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106 Adorable Alliterative Baby Names You’ll Want to Steal

These double-barrelled alliterative baby names are adorable for lovers of alliteration. Browse baby names starting with the same baby for girls, boys, and gender-neutral names.
Alliterative Names
Updated: May 8, 2022
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To alliterate or not to alliterate? That is the question that goes through a lot of parents’ minds before naming their baby. But let’s be honest, alliterative baby names not only roll right off the tongue, they are fun to say and often adorable.

Whether you’re searching for a way to make your baby’s name unforgettable or you really want your baby’s name to stick in people’s heads, an adorable alliterative baby name may be exactly what you’re looking for.

If unique names are your thing, alliterative names are great options whether you are choosing a boy name, girl name, or a unisex/gender-neutral name. After seeing a few of these beautiful names, alliterative names will soon be at the top of your baby name list.

This list of 106 adorable alliterative baby names will help you brainstorm alliteration name possibilities. Click on any of the alliterative names to read about their origin and meaning.

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Alliterative Baby Boy Names

Some alliterative names just have a special ring to them. They’re memorable and strong names, which might be why so many celebrities just happen to have this kind of name. Names like Robert Redford or Jesse James are iconic and just seem to roll off the tongue. As your brainstorm baby boy names, here are some of our favorite names that make the most of alliteration.

  1. Atticus Arlo – Latin, meaning: “From Athens”.
  2. Avery Allister – English, meaning: “Counselor”.
  3. Bastian Balthazar – Latin, meaning: “Revered one”.
  4. Bairam Baptiste – Persian, meaning: “Name of a Persian King”.
  5. Benjamin Bratt – Hebrew, meaning: “Son of my right hand”.
  6. Billy Bragg – English, meaning: “Resolution; wise”.
  7. Bohde Bryce – English, meaning: “Variant of body”.
  8. Bartholomew Beauregard – German, meaning: “Bright mind, bright sprit”.
  9. Bjorn Borg - German, meaning: “Bold as a bear”.
  10. Calvin Coolidge – Latin, meaning: “Bald”.
  11. Carlos Cruz – Old German, meaning: “Free man, a variation of Charles”.
  12. Charlie Chaplin – Italian, meaning: “Valiant, strong, free”.
  13. Clark Kent – Old English, meaning: “Cleric”.
  14. Declan Darcy – Greek, meaning: “Messenger”.
  15. Dominic Distefano – Latin, meaning: “The Lord’s “.
  16. Fredrico Fellini – Czechoslovakian, meaning: “Peaceful ruler, the Italian variant of Fredrick”.
  17. Gianluca Guisseppe – Italian, meaning: “Bringer of light”.
  18. Jack Johnson - Hebrew, meaning: “God’s grace”.
  19. James Joyce – Hebrew, meaning: “Supplanter, substitute; the patron saint of Spain”.
  20. Jesse Jackson – Hebrew, meaning: “Wealth”.
  21. Jasper James – Persian, meaning: “Keeper of the treasure”.
  22. Joe Jonas – Hebrew, meaning: “He shall add”.
  23. Joaquin Jose – Hebrew, meaning: “God will judge”.
  24. Lennox Lewis – Scottish, meaning: “Amid the elms; from the field of elm trees”.
  25. Linc Langley – Old English, meaning: “Home by the pond”.
  26. Matthew McConaughey – Hebrew, meaning: “Gift of God”.
  27. Milo Matteo – German, meaning: “Soft-hearted and merciful”.
  28. Narciso Nuriyah – Latin, meaning: “A lily; daffodil”.
  29. Oliver Obed – Old Norse, meaning: “Kind one”.
  30. Ozzy Osbourne - Hebrew, meaning: “Strength”.
  31. Pablo Picasso – Spanish, meaning: “Borrowed”.
  32. Peter Parker – Latin, meaning: “Rock, stone”.
  33. Robert Redford – Spanish, meaning: “Bright flame”.
  34. Ryan Reynolds – Gaelic, meaning: “Little king”.
  35. Sammy Sosa – Hebrew, meaning: “To hear”.
  36. Steven Spielberg – Greek, meaning: “Crown”.
  37. Sacha Sandro – Russian, meaning: “Defender of mankind; variation of Alexander”.
  38. Walt Whitman – German, meaning: “Powerful warrior, army ruler”.
  39. Vince Vaughn – Latin, meaning: “Conquering”.
  40. Zefferino Zyair – Greek, meaning: “Wind of spring”

Alliterative Baby Girl Names

Alliterative Girl Names

Female alliterative names are also quite popular and memorable. I mean, Marilyn Monroe anyone? If you want your baby girl to have a graceful and lyrical name, you may want to consider a name inspired by these double-lettered beauties.

