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107 Girl Names Ending in Y With Meanings

These unique girl names ending with y are perfect for your baby girl. Pick a girl name that ends in Y you love!
107 Girl Names Ending in Y With Meanings
Updated: May 23, 2023
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Many baby girl names that end in y are adorable and super catchy! That is why we have put together this 107-name list to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

We’ve got modern and trendy girl names that end in Y based on the most popular baby girl name data from the Social Security Administration, cute girl names ending in a “Y sound” and more uncommon and unique names ending in Y for your little girl.

Search this girl name list for baby name inspiration for both first names or middle names for your daughter!

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Popular Girl Names That End in Y (with Meanings)

  1. Abby - Latin name for “head of a monastery” and Hebrew for “a father’s joy.” It’s a popular nickname for Abigail.
  2. Ashley - Old English name for “ash tree.”
  3. Aubrey - German name for “elf rule.”
  4. Audrey - Old English name for “noble strength.”
  5. Bailey - French girl’s name for “bailiff” and Old English for “fortification.”
  6. Brittany - The English name for a section of France called “Bretagne.”
  7. Chelsey - Old English for “river landing place.”
  8. Destiny - French girl’s name for “fate” and Ethiopian for “happy.”
  9. Emily - Latin girl’s name for “eager.”
  10. Everly - English for “wild boar in a woodland clearing.”
  11. Haley/Hailey - Norse for “hero” and Irish for “wise one.”
  12. Hilary - Gree girl’s name for “cheer.”
  13. Ivy - English and Latin for “vine.”
  14. Kennedy - Irish and Scottish for “chief with a helmet.”
  15. Kerry - Several origins and meanings including Latin and Spanish for “dear.”
  16. Kimberly - English for “leader” or “royal fortress.”
  17. Lacey - Latin for “cheerful.”
  18. Lily - Arabic name for “of the night” and Latin for “a flower.”
  19. Lindsay - Old English for “Linden Island.”
  20. Lucy - Latin for “riches” or “light.”
  21. Mary - A girl’s name with several origins and meanings including Hebrew for “bitter.”
  22. Miley - An Irish name that means “devotee of Aodh.” It’s also of American origin and means “smiley.”
  23. Molly - English girl’s name for “woman of Magdala” and Irish for “bitter.”
  24. Penny - Greek name for “bobbin weaver.”
  25. Poppy - Latin for “flower.”
  26. Riley - Greek girl’s name for “valiant.”
  27. Rory - German for “famous one” and Irish/Gaelic for “red king.”
  28. Ruby - Latin and French for “deep red stone.”
  29. Shelby - English girl’s name for “sheltered town.”
  30. Stacey - Latin girl’s name for “stable.”
  31. Sydney - French girl’s name for “from Saint-Denis.”
  32. Wendy - German girl’s name for “wanderer” and English for “fair.”
  33. Zoey - Greek girl’s name for “life.”

Cute Girl Names That End in Y (with Meanings)

