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100 Female Viking Names for Female Viking Warriors

Search a list of female viking names inspired by some of the strongest female viking warriors in Norse history. Choose a Scandinavian or Norse viking name for your baby girl.
100 Female Viking Names for Female Viking Warriors
Updated: March 21, 2024
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Viking names are bold and strong, and perfect for any new baby. 

We have put together a list of 100 female Viking names and their meanings, and have included famous women in Norse mythology as well as some common names used for girls.

Women during the Viking Age were drastically different compared to other periods and cultures. Although many of them were housewives, many were also strong female warriors. They held authority in their homes just like their husbands. 

This wasn’t true for many other women in history. However, women Vikings were some of the most important figures in Norse culture.

Viking Girl Names

Female Viking Names Starting with T to Z

If you have ancestors from the Viking Age or just want a strong and unique name for your daughter, there are plenty of wonderful options here. Explore Norse female names and Viking names for girls that might just be a perfect fit for your little warrior princess!

  1. Áma - Ancient Scandinavian, Greenlandic, means "eagle"; in Norse Mythology, a giantess.
  2. Angrboda - Old Norse for “one who brings grief.”
  3. Arne - German and Old Norse for “eagle” and “powerful.”
  4. Åse - Norwegian, Swedish, means, "a god."
  5. Aslaug - Norwegian for “devoted to God.”
  6. Astra – Norwegian, Swedish, means, "as beautiful as a god."
  7. Astrid – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "beautiful goddess, divine strength."
  8. Bjorn - German and Scandinavian for “bear.”
  9. Bodil - This name is derived from an Old Norse word that means “remedy.”
  10. Borghild - Norwegian, means “battle fortification”; Norse Mythology, wife of Sigmund.
  11. Brynhild - Norse Mythology, a maiden who was rescued by a man pretending to be her husband.
  12. Dagny - Scandinavian for “day.”
  13. Edda - Old English for “rich.”
  14. Eir - Icelandic, Norwegian, means "mercy"; Norse Mythology, goddess of healing and medicine.
  15. Elli - Norse Mythology, old age personified.
  16. Embla - Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "uncertain"; Norse Mythology, one of the first two humans.
  17. Erica – Swedish, means "mighty ruler."
  18. Frea - Norse Mythology, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.
  19. Freja - Danish, Swedish, means "lady"; Norse Mythology, goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.
  20. Freya/Freyja – Norse Mythology, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.
  21. Freydis - Norse for “lady” or “noblewoman.”
  22. Frida - Spanish name for “peaceful ruler.”
  23. Frigg - Norse Mythology, the Norse goddess of the earth, air, and fertility.
  24. Geiravor - Old Norse for “spear goddess.”
  25. Gerd - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "enclosure"; Norse Mythology, fertility goddess, a frost giantess.
  26. Gertrud - Old German and Swedish for “spear strength.”
  27. Grid - Norse Mythology, frost giantess and mother of Víðarr by Odin.
  28. Gro - Norse for “gardener.”
  29. Gunhild - Danish, Old Norse, and Norwegian for “warlike.”
  30. Gyda - Danish, Finnish, and Scandinavian for “Gods.”
  31. Heidrun - Norse Mythology, a goat that would eat the leaves from the Tree of Life and produce mead in her udder.
  32. Helga - Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, German, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian.
  33. Hilda - Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "battle."
  34. Hilde – German, Dutch, Norwegian, means "battle."
  35. Hildr - Norse Mythology, a Valkyrie.
  36. Hlife - Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic, means "protection."
  37. Hrefna - Ancient Scandinavian, means "raven."
  38. Hrist - A Norse Valkyrie whose name means “the quaking one.”
  39. Hrund - Old Norse for “prick” or “push.”
  40. Hulda - Icelandic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, means “hiding, secrecy”; Norse Mythology, a sorceress.
  41. Idunn - Norse Mythology, goddess of spring and immortality.
  42. Inga - Scandinavian for “hero’s daughter” and derived from Ing, the god of fertility.
  43. Ingeborg - This Nordic name means “under the protection of Ing” who is a Norse God.
  44. Ingrid - Scandinavian for “hero’s daughter” and derived from Ing, the god of fertility just like Inga.
