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Sebastian was originally an ethnic name meaning "man from Sebastia", a city in Pontus named from Greek sebastos "revered."

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Sebastian baby name

  • Latin : Revered one

Syllables: 3

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  • German, Spanish (Sebastián), and southern French (Sébastian) : from the personal name Sebastian, Latin Sebastianus. This was originally an ethnic name meaning ‘man from Sebastia’, a city in Pontus named from Greek sebastos ‘revered’ (the Greek equivalent of Augustus). This surname is also sometimes born by Jews, presumably as an adoption of the German surname.

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According to Social Security Administration data, Sebastian has been consistently popular over the last two decades and finally broke into the top 20 baby names recently in 2018. It has been in the top 50 names since 2013, and top 100 names since 2000.

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According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Sebastian was at its peak popularity in July 2015.

Sebastian is a vintage baby name that has recently been making a comeback over the last two decades. Despite having a rich history, It is at its peak popularity topping the charts at position 18. Its popularity today may be due in part to celebs who have chosen it for their sons including James Spader, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kim Fields. Many people commonly associate it with the beloved character from The Little Mermaid.

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Nicknames for Sebastian

  • Bas
  • Bash
  • Seb
  • Sebby

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