  1. Alexandra Avayah – Greek, meaning: “Defender of mankind”.
  2. Abrielle Azucena – French, meaning: “Secure, protected”.
  3. Adelle Amani – German, meaning: “Noble kind”.
  4. Anastasia Amelie – Greek, meaning: “ Resurrection”.
  5. Betsy Belle - Hebrew, meaning: "Consecrated to God".
  6. Brigitte Bardot - Irish, meaning: “Resolute, strong”.
  7. Coco Chanel – Spanish, meaning: “Diminutive form of Soccoro; French pet name”.
  8. Charlotte Clementine - French, meaning: "Little and feminine".
  9. Delilah Daisy - Hebrew, meaning: "Delicate”.
  10. Emma Elizabeth – German, meaning: “All-embracing”.
  11. Evangeline Evelina – Greek, meaning: “Messenger of good news”.
  12. Farrah Felicity – Old English, meaning: “ Beautiful”.
  13. Gabriella Giselle – Spanish, meaning: “ God is my strength”.
  14. Gal Gadot – Irish, meaning: “Sparrows”.
  15. Isla Isobel – Scottish and Spanish, meaning: “Island”.
  16. Izabella Isadora – Spanish, meaning: “Consecrated to God”.
  17. Jama Jenica – Muslim, meaning: “Writer”.
  18. Kim Kardashian – English, meaning: “Leader”.
  19. Khloe Kardashian – Greek, meaning: “Young green shoot”.
  20. Kourtney Kardashian – Old English, meaning: “Courtly, courteous”.
  21. Lennon Lucille – Gaelic, meaning: “Cloak; little cape”.
  22. Lindsay Lohan – Old English, meaning: “Linden Island”.
  23. Lois Lane – Hebrew, meaning: “Better”.
  24. Lola Louisa – Spanish, meaning: “Strong woman”.
  25. Lucretia Lucia – Latin, meaning: “Riches”.
  26. Luna Lovegood – Latin, meaning: “Moon”.
  27. Marilyn Monroe – French, meaning: “Little; bitter”.
  28. Mathilde Margeaux – German, meaning: “Battle maiden; strength; strong in war”.
  29. Novah Nicole – Latin, meaning: “New”.
  30. Olivia Odette – Old Norse, meaning: “Kind one”.
  31. Parker Posey – Old English, meaning: “Cultivated land”.
  32. Paisley Pennington – Scottish, meaning: “Church, cemetery”.
  33. Raven Ramona – English, meaning: “Dark haired; wise; a bird”.
  34. Salma Sepharina – Spanish, meaning: “Ambitious”.
  35. Saffron Sophia – English, meaning: “Yellow flower”.
  36. Tallulah Theodosia – Choctaw Indian, meaning: “Leaping water”.
  37. Valentina Violeta – Latin, meaning: “Good health”.
  38. Wilhelmina Willow – Teutonic, meaning: “Fierce protector”.
  39. Winona Wisteria – Sioux, meaning: “First-born daughter”.
  40. Ximena Xaviere – Hebrew, meaning: “Heroine; He heard”.

Alliterative Gender Neutral Baby Names

Unique alliterative names can also be used for babies of any gender. These names use alliteration in a creative way, and are a great fit for anyone and everyone!

  1. Addison Ainsley – English, meaning: “Daughter of Adam”.
  2. Aubrey Alexis – French and English, meaning: “Elf ruler”.
  3. Ayden Angel - Irish and English, meaning: “Little, fiery”.
  4. Bailey Blake – French, meaning: “Bailiff”.
  5. Bass Braylen – English, meaning: “Low, short”.
  6. Bartlett Brentley – Hebrew, meaning: “Furrow”.
  7. Cameron Carson – Old English, meaning: “Bent nose”.
  8. Dylan Dakota – Welsh, meaning: “Sea”.
  9. Evin Edson – Irish, meaning: “Young warrior”.
  10. Everett Emerson – German, meaning: “Strong boar”.
  11. Finley Finnegan – Celtic, meaning: “Fair-haired one”.
  12. Grayson Greer – Old English, meaning: “ To shine”.
  13. Harrison Hyde – German, meaning: “Ruler of the house”.
  14. Jordan Jaime – Hebrew, meaning: “Descender”.
  15. Kieran Kai – Irish and Scottish, meaning: “Dusky; dark-haired; black”.
  16. Lachlan Lennox – Scottish, meaning: “Feisty”.
  17. Leighton Lane – Old English, meaning: ”One from the meadow farm”.
  18. Owen Oakley – Irish, meaning: “Born to nobility; warrior”.
  19. Peyton Presley – English, meaning: “Fighting Man’s estate”.
  20. Remington Rain – English, meaning: “Town of the raven”.
  21. Rory Rowan – German, Scottish, Irish, meaning: “Variation of Roderick; famous ruler; red”.
  22. Sawyer Selby – Middle English, meaning: “Woodsman”.
  23. Shiloh Scout – Hebrew, meaning: “Peaceful”.
  24. Skylar Sloan – English, meaning: “ Eternal life; strength; love and beauty”.
  25. Tatum Teagan – English, meaning: “Cheerful, bringer of joy”.
  26. Tristan Taylor – Old Welsh and Latin, meaning: “Noisy one; laborer”.

If you were ever considering alliterative names for your newest bundle of joy, whether it was a first name and last name combo or a first name and middle name set, I hope this list helps. If not, I hope I’ve given you some alliteration names to think about.

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