75 "Old Man Names" That Are Popular Again

Updated: May 4, 2021
Vintage “old man” names tend to jump back into popularity every few generations. Choosing an "old man" name is a unique and trendy option for babies born in the 2020s.
75 Old Man Names
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Trends come and go, especially in the world of parenting. Those parenting trends are always prevalent in the naming game. After all, you are selecting the name for a person to have for the rest of their life! While there is no guarantee your boy name will stay en vogue, some old-fashioned boy baby names are coming back in style.

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Consider Albert, for example, which has a princely ring to it, or maybe you’re more into a quirky name like Otis made famous in recent years by several athletes. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you may fancy something like Percy, George, or Ronald, three of the six Weasley boy names, all old-fashioned and in this case, all very British!

You may not hear some of these old-fashioned baby names much anymore, so why not be a trendsetter? Many of these are English names and given the popularity of shows like Downton Abbey and now Bridegerton, we will likely see a resurgence of old-fashioned British names.

“Old man” names that we once associated with our grandpas are a hit again! Maybe you’re considering one of these for a middle name to honor a family namesake, or perhaps you’re just down with these posh-sounding male names; either way, we have a list of 75 “old man” names you may want to consider for your boy to be.

Even if your baby boy’s name is not a popular name, choosing one from this list of retro names is sure to give him a one-of-a-kind start in life.

There were so many great names out there it was hard to par down our list to only 75 old-fashioned boy names, but we feel this list is full of classic names sure to inspire anyone looking for a solid vintage name.

“Old Man” Baby Boy Names

  1. Albert - German, noble and bright. The name of Queen Victoria’s famous love match husband.
  2. Alexander - Greek, defender of mankind. A political name for Alexander the Great and Alexander Hamilton
  3. Alfred - English, elf of wise counsel, a common nickname is Alfie
  4. Ambrose - Greek, immortal
  5. Amos - Hebrew, burdened or troubled, to carry, born of God
  6. Archie - German, bold, commonly short for Archibald but can be a stand-alone name
  7. Arthur - Celtic, noble, bear. Famous for the great king in the of legend King Arthur.
  8. Basil - Greek, royal, king
  9. Beau - French, handsome
  10. Byron - English, at the byres or the barn
  11. Calvin - Latin, bald, hairless, associated with lucky number 7
  12. Cecil - English, blind
  13. Charles - English, free man
  14. Chester - English, fortress
  15. Clifford - English, lives by the ford in the cliff
  16. Clyde - Scottish, the river of Clyde in Scotland
  17. Conrad - German, brave, bold ruler or counsel
  18. Cornelius - Latin, horn
  19. Cyrus - Persian, sun, name of the founder of the Persian empire
  20. David - Hebrew, beloved, may become popular again due to the popularity of the show Schitt’s Creek
  21. Desmond - Irish, a middle easter kingdom in Ireland, one from south Munster
  22. Duane - Scandanavian, dark, swarthy
  23. Dwight - German, white or blonde. Presidential for U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower.
  24. Edgar - English, successful spearman
  25. Edmund - Old English, protector, prosperity, riches
  26. Edwin - English, prosperous friend
  27. Elmer - English, noble, renowned
  28. Emmet - English - universal, also spelled Emmit
  29. Ernest - English/German, earnest, resolute, serious, a battle to the death
  30. Esteban - Spanish, a form of Stephen, wreath, crown, honor, fame
  31. Ewan - Scottish, born of the yew tree, Star Wars fans may like this one because of Ewan McGregor
  32. Francis - French, free, religious for Pope Francis
  33. Franklin - English, free landholder
  34. Frederick - German, peaceful ruler
  35. George - Greek, farmer. Same name as Kate and William’s firstborn Prince George and the first American president George Washington
  36. Gideon - Hebrew, having a stump for a hand. Old testament name.
  37. Gordon - Scottish, great hill
  38. Grady - Irish, a descendant of nobility
  39. Graham - English/Schottish, grand homestead
  40. Harold - Scandanavian, army ruler, Harry is a common nickname
  41. Harvey - German, warrior, soldier, battle-worthy
  42. Horace - Latin, man of time
  43. Hugh - English, mind, instinct, intellect
  44. Issac - Hebrew, laughter, he who laughs, religious old testament name
  45. Lawrence - Latin, from the Roman city Laurentum
  46. Leonard - German, lion-hearted
  47. Llyod - Welsh, gray
  48. Louis - French/German, a renowned warrior
  49. Marshall - English, caretaker of horses
  50. Max - Latin, greatest
  51. Milton - English, from a mill town
  52. Mortimer - English, still sea
  53. Murray - Gaelic, from the region of Moray in Scotland
  54. Norman - English, northerner, Norseman
  55. Oliver - Latin, olive tree
  56. Orson - Latin, bear cub
  57. Oscar - Irish, divine speaker
  58. Otis - German, wealthy, son of Otto
  59. Percy - French, piercing the valley
  60. Philip - Greek, lover of horses
  61. Phineas - Hebrew, Nubian, a part of Egypt. Nickname Phinn
  62. Quentin - Latin, fifth
  63. Ralph - English, wolf counsel
  64. Raymond - German, wise protector
  65. Rueben - Hebrew, behold a son
  66. Roland - English/German - advisor to the ruler
  67. Rudy - German, famous wolf, short for the name Rudolph
  68. Sebastian - Greek, venerable, from the ancient city of Sebastia
  69. Sidney - English, from the stony field, variations also used as a girl’s name
  70. Silas - Latin, forest, woods
  71. Stanley - Old English, stony meadow
  72. Theodore - Greek, divine gift
  73. Vernon - English, alder tree
  74. Wallace - Old French, means Welsman
  75. Wilbur - Old German, wild boar, resolute, brilliant

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