Vintage Baby Names Making a Comeback in 2019

Updated: April 1, 2020
Names that are “vintage,” meaning names that haven’t been trendy in over 50 years, are definitely ready to make a comeback. Here are our favorites.
vintage baby names making a comeback

If you’re trying to find a cool name for your baby that may be a little off the beaten path, you need to look to the past. There’s a saying that what’s old becomes new again, and that couldn’t be more true with names. Names that are “vintage,” meaning names that haven’t been trendy in over 50 years, are definitely ready to make a comeback. Emma has been one of the most popular names for years, and while it’s a perfectly lovely name, if you’re looking for something original but not “wacky,” a vintage name might be for you.

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According to HuffPost, Nameberry looked into the top names from 1919 and discovered names like Lottie, Chester, Cleo and Floyd were among the top 200. None of these names are commonly heard now, but they’re all cute in a very throwback kind of way. But if you’re not a hipster, there are other names that sound less obviously vintage. This list is some of the other popular names from the early 1900s that are poised to make a comeback.

Vintage Girls Names

vintage baby girl names

Vintage girls names haven’t gone out of style entirely over time. We hear old timey girls names almost as often as we hear of more modern names. Effie was a character in The Hunger Games, and Prudence will forever be immortalized by The Beatles song, “Dear Prudence.”

Vintage Gender-Neutral Names

gender neutral baby

Of course, gender neutral names weren’t really a thing a hundred years ago. But it’s not particularly hard to find gender specific names you can turn into a gender neutral option. In this case, names for boys tend to make better gender neutral names. Many of the names for girls were quite feminine, so they may not be ideal for neutrality. 

Vintage Boys Names

little boy in vintage hat

There is something to be said about vintage boys names. They often evoke a picture of a little old man in a tweed three-piece suit. Names like Rufus and Roscoe may sound like they’re good for a dog, but they’re just offbeat enough to be considered cool. And it’s time for Hiram to make a comeback, thanks to the character of Hiram Lodge from the popular show Riverdale

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