  1. Amy - Latin and French for “beloved.”
  2. Andy - Swedish name “for the son of Andrew” and Greek for “valiant.”
  3. Bethany - Hebrew for “house of mercy.”
  4. Betty - Hebrew for “God’s oath.”
  5. Carly - Latin for “strong-voiced.”
  6. Casey - Slavic name for “peacemaker” and Irish for “vigilant.”
  7. Cassidy - Irish name for “curly-headed” and Celtic/Gaelic for “clever.”
  8. Courtney - Old English for “courtly.”
  9. Daisy - Latin for “day’s eye.”
  10. Darcy - Irish for “dark girl” and French for “of the fortress.”
  11. Emmy - Latin for “eager.”
  12. Ginny - Latin for “chaste.”
  13. Holly - Old English for “holly bush.”
  14. Indy - English for “the land of the Indians.”
  15. Joy - Latin for “rejoice.”
  16. Judy - Hebrew for “praised.”
  17. Liberty - English for “freedom.”
  18. Macy - Polish name for “sea of bitterness.”
  19. Mallory - French for “without good fortune” and German for “army counselor.”
  20. Mandy - Latin for “love” or “extraordinary.”
  21. Milly - Several origins and meanings including Greek for “honey bee.”
  22. Mindy - Several meanings and origins including Greek for “gentle one.”
  23. Nancy - Greek for “pure” and Hebrew for “full of grace.”
  24. Peggy - Greek and Persian for “child of light” and Hebrew for “pearl.”
  25. Polly - Hebrew name for “bitter” and Latin for “small.”
  26. Remy - French for “from Rheims.”
  27. Rosemary - Latin for “a flower” and English for “fragrant herb.”
  28. Roxy - Persian name for “brilliant one.”
  29. Sally - Spanish girl’s name for “savior.”
  30. Shelly - Hebrew for “like God” or “little lamb.”
  31. Sunny - English for “bright disposition” or “cheerful.”
  32. Suzy - Hebrew for “lily.”
  33. Tiffany - French for “appearance of God.”
  34. Tilly - German for “battle maiden” or “strength.”
  35. Tracy - Greek for “reaper” or French for “path.”
  36. Whitney - English girl’s name for “from the white island.”

Unique Girl Names That End in Y (with Meanings)

Girl Names That End in Y
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  1. Aidy - Italian name for “happy.”
  2. Ainsley - Scottish for “my meadow.”
  3. Avery - English for “ruler of elves.”
  4. Bellamy - Old French for “handsome friend.”
  5. Blakely - Old English for “dark wood” or “clearing.”
  6. Cecily - Latin for “blind one.”
  7. Charity - Latin for “loving and benevolent.”
  8. Chauncey - Old French for “secretary.”
  9. Cherry - Latin girl’s name for “loving and benevolent.”
  10. Corey - French for “beloved” and Greek for “heart.”
  11. Delaney - French for “from the elder tree grove” and Irish for “dark.”
  12. Emery - Latin for “loving.”
  13. Ensley - Scottish girl’s name for “solitary clearing.”
  14. Evy - Hebrew for “life.”
  15. Finley - Celtic and Scottish for “fair-haired one.”
  16. Hadley - Old English for “heather field.”
  17. Harley - Old English for “rabbit archer.”
  18. Honey - English for “sweet.”
  19. Ivory - Latin girl’s name for “white as elephant tusks.”
  20. Keely - Gaelic Scottish girl’s name for “beautiful and graceful.”
  21. Kinley - A shortened version of the Scottish name McKinley, which means “son of Kinley.”
  22. Lainey - English for “sun ray.”
  23. Maisy - Gaelic and Scottish for “pearl.”
  24. Marley - English for “marshy meadow” or “pleasant meadow.”
  25. Navy - English girl’s name for “fleet of ships” or “dark blue.”
  26. Nelly - Latin for “horn” and Greek for “torch.”
  27. Oakley - Old English for “from the oak meadow.”
  28. Paisley - Scottish for “church” or “cemetery.”
  29. Presley - Old English for “priest’s settlement.”
  30. Romy - Italian for “from Rome.”
  31. Serenity - English for “peaceful disposition.”
  32. Sky - English for “sheltering” or “eternal life.”
  33. Trinity - Latin for “triad” or “the Holy three.”
  34. Trudy - German for “adored warrior” and English for “beloved.”
  35. Verity - Latin for “truth.”
  36. Waverly - English for “to wave” or “from the aspen trees.”
  37. Wednesday - American for “born on Wednesday.”
  38. Winry - Welsh for “reconciled” or “blessed.”

From some of the most popular baby names to rare ones, there are many hidden gems in this list of girl names that end in y. Names that end in “ie” and “ee” can even be spelled with a “y” and used, too!

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107 Girl Names Ending in Y With Meanings


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