100 Double Names for Girls and Boys ( + Popular Nicknames)

Updated: February 2, 2022
We've rounded up the most popular double names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options.
Ultimate List of Double Names
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​If you live in the south, double names, also known as double-barrelled names, are nothing new, and you’re probably used to hearing names like John Taylor or Mary Margaret. But if you live in another part of the country or world, this may be a new concept for you.

A double name, or double-barreled first name, is often seen in Southern naming traditions and is when you choose two names for your little, often joined by a hyphen. It is an excellent option for those seeking unique baby names.

A double name should not be confused with a first and middle name; people with a double name often still have a middle name.

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Using a double name is also a way to pay homage to two relatives at once, especially if you have difficulty deciding which moniker to use. Double names are popular for boys and girls and may use classic and modern names.

The History of Double Names

I'm not sure anyone knows precisely how double-barrelled (first) names got started, but double surnames (hyphenated last names) have a slightly different meaning depending on your country of origin. In some cultures, People once used it to signal social class, while in other cultures, it's simply the norm or an indicator of marriage or alliance names, mainly when used as a surname.

If you choose to give your child a double-barrelled first name, a hyphen is a good practice but not a requirement. The hyphen indicates which name goes in which place instead of a first and middle name. However, in the history of double-barrelled first names, hyphens are not always used in everyday practice.

Guidelines and Rules for Choosing Double-Barrelled Baby Names

Remember that picking a name your child will be called for the rest of their life is no small task. It's nice to pick a name that gives your children options as their identity grows and develops with them. Be mindful that aside from the two individual names, it can be shortened or made into a nickname. For example, you may want to give little Jenny the chance to be Jen, Jenna, or Jenny Sue.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the two names "interact" with one another. For example, can James Thomas be shortened to JT, and is James Thomas easy to say/pronounce?

Maternity Concierge, HeHe (Haley-Else) Stewart says, “I always suggest that you pick two or three top names and practice using them. Practice roll call just like in elementary school, practice using the name in a scolding sentence of “Get these shoes out of the hallway!!!!", and practice introducing your baby to people. This will give you a good sense of names that "feel good." Most parents enjoy this activity and find it super helpful in making a decision.”

If you are intrigued by the idea of the double name, we have compiled a list of 100 names to provide you with some name inspiration. This list includes baby boy names, girl names, and popular double names. Unlike our traditional name lists that provide you with the name meaning, this list will highlight nicknames for each double name.

Top Double-Barrelled Names for Girls

Double-Barrelled names for girls are currently pretty trendy. It’s a great way to spice up short one-syllable names for little girls. You can have your little girl stand out with the perfect full name, whether you choose to hyphenate or not.

Suppose you’re having trouble deciding between two names or want to acknowledge two important family members. In that case, you can easily create unique baby girl names by creating your own double-barrel option. Here are some of the current top double-barrelled names for girls if you’re looking for inspiration.

