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101 Country Boy Names for Your Country Bumpkin

These cute country boy names are inspired by the American south, cowboys, and old westerns. Discovery country names for boys from A to Z.
101 Country Boy Names for Your Country Bumpkin
Updated: December 15, 2022

Is your little one a true country boy at heart? Farmhouse-style decor and country living are in style, so it's no surprise that many parents are seeking Southern-style baby names for their little ones, too. If you love the idea of time spent drinking sweet tea and visiting old barns, this baby name list is for you. 

The idea of an old-fashioned rustic American lifestyle is as popular as ever, and baby names are following suit. Thinking of the countryside evokes a sense of slow living and tradition. 

Country boys have a sense of honor and duty to their parents, are stoic and strong and are often hard workers no matter if they’re plowing fields on a farm, barbequing, or hunting out in the woods.

Whether you're seeking a first name or middle name with country flair, you can find ideas for country boy names inspired by American Southern culture, old-school cowboys, or the Wild Wild West, you’ll find the right country boy name to wet your whistle. 

Check out our suggestions below for a variety of country boy names and unique  Southern baby names.

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There are a wide array of rustic, country-feeling boys' names to choose from. Choose an old-fashioned, classic name after a place or person that evokes a country lifestyle, or a modern, popular name from a favorite film or book. Here are some of our favorite country boy name ideas to choose from for your son.

Country Boy Names that Start with A to D

Country Boy Names that Start with A to D
  1. Al - German, meaning: “noble, bright, and famous” 
  2. Asher - Hebrew name meaning “fortunate”
  3. Atticus - Latin, meaning: "from Athens"
  4. Austin - Latin, meaning: "useful"
  5. Banjo - American, meaning: "musical instrument"
  6. Beckett - Old English, “beehive” or “small brook” 
  7. Beau - Norse, meaning: "to live or dwell" Hebrew, meaning: "strong and fast"
  8. Billy - English, meaning “wise.” A nickname for William. 
  9. Blake - Italian, meaning: "white or fair"
  10. Bennett - Latin, meaning: "blessed"
  11. Boone - Latin, meaning: "good"
  12. Brice - Irish name meaning “swift”
  13. Brock - Old English, meaning “Badger” 
  14. Brooks - Old English, meaning: "stream"
  15. Buck - Old English, meaning: "meadow of deer"
  16. Byron - French, meaning: "at the cottage"
  17. Cade - American name meaning “simple happiness” 
  18. Caleb - Hebrew, meaning: "faithful, dog, bold"
  19. Carson - Gender-neutral name meaning “anointed one” 
  20. Carter - Old English, meaning: "cart driver"
  21. Cash - Latin, meaning: "vain"
  22. Clayton - Old English, meaning “Born of the earth”
  23. Clyde - French, meaning “lame” 
  24. Cody - Old English, meaning “round” 
  25. Cole - Greek name meaning “victorious people” 
  26. Colt - Latin name meaning “lame”
  27. Colton - English, meaning: "coal town"
  28. Connor - Irish, meaning: "desire"
  29. Cooper - English name meaning “barrel maker” 
  30. Cyrus - Persian name meaning “the Sun” 
  31. Dakota - Native American name meaning “friend or ally” 
  32. Dallas - Scottish, meaning “from the dales, the valley meadows.” A perfect name for a Texas boy
  33. Davis - Hebrew, meaning: "Beloved"
  34. Davidson - Hebrew, “son of David”"
  35. Dawson - Hebrew, “son of David” Hebrew, meaning: "Beloved
  36. Denver - English name meaning “green valley” 
  37. Duke - Latin, meaning: "leader"
  38. Deacon - Greek, meaning: "messenger"

