70 Muslim Boy Names (and Their Urdu Meanings)

Updated: April 21, 2022
Considering a Muslim name for your baby boy? Learn about Muslim naming traditions and history, as well as the significance and meaning of each name in Urdu.
The Top Muslim Boy Names for Your Little One
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As you consider Muslim baby boy names for your little one, you can choose from many sources of inspiration. You might draw inspiration for the perfect name by considering trending names or unique names. The most important thing to reflect on when choosing a Muslim boy’s name is to make sure that the name carries significant meaning and that you avoid making an Islamic name sound more Western. Muslim names are often inspired by the Quran or holy book or by Quranic verse.

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Muslim Naming Traditions

The following are important points to keep in mind when choosing Islamic baby boy names:

The most popular names relate to Muhammad. Muhammad is the founder of Islam, so many families choose to honor him or his characteristics with their name choices for Muslim boys. Muhammad emphasized that names carry importance and that they should be chosen with honor and respect.

Traditionally, Arab Muslims choose names that are derived from Islam or that are traditional Arab names. Arab Christians often share the same names as Arab Muslims. Names can be put together in various ways depending on a person’s lineage and family origins.

For example, names can be put together in the form of a personal name, followed by the father’s personal name, and ending with the grandfather’s personal name. Another option is to have the personal name followed by the father’s personal name, and then by the family name.

A muslim boy with his parents

Popular Muslim Boy Names

Here are 70 of the current most popular Muslim names for boys along with their meanings:

  1. Aabid: One who worships
  2. Aadil: One who acts with justice and fairness
  3. Aamir: Full, prosperous
  4. Aariz: Respectable and intelligent man
  5. Aban: Clear, lucid
  6. Abbas: Lion
  7. Abd: Slave or servant
  8. Abraham: Father of a multitude
  9. Adeel: One who acts with justice and fairness
  10. Adnan: Settler or pioneer
  11. Ahmad: The most praised
  12. Ahmed: Praiseworthy or commendable
  13. Ali: High, elevated, or champion
  14. Ameer: Prince or ruler
  15. Arham: Most merciful
  16. Arsal: The one who was sent
  17. Asal: Honey
  18. Athar: Very pious or pure
  19. Ayaan: God’s gift
  20. Danish: A Persian word that means knowledge or wisdom
  21. Emir: Prince or local king
  22. Faiz: Plenty or much good
  23. Fajr: Day break or dawn
  24. Habib: Beloved or most loved
  25. Hadi: Leader or guide
  26. Hadith: History or tradition
  27. Hakeem: Wise or intelligent
  28. Haider: Lion or brave
  29. Hammad: Praiser
  30. Haris: Guardian angel
  31. Hussain: Good, handsome, or beautiful
  32. Jad: Generous
  33. Jamal: Beauty
  34. Jibran: To create good change
  35. Junaid: Soldier or warrior
  36. Kairo: Victorious
  37. Kamal: Perfection and excellence
  38. Karim: Generous or noble
  39. Khalil: Friend
  40. Maheer: Wise
  41. Malik: Lord or ruler
  42. Misam: Beautiful, cute, or attractive
  43. Mohamed: Praised or commendable
  44. Mohammed: Laudable
  45. Muhammad: Praised, thanked
  46. Moosa: Save by the water
  47. Naif: Excess or surplus
  48. Nasir: Helper or one who gives victory
  49. Nazir: Observer or supervisor
  50. Omar: Flourishing or long-lived
  51. Omari: God is the highest
  52. Rafayet: Highness
  53. Rashad: Rightly guided
  54. Rayan: Watered or luxuriant
  55. Safi: Pure
  56. Salim: Safe or undamaged
  57. Samir: Holy or charming companion
  58. Sibtain: Imam Hassan and Hussain Title in urdu
  59. Tabish: Warmth or brilliance
  60. Talal: Nice, admirable
  61. Talha: Fruitful tree from heaven
  62. Tawfeeq: Success or prosperity
  63. Umair: Life and long-lived
  64. Uzair: Helper or strength
  65. Waqas: Combatant, soldier
  66. Yusuf: God increases
  67. Zayd: To prosper
  68. Zuhayr: Sparkling, brilliant
  69. Zulfiqar: Cleaver of the spine
  70. Zunair: Light of the moon, shine

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