  1. Ada-Lucy: Can go by Lu, Lucy
  2. Amelia-Rose: Can go by Emili, Lia, Rosie
  3. Amy-Leigh: Can go by Amy, Lea, Leigh
  4. Anna-Blair: Can go by Annie, Anne, AB, Bee
  5. Anna-Maria: Can go by Ann, Marie
  6. Autumn-Rose: A lovely name inspired by nature, can go by Rosie.
  7. Ava-Grace: Two popular one-syllable names can go by either name or be paired together.
  8. Beth-Anne: Can go by Beth, Annie, Ann
  9. Bettie-Bee: This adorable girl’s name could be shortened to Bee-bee
  10. Birdie-Belle: This name rolls off the tongue, and the alliteration works in its favor. Can go by BB, Birdie, Birdie-B
  11. Carol-Kay: If you love hard alliteration, this German name is perfect for your baby girl. You could shorten it to CK or Ki-Ki.
  12. Celia-Anne: Anne pairs well with many names, and Celia is no exception. Can go by Cee-Cee, Annie
  13. Cora-Lee: When paired together, this sounds more like a pretty two-syllable name rather than two one-syllable names.
  14. Casey-Lee: Pairing two one-syllable names together help to create a full name, can easily go by either name or paired together.
  15. Daisy-Jade: Can go by DJ, Daisy, or Jade.
  16. Demi-Jo: Demi is a unique Greek name meaning half. Can go by DJ.
  17. Elizabeth-Ann: These two traditional English names go beautifully together. Can go by Beth, Liz, Lizzie, Annie, or Beth-Anne.
  18. Ella-Rose: Ella is an elegant Spanish name and goes excellent with a one-syllable name like Rose. Can go by Ellie or Rosie.
  19. Ellie-Mae: Can go by Elle, Ellie, or May
  20. Emma-Reese: This name combo just rolls off the tongue. Can go by Emmie, Reesie, Em
  21. Fern-Dell: This name has a mythical feel like a magical place where fairies would live.
  22. Georgia-Anne: Georgia is a popular name in the south that can be paired with several one-syllable names. Can go by Georgie, Anne, or Annie.
  23. Gracie-Mae: Can go by Grace or May
  24. Harper-Lynn: Harper is a name that you can use for boys and girls, but it has a nice feminine touch when paired with Lynn.
  25. Heaven-Leigh: Pronounced like Heavenly, this is a nice play on names
  26. Isla-Rose: Pairing two one-syllable names together makes a pretty full name.
  27. Ivy-Lee: This name has an elegant feel to it. Can go by Ivy.
  28. Kellie-Anne: Can go by Kelly or Anne; both popular Irish names.
  29. Kirra-Belle: A unique spelling for Kirra can go by KB or Belle
  30. Laura-Beth: Can go by Laurie, LB
  31. Laura-Dean: Dean pairs well with just about any name. Could go by Laurie, Lady, LD
  32. Lily-Ann: Two names that just flow nicely together; this sounds best when paired together as a two-syllable name
  33. Lily-Sue: Can go by Lily or Susie
  34. Lizzy-Kate: Two more casual names that provide a less formal feeling than Elizabeth or Katherine.
  35. Lola-May: Can go by either name or pair together as a two-syllable name
  36. Mary-Jane: Can go by MJ, Mary-J, Janey
  37. Mary-Lou: These two names sound like they are always meant to be paired together for a cute little girl.
  38. Mary-Margaret: Can go by Maggie, Marge, Meg. A fantastic double name for a girl of Scottish or Irish heritage.
  39. Molly-Kate: Can go by Kay, Katie, MK
  40. Molly-Mae: This double name is simply adorable. Can go by M, Mol, Emmie
  41. Olive-Ann: Pairing two one-syllable names together makes a lovely fuller name.
  42. Olivia-Leigh: Oliva is an old-fashioned Latin name meaning olive tree that pairs nicely with a one-syllable name like Leigh. Can go by Ollie or Olive.
  43. Opal-Anne: Opal is an old-fashioned name that comes to life with a second name added. Can go by Opie, Annie
  44. Peggy-Sue: Can go by Peg, Susie
  45. Riley-Rose: The alliteration of this double name makes it roll off the tongue. Can go by Rosie.
  46. Rose-Lily: Paying homage to two beautiful flowers, Rose-Lily is a lovely name for a little girl.
  47. Sarah-Alexandra: Can go by Alex, Lex, Alexa
  48. Sarah-Jane: Can go by SJ, Sarah, Janey
  49. Sienna-Rose: Adding Rose to Sienna balances this out to a lovely four-syllable name that flows off the tongue.
  50. Sophia-Grace: Can go by Sophie, Gracie. A traditional Greek name, Sophia, sounds even more regal when combined with Grace, another royal-inspired name.

Top Double-Barrelled Names for Boys

Double-barrelled names are less common for boys but still make unique name choices. This naming tradition is often recognized as a southern tradition, paying homage to family members.

In addition, many male double-barrelled names take inspiration from the Bible. So, as you start your naming journey, here is a list of the top double-barreled boy names to get you started.

