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75 Unusual Girl Names to Help Your Little One Stand Out

If you're looking for a special name that will help your little girl stand out, consider one of these unusual names for girls.
Unusual Girl Names
Updated: June 4, 2021

Unusual names don't always have to mean unique baby names. You can choose the perfect name for your special little girl and it can still be one of the most popular baby names. What makes it all its own, is its meaning. It can even be an old-fashioned sounding name! Either way, of course, you want your little one to have a bold and meaningful name.

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This list of baby girl names provides a whole lot of variety. They come from all different cultures and languages, and there's even a unisex name or two. It should give you the baby name inspiration you are looking for if you are set on looking through unique baby girl names.

Besides, where's the fun in an overused name? One of these options will give your little one their own identity and will be sure to always make them memorable.

75 Unusual Girl Names

  1. Amaris- English name, means "child of the moon"
  2. Amelia- German name, means "industrious"
  3. Angelica- Greek origin, means "heavenly messenger"
  4. Aria- Hebrew name, means "like a beautiful melody"
  5. Ashlyn- Irish for "dream" and a cool twist for the super popular name Ashley
  6. Belinda- Spanish name, means "pretty" or "beautiful"
  7. Bette- Hebrew name, means "God's oath"
  8. Birdie- English name, means "birdlike"
  9. Brea- Old English name, means "thin broth" and a great variation for the popular name Breanna
  10. Cecelia- Old Welsh or Latin name, means "blind one" or "sixth"
  11. Clarissa- German name, means "bright-minded"
  12. Constance- Latin name, means "faithful" or "loyal"
  13. Cora- French name meaning "beloved"
  14. Danica- Latin name, means "morning star"
  15. Demetria- Greek name, means "goddess of the harvest"
  16. Desirae- French name, means "much desired"
  17. Ella- Old German name, means "all"
  18. Elodie- Greek name, means "white blossom"
  19. Elora- Greek for "sunray" or Hebrew for "my God is my light"
  20. Emery- Latin name, means "loving" and is also gender-neutral
  21. Evelyn- English name, means "hazelnut"
  22. Farah- Old English name, means "beautiful"
  23. Faye- Old French name, means "fairy"
  24. Florence- Latin name, means "blooming flower" or "flourishing"
  25. Gemma- Latin for "precious stone" or Hebrew for "dove"
  26. Genevieve- Welsh name, means "white wave"
  27. Harriet- French name, means "ruler of the household"
  28. Harlow- Old English name, means "from the protected town" and is also a unisex name
  29. Hattie- A nickname you can use for Harriet, it is a fun and unique variation
  30. Imogen- Latin name, means "image" or "last born"
  31. India- Hindi name, means "from India"
  32. Inez- Greek for "pure" or Spanish for "gentle"
  33. Jewel- Old French for "priceless gem"
  34. Joelle- Hebrew name, means "the Lord is God"
  35. Karina- Several meanings including Irish for "friend" or Italian for "beloved one"
  36. Khadijah- Arabic for "the prophet's first wife" or "trustworthy"
  37. Kyra- Persian for "throne" or Scottish for "dark-headed"
  38. Layla- African for "dark beauty" or Arabic for "night"
  39. Leona- German or Latin for "lioness"
  40. Lorelai- Greek for "alluring enchantress"
  41. Maeve- Several meanings including Irish "joyous" or Celtic for "queen"
  42. Marjorie- Gaelic or Scottish for "pearl" and in Hebrew or Irish it means "child of light"
  43. Mavis- Gaelic for "joy" or "happiness"
  44. Maxine- Latin name, means "the greatest"
  45. Millicent- Greek for "honey bee" or English for "industrious"
  46. Minnie- Hebrew for "rebellion or Latin for "goddess of wisdom"
  47. Naya- Arabic name, means "fresh" or "new"
  48. Nola- Latin for "of noble birth" or "olive tree"
  49. Odette- French name, means "happy home"
  50. Olivia- Old Norse for "kind one" or Old French for "peace"
  51. Ophelia- Greek name, means "a helper" or "wise"
  52. Patience- English name, simply means "patience"
  53. Phoebe- Greek for "brilliant"
  54. Portia- Latin for a Roman clan name and translates to "an offering" in Latin
  55. Priscilla- Latin name, means "from ancient times"
  56. Ramona- Spanish for "wise protector"
  57. Raquel- Hebrew name, means "little lamb" or "one with purity"
  58. Rosalind- Spanish for "pretty rose" or French for "little red-haired one"
  59. Saoirse- Celtic or Gaelic for "freedom"
  60. Sariah- Hebrew name, means "my princess"
  61. Simone- Hebrew for "one who hears" or French "God is heard"
  62. Tallula- Choctaw Indian for "leaping water"
  63. Theodora- Greek name, means "gift of God"
  64. Trinity- Latin for "the holy three"
  65. Ulani- Polynesian for "cheerful"
  66. Veda- Hindi for "knowledge or wisdom" or Hebrew for "beloved"
  67. Viola- Scandinavian or Latin for "violet"
  68. Vivian- Latin name, meaning "lively" or "living"
  69. Willa- German for "protector" and also the feminine form of William
  70. Winona- Sioux for "firstborn daughter"
  71. Winter- Old English name, simply means "winter" and usually given to a child with a frosty temperament
  72. esenia- Arabic name, means "flower"
  73. Yvette- French or Greek for "archer"
  74. Zahara- Arabic name, meaning "shining" or "luminous"
  75. Zora- Slavic for "golden dawn"

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