Country Boy Names that Start with E to K 

Country Boy Names that Start with E to K
  1. Earl - German name meaning “warrior king” 
  2. Easton - English, meaning: "east-facing place"
  3. Ford - Old English, meaning: river crossing” 
  4. Gage - French, meaning: “pledge, oath”
  5. Garth - Norse name meaning “enclosure” A perfect tribute to country superstar Garth Brooks. 
  6. Grady - Latin, meaning: "rank"
  7. Greer - Greek, meaning: "watchful"
  8. Hank - German, meaning: "house ruler"
  9. Hayes - British name meaning “hedged area” 
  10. Harrison - Old English, meaning: "army ruler"
  11. Houston - Another Texas city name, this boy's name means 
  12. Huckleberry or Huck - American name popularized by Huckleberry Finn, this country boy’s name means “sweet berry” 
  13. Hugh - English name meaning “townhouse” 
  14. Hunter - Old English, meaning: "search"
  15. Jackson - Hebrew, meaning: "God's grace" A patronymic name for “Son of Jack”
  16. Jameson - English, “son of James” and of course a popular whiskey choice down South.
  17. Jasper - Persian name, meaning: "keeper of the treasure"
  18. Jebediah - Hebrew, “beloved of the Lord” 
  19. Jed - Hebrew, meaning: “Beloved of God” 
  20. Jennings - English name meaning “Little John” 
  21. Jimmy - Hebrew, meaning: "Patron Saint of Spain, substitute"
  22. Kane - Japanese, meaning: "two right thumbs"
  23. Knox - Old English, meaning: from the hills

Country Boy Names that Start with L to Z

Country Boy Names that Start with L to Z
  1. Landon - English, “long hill” 
  2. Lawson - British name meaning “son of Lawrence” 
  3. Levi - Hebrew, meaning: “joined” 
  4. Logan - Scottish, meaning: “little hollow” 
  5. Luke - Latin, meaning: “bring of light” 
  6. Macon - Middle English, meaning: "to make"
  7. Mason - French, meaning: “stoneworker” 
  8. Nash - English, “by the ash try” 
  9. Nolan - Irish, meaning: "renowned, noble"
  10. Oakley - Old English, meaning: “from the oak meadow” 
  11. Parker - Old English, meaning: "cultivated land"
  12. Pete - Greek, “rock” 
  13. Presley - Old English, meaning: "dweller at the church, priest's settlement"
  14. Reese - Welsh name meaning “firey” 
  15. Rhett - English, Welsh, meaning: "a stream"
  16. Riley - Gaelic name meaning “gallant” 
  17. Sal - English or Spanish, meaning: “savior or rescuer” 
  18. Samson - Hebrew, meaning: “Like the Sun” 
  19. Samuel - Hebrew, meaning: "name of God"
  20. Sawyer - Middle English, meaning: “Woodsman” 
  21. Shelton - A unique country boy name inspired by country singer Blake Shelton. 
  22. Sullivan - Gaelic, meaning: "black-eyed or dark-eyed"
  23. Tanner - English, meaning: "leather worker"
  24. Teddy - Old English, meaning: "rich warrior"
  25. Tennessee - Native American, meaning: "the state"
  26. Travis - French, meaning: “crossing” 
  27. Troy - Irish, meaning: "foot soldier"
  28. Tucker - Middle English, meaning: "tailor"
  29. Tyler - Middle English, meaning “roofer”
  30. Vernon - Latin, meaning: "spring"
  31. Wade - American, meaning: "campy"
  32. Wallace - Old English, meaning: "Welshman"
  33. Walker - English, meaning: "cloth walker"
  34. Waylon - Old English, meaning From the path land
  35. Wesley - Old English, meaning: "west meadow"
  36. Weston -Old English, meaning “from the western town” 
  37. William - Spanish, meaning: "resolute or protector"
  38. Wyatt - Old English, French, meaning: "water or little warrior"
  39. Yates - Middle English, meaning: "gate-keeper"
  40. Zeke - Arabic, meaning: "memory of the lord"

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101 Country Boy Names for Your Country Bumpkin


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