  1. Aaron-Jay: Can go by AJ, Jay
  2. Andrew-James: This is a very formal sounding name and would go well with a last name that also sounds like a first name, such as Matthews or Charles. Can go by AJ, Drew, Jay, Jim, or Jimmy.
  3. Alfie-Jay: Alfie is an old English name that drives from Alfred and has some pomp. However, it is an adorable name for a little boy when paired like this. Can go by AJ.
  4. Beau-Alexander: Can go by B, Alex, Xander
  5. Benjamin-Grey: Pairing a more prominent first name with a smaller second name helps create balance.
  6. Billy-Jo: This name makes you think of Souther Living; Billy-Jo is a great name for an outdoorsy little boy.
  7. Cody-Lee: Cody means helper; paired with Lee, this has a nice cadence for a little boy.
  8. Corey-James: Can go by CJ, Corey, Jay, Jimmy
  9. Ethan-Lee: This is a simple but perfect name for a little boy.
  10. George-Frances: These two names paired together have a very regal feel. Can go by George, Georgie, or Frank.
  11. Glendon-Dean: This name combo is a mouth full but can go by Glen, Glennie, or GD
  12. Issac-Andrew: Combining a traditional Hebrew name with a solid Greek name makes perfect sense. They could go by Isiah, Andy, or Drew.
  13. James-Dean: Can go by Jimmy, JD, Dean, or Jimmy Dean. Although, people may shy away from that last one because of the famous sausage brand!
  14. James-Richard: Why not combine the name of two English kings? Can go by JR, Jimmy, Jim
  15. Jaiden-Lee: Lee is often used as a second name because of its simplicity, which can go by JL.
  16. Jayden-Lee: Can go by Jay, JL
  17. Jean-Philippe: A lovely French name, most likely to be shortened to JP.
  18. Jesse-James: Can go by JJ, Jim, Jessie
  19. Jesse-Lee: Can go by JL, Jess, Jessie
  20. John-Paul: This has biblical undertones; a little boy named John-Paul can go easily by JP or Paulie.
  21. John-Peter: Another name with biblical undertones, nicknames can include Johnny, JP, and Pete.
  22. John-Preston: John goes well with just about any name! Can go by JP
  23. Jonathan-James: These two English names pair well together. Can go by JJ, Jay
  24. Joshua-Lee: Can go by Josh, JL
  25. Joshua-Raymond: Can go by JR, Josh, Ray
  26. Logan-James: Can go by LJ, Jim, Jimmy
  27. Michael-John: Many double-barrel names beginning with John are inspired by religious figures; John Michael can be Johnny, Mike, MJ
  28. Michael-Kai: Can go by Kai, MK, Mike
  29. Oliver-James: Can go by OJ, Ollie, Jim
  30. Ray-Jay: If you’re not afraid of rhyming, these two short names pair well. Can go by RJ
  31. Reggie-Lee: Can go by Reg or RL.
  32. Thomas-Lee: Can go by Tom, Tommy
  33. Tucker-Davis: Can go by Tuck, Dave
  34. Tyler-James: Can go by Ty, Jay, TJ
  35. William-Lee: Can go by Will, Willie, Liam

Top Unisex Double-Barrelled Names

These days, a current trend is to utilize unisex names or gender-neutral names that everyone will love. A family name can easily be paired together with a second name to make the perfect combination for any little one. If you’re not sure what the gender will be or want to keep it unisex, here is a list to get you started.

  1. Aeryn-Jo: A unique spelling of Aaron or Erin works great for either gender. Can go by AJ
  2. Aiden-Leigh: Both names work for boys and girls, and they pair well together. Can go by Addie, Leigh, or Lee.
  3. Bailey-Ray: Great for either boy or girl, can go by Bay
  4. Billie-Jo: Can go by Bill, Billy, Jo
  5. Haley-Joel: Can go by Joe or Jo
  6. Charlie-Wren: Can go by Char, Charlie, CW
  7. Jamie-Lee: Can go by JL, Jamie or Lee
  8. Jessie-Blair: Can go by Jess or JB
  9. Jo-Cooper: Can go by JC, Coop, Cooper
  10. Kendall-Dallas: Pairing two double-syllable names can be a mouthful but creates a beautiful full name for either a girl or a boy.
  11. Marley-Blake: Can go by MB
  12. Marley-Jay: Can go by MJ, Jay
  13. Quincey-Lee: Another two-syllable name paired with one syllable provides a nice flow.
  14. Riley-James: Can go by RJ
  15. Skyler-Reese: Two unique names paired together, can go by SK or Sky

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