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  • kids taking advantage of amc summer movie discount
    Entertainment and Activities
    AMC Movie Discounts Summer 2019
    When it comes to summer break, having some fun activities planned out makes all the difference in your kids’ attitude, as well as yours. It’s important to get out of the house and have some fun.  More: How to Make the Transition from the Sc...
    Brittany McCabe
  • kid making non toxic slime recipe
    Entertainment and Activities
    5 Non-Toxic Slime Recipes
    Are your kids dying to make slime? You might be hesitant to get involved with a slime project since traditional slime recipe include ingredients that don’t fit with a non-toxic lifestyle. Luckily, there are now plenty of natural, non-toxic sli...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Playdough
    6 Homemade Playdough Recipes
    Everyone seems to have a favorite playdough recipe, and many old favorites have been included here. Some require cooking and some don't; some are meant to be eaten and some are not. Choose the recipe that best suits your needs and the ingredients...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Toddler's Busy Book
  • toddler playing independently
    Active Play
    Why Independent Play is Vital for Raising Empowered Children
    Today, children’s play is often tainted with boxes to check and points to score. So often teachers will say things like, “They think they’re playing, but really they’re learning” to which I think: “What’s the difference?!” and fur...
    Avital Schreiber Levy
  • dad reading and son listening to audiobook
    Entertainment and Activities
    Your Guide To Using Audiobooks for Kids
    Have you tried replacing screen time with audiobooks in your household? Listening to audiobooks is such a fun and educational way to provide your children with some of the best aspects of screen time while removing some of the screen time featur...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Entertainment and Activities
    14 Fun Activities for Winter Break
    Ice Candles Enchant your children with a magical and easy outdoor activity that will tranform your backyard into a winter wonderland. Read the instructions for Ice Candles. More: 7 Winter Outdoor Learning Activities Holiday Baskets The holidays...
  • 21 Free Educational Apps for Kids
    Mobile Apps
    21 Free Educational Apps for Kids
    Educational apps are a great and fun way to keep your kids learning outside of the classroom, but the cost of all those apps can add up fast. Luckily, there are plenty of free apps for kids that are both educational and fun but won't break the ba...
    Colleen Hughes
  • kids on a scavenger hunt in the woods
    Entertainment and Activities
    How To Design the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for Kids
    It’s time to plan a birthday party for your child, but what activities are going to take place that aren’t part of the same-old birthday party routine? According to Pinterest trend reporting, searches for birthday scavenger hunt parties are ...
    Jacqueline Weiss
  • Entertainment and Activities
    The Best Toy Subscription Boxes and Toy Shares
    Subscription boxes are all the craze. There is nothing better than finding a box of shiny surprises waiting for you at the door. But what about your kids? Are they worth the money? What’s the difference between a toy share subscription and a to...
    Brittany McCabe
  • Entertainment and Activities
    These Celeb Parents Give Us Hope For Aging. Their Secret? Self Care
    What's the secret? It is no secret that most celebrities who continue to age well have one thing in common: how they continue to care for and show up for themselves in their daily lives. They take care of themselves mind, body, and soul. Too of...
    Amanda Houle
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Fear of the Dark
    Phobia Quiz
    Find out all your phobias with this fun quiz! ...
    David Johnson
  • The Best TV Moms
    Entertainment and Activities
    The Best TV Moms We Could All Learn a Lesson From
    //--> As kids, TV provided some of the first glimpses of the different kinds of moms out there. Some were pictures of idealized perfection and some were more realistic. Who doesn’t love to peek into other families and see what connection we...
    Laura Richards
  • the incredibles family halloween costume
    Entertainment and Activities
    Top Trending Kids and Family Halloween Costumes of 2018
    Halloween in all of its spooky and dress-up glory can be one of the most exciting times of the year for families! Of course, this thrilling family time often centers around a single question: What should we be for Halloween? There are so many di...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Collage of Halloween snacks
    7 Pinterest-Approved Halloween Party Treats
    The sight of pumpkins, ghouls, Hocus Pocus on repeat and spooky Halloween decorations are all around us. Halloween is such a fun time of year as a kid! I remember spending all of October debating with friends about what to dress up as and spendi...
    Kaitlin Crehan
  • Little Tikes Tunnel and Dome Climber
    Best Toys
    Top 10 New Outdoor Toys for Summer
    It's time to stock up on summer toys for your kids! Check out these fun new summer toys and games that are sure to be a hit for yard and beach playtime. Also, search our Toy Finder for new ride-on toys and bikes for all ages. ...
    Erin Dower
  • diverse group of kids on playground
    Active Play
    The Importance of Play in 21st Century Learning
    Child’s play. It’s a term used to describe a task that’s easily tackled and quick to master. Mindless work. But are the games children play just a mindless distraction, or is there an intrinsic value to play? Many experts would tell you tha...
    Laurie Mega
  • Toy Story Land Is Everything
    Travel and Vacations
    5 Reasons Why Disney's New Toy Story Land Is Everything
    Courtesy Disney The much anticipated Toy Story Land is finally open at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL! Woody and Buzz fans have been dying to see what Disney would pull out of their magic sleeves for this park, and no one is disappoi...
  • The Best of Netflix for Summer Learning
    Kids and Tv
    Beat the Summer Slump With These 10 Learning Shows on Netflix
    I start every summer with the same declaration to my husband: "We're taking the kids on a million adventures this summer! No TV for those two!" Then comes a rainy day, or a 100-degree day, or a day when we are just too tired to plan anything. Ine...
    Laurie Mega