3. Andrew - Greek for “strong and manly.”
  4. Benedict - Latin for “blessed.“
  5. Brent - Old English/Celtic for “holy one",” “high place” or “from a steep hill.”
  6. Chandler - French for “candle maker or seller.”
  7. Charles - Old English/French/German for “free man.”
  8. Dean - English/Greek for “monk or dignitary in charge of ten others,” or English/Anglo-Saxon for “valley.”
  9. Edward - English for “wealth, fortune; prosperous” and “guardian,” or “protector.”
  10. Gerard - German meaning “brave spear.”
  11. Grant - English for “tall” or “large.”
  12. Henry - French for “house ruler.”
  13. Herbert - German for ”bright army.”
  14. Jasper - Persian for “treasurer.
  15. Lance - Old French//German origin for “land” or “territory.”
  16. Lloyd - Welsh for “grey-haired” or “sacred.”
  17. Miles - Latin for “a soldier.”
  18. Mitchum - Scottish for “an angel who is closer to God.”
  19. Parker - English for “park keeper.”
  20. Preston - British for “priest’s town.”
  21. Quincy - French from Latin for “estate of the fifth son.”
  22. Richard - German for ”dominant ruler.”
  23. Robert - English/German for “bright fame.”
  24. Simon - Hebrew/Greek for “hearing” or “flat-nosed.”
  25. Thomas - Hebrew for “twin.”
  26. Tristan - Celtic/Latin for “sad,” “sorrowful,” ”noise,” or “knight of the round table.”
  27. Troy - After the ancient Greek city or Irish for “foot soldier.”
  28. William - English for “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior.”
  29. Winston - British for “joyful stone.”

Gender-Neutral Old Money Names 

Old Money Gender-Neutral Names

Why not explore some distinguished, aristocratic names that carry a rich history and a sense of grandeur that transcends gender norms, such as the options below?

  1. Ashton - Old English for “ash tree town.”
  2. Avery - English/French for “ruler of elves.“
  3. Briar - English for ”thorny bush of wild roses.”
  4. Cyprus - English for “type of tree.”
  5. Dylan - Welsh for “born from the ocean.”
  6. Halston - English for “hallowed stone.”
  7. Harper - Medieval European derived name meaning “harp player.”
  8. Hunter - English/Scottish for “someone who hunts.”
  9. Ira - Hebrew for “watchful.”
  10. Kennedy - Gaelic for “helmeted chief.”
  11. Logan - Scottish for “little hollow.”
  12. Merritt - British for “boundary gate.”
  13. Remington - Old English for “raven-family” town.”
  14. Rory - Irish for “red king.“
  15. Spencer - British for “steward” or “administrator.”
  16. Taylor - Old English for “tailor.”

What Is a Rich Boy Name?

A "rich boy" name is a name that is typically associated with wealth, privilege, and luxury. These names often have historical significance or are derived from noble families, making them more desirable to some parents. Some examples of rich boy names include Alexander, Sebastian, William, Benjamin, and Nathaniel.

What Is a Rich Name for a Girl?

A rich girl's name is similar to a rich boy's name in that it also carries connotations of wealth and prestige. Other popular rich girl names include Charlotte, Elizabeth, Isabella, Victoria, and Penelope. These names often have regal origins or are associated with high-society families. However, it's important to note that the concept of a "rich" name is subjective and can vary from person to person.

What Is an Old Money Name?

An old money name is a name that has been passed down through generations of wealthy and upper-class families. These names often have strong ties to aristocratic or prestigious backgrounds and are considered to be classic and timeless. These names may also have historical significance or connections to prominent figures in society

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