  45. Inkeri - Finnish for “beautiful goddess.”
  46. Iona - Greek flower name that also means “purple jewel.”
  47. Jord - Old Norse for “earth.”
  48. Kara - Norse Mythology, a Valkyrie.
  49. Kareena - Greek for “pure” and Latin for “little darling.”
  50. Kelda - Danish, Icelandic, and Norwegian for “spring” or “fountain.”
  51. Krystyna - Norse for “a Christian.”
  52. Lagertha - Old Norse for “shield maiden.”
  53. Liefi - Scandinavian for “loved” or “dear.”
  54. Liv – Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "protection."
  55. Liva - Danish, means "protection."
  56. Live - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "protection."
  57. Margrethe - Danish and Norwegian for “pearl.”
  58. Meya - Scandinavian for “beloved.”
  59. Nanna - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, means “daring, brave”; Norse Mythology, a goddess who died of grief when her husband Balder was killed.
  60. Nels - Gaelic, Irish, and Scandinavian for “champion.”
  61. Noma - A Norse name that means “fate.
  62. Olga - Russian for “holy.”
  63. Olia - Scandinavian for “blessed” or “holy.”
  64. Ragnfríðr - Ancient Scandinavian, means "beautiful advice."
  65. Randi - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "beautiful advice."
  66. Revna – Faroese, means "raven."
  67. Roar - Norwegian, means "warrior."
  68. Roskva - Old Norse for “fast and skilled.”
  69. Rota - A Valkyrie in Norse mythology.
  70. Rúna – Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic, Faroese, means "secret lore."
  71. Rune - German and Scandinavian for “secret.”
  72. Saga – Swedish, Icelandic, means "seeing one"; Norse Mythology, goddess of poetry and history.
  73. Sassa - Scandinavian and Swedish for “divine beauty.”
  74. Signe - Swedish for “a sign” or “victorious.”
  75. Sigrid – Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, means "beautiful victory."
  76. Sif - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "bride"; Norse Mythology, wife of Thor.
  77. Siri - Scandinavian and Norse for “fair victory.”
  78. Siv - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, means "bride"; Norse Mythology, wife of Thor.
  79. Skadi - Norse Mythology, mountain giantess associated with the winter and skiing.
  80. Skuld - Norse Mythology, Norn of the future, one of three goddesses of destiny.
  81. Solveig – Norwegian, Swedish, means "strength of the sun."
  82. Svanhild - Norse Mythology, daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun.
  83. Sylvi - Norwegian and Swedish for “sun strength.”
  84. Thorunn - Norse origin and the meaning of the name is Mother of the Bishop of Bjorn.”
  85. Thurid - Scandinavian and the name of the wife of the Viking named Thorstein the Red.
  86. Thyra - Greek and Scandinavian for “shield bearer.”
  87. Tora - Old Norse for “thunder.”
  88. Tordis - Norse for “goddess.”
  89. Torvi - Old Norse for “goddess of thunder.”
  90. Tove - Scandinavian and Norse for “God is good” and “beautiful Thor.”
  91. Ulfhild - Old Norse for “battle wolf.”
  92. Ulrika - Scandinavian for “wealthy ruler.”
  93. Unn - Scandinavian for “she who is loved.”
  94. Urd - Norse Mythology, Norn of the past, one of three goddesses of destiny.
  95. Valen - Norwegian and Old Norse for a “ford” or “shallow water.”
  96. Veborg - A legendary Scandinavian shield maiden who participated in the Battle of Bravalla.
  97. Verdandi - Norse Mythology, Norn of the present, one of three goddesses of destiny.
  98. Vivica - German for “little woman” or “of the strong fortress.”
  99. Ylva - Scandinavian for “she-wolf.”
  100. Yrsa - Old Norse for “she-bear.”

What Is a Good Viking Name for a Girl?

A compelling Viking name for a girl that resonates with strength and heritage is Freya. This name is derived from Norse mythology, where Freya is a prominent goddess associated with love, beauty, war, and death. Her versatility and influential status in mythology make Freya a powerful and meaningful choice for a baby name.

Who Is the Strongest Female Viking?

When discussing the strongest female Viking, the tale of Lagertha stands out. Lagertha was a legendary Viking shield maiden and was known for her remarkable bravery and fighting skills. According to historical texts and sagas, Lagertha fought alongside the famous Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok and played a key role in many battles. Her strength, courage, and strategic combat skills cement her legacy as one of the most formidable female Vikings in history.

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100 Female Viking Names for Female Viking Warriors

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