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101 Beautiful Flower Names and Plant Names for Girls

These beautiful flower names for girls make great nature-inspired female baby names for your little one. Browse our baby name list of flowers, plants, and other nature names.
Nature Girl Names
Updated: June 21, 2022
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Spring has sprung — and you have flowers on your mind! But the garden isn’t the only place you’ll find fab foliage. Flower names, plant-inspired names, and names for girls inspired by towering trees are sweet, sentimental, classic, and even sassy. Whether you’re on the hunt for a modern moniker that stands out or a traditional pick that pays homage to Mother Nature, flower names for girls are everything you are looking for and more.

As you prep for your baby girl and her birthday debut, check out the flower names that are sweeter than a rose, the plant picks that are fresher than a fern, and the top tree name selections that may just become the apple of your eye.

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Flower Names for Girls (& Origins)

Flower Girl Names

Get some serious baby name inspiration from your backyard garden. Flowers (and floral names!) are colorful, bright, bold, and everything you hope your baby girl will someday become. With unique flower names freshly picked from the local flora, your little one is off to a sweet start.

  1. Ambrette - A musky aromatic plant with a yellow flower.
  2. Alyssa - From the flower alyssum.
  3. Aster - This flower’s name comes from the Greek meaning “star.”
  4. Azalea - This flowering shrub has red, pink, yellow, orange, or purple blooms.
  5. Belle - This beautiful name is from the bluebell flower.
  6. Begonia - These annuals often have brightly-hued pink flowers.
  7. Blossom - Mayim Bialik’s iconic TV character. And, what a flower does when it blooms open.
  8. Calla - From the calla lily.
  9. Camellia - These flowers symbolize love and devotion. Perfect for your baby girl.
  10. Carni - A short form of carnation.
  11. Chrysi - Or Chrysanthemum.
  12. Dahlia - With a rainbow of colors, the dahlia is a beautiful bloom that doubles as a baby girl name.
  13. Daisy - This classic name is also a classic wildflower.
  14. Delphine - From delphinium, a genus of flowering plants.
  15. Erica - This type of flower includes heath and heather.
  16. Fleur - French for flower.
  17. Iris - You might know this garden pick as a purple flower. But it also comes in a variety of hues!
  18. Lila - Shorten lilac to get this floral baby name.
  19. Lilac - The lilac has a pretty purple flower and a notable scent.
  20. Lily - This baby name also means pure or innocent.
  21. Lillian - Lengthen Lily to get this pretty pick.
  22. Marigold - This bold yellow flower is a pretty pick. You can also shorten it to Mari.
  23. Petal - The part of a bloom.
  24. Petunia - These flowers come in a rainbow of colors.
  25. Poppy - This red flower is a pretty pick for a baby girl name.
  26. Posy - A “pocketful of posies” refers to a small cluster of flowers
  27. Primrose - This floral name is also a favorite for fans of The Hunger Games.
  28. Rosa - A variation of Rose.
  29. Rose - Shakespeare wrote, “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But this baby name is certainly one of the sweetest.
  30. Rosie - A cute play on Rose.
  31. Sunny - For the sunflower.
  32. Susan - As in black-eyed Susan.
  33. Violet - The purple flower with a color name.
  34. Viola - The Viola rostrata is the true name of the wildflower long-spurred violet.
  35. Wisteria - A flowering vine.
  36. Yasmin - This Persian girl’s name means jasmine flower.
  37. Zinnia - This annual flower is in the daisy family.

Plant Names for Girls (& Origins)

Floral names for girls aren’t the only popular selections that come straight from the garden. You want a natural name for your daughter. And, this list has it—and many more. Choose from Old English names and other traditional options or try a modern twist on a classic plant pick.

  1. Angelica - A plant often used to make natural cures for sleeplessness, runny noses, and more.
  2. Anise - This plant has a licorice taste.
  3. Aralia - A unique baby name that comes from a root.
  4. Artemisia - A diverse genus of plants. Also another name for the Greek goddess Artemis, the goddess of the wilderness.
  5. Bayley - From the Bay leaf.
  6. Bee - Bee balm is a North American herb.
  7. Briar - The prickly part of a plant or shrub.
  8. Bryony - A climbing vine.
  9. Cara - From the caraway plant.
  10. Chloe - This name is from Greek mythology and refers to shoots of green foliage.
  11. Cicely - This plant grows like a fern and has an anise-like taste.
  12. Cori - A shortened version of plant coriander.
  13. Fern - A traditional name for the large leafy plant.
  14. Flora - The word for plants and the Roman goddess of the spring.
  15. Ginger - This root is edible and medicinal.
  16. Heather - This plant is native to the bogs of Europe.
  17. Holly - The holly is a jolly Christmas-time plant.
  18. Ivy - Ivy is a green ground cover.
  19. Jasmine - Part of the olive family, jasmine is a shrub and a vine.
  20. Linnaea - A plant in the honeysuckle family.
  21. Marj - For marjoram, an edible flowering herb.
  22. Myrtle - This plant is an evergreen shrub.
  23. Rosemary - The well-known culinary herb.
  24. Rue - An evergreen herb.
  25. Saffron - A unique-tasting spice comes from this plant.
  26. Sage - This plant is an herb that’s often used in savory recipes.
  27. Sorrel - A leafy green edible plant.
  28. Val - From Valerian, an herb.
  29. Virginia - Virginia creeper is a climbing vine.

Forest, Nature, and Tree Names for Girls

Girl Tree Names

They’re strong, majestic, and more! Trees may just top your baby name list. The delicate flowering magnolia, the sturdy maple, and the fruitful apple are only a few trees that make up this group of unique baby names for girls.

  1. Alani - A citrus tree.
  2. Apple - Gywneth’s daughter’s name—and a fruit tree.
  3. Aranyani - The Hindu goddess of nature and the forest.
  4. Ashley - Or just Ash. From the ash tree.
  5. Aspen - A tall deciduous tree that can grow up to 80-feet high.
  6. Belinda - The Old German for “bright linden tree.”
  7. Bjork - The Swedish surname that means “birch.” And possibly one of your fave performers from way back when.
  8. Cassia - The cassia, or cinnamon, tree.
  9. Clementine - A citrus tree.
  10. Coco - For the coconut tree.
  11. Cybele - The Greek Earth Mother.
  12. Daphne - The name Daphne is Greek for laurel tree.
  13. Dara - Derived from the Gaelic “Doire” or “oak tree.”
  14. Diana - The Roman nature goddess.
  15. Ellery - This baby name means “lived by the alder tree.”
  16. Gaia - Goddess of the Earth, a.k.a. Mother Earth in the Greek pantheon.
  17. Gen - For Geneva, Germanic “juniper tree.”
  18. Hazel - As in the hazelnut tree.
  19. Hollis - Old English for “dweller at the holly trees.” or “the holly tree.”
  20. Ilana - This baby name comes from the Hebrew for tree.
  21. Jacki - For the jackfruit tree.
  22. Juniper - A flowering tree.
  23. Koa - This beautiful name comes from the acacia koa flowering tree.
  24. Laurel - This baby girl name comes from the laurel tree.
  25. Magnolia - A tree with pretty pink and white flowers.
  26. Maple - It’s not just for syrup! It’s also a girl baby name.
  27. Meadow - The grassy area, or from The Sopranos.
  28. Olive - For the olive tree.
  29. Olivia - This popular name comes from the olive tree.
  30. Savannah - A grassy plain.
  31. Silva - While not technically a tree, silva is Latin for forest.
  32. Star - The star magnolia tree.
  33. Sylvia - A version of the Latin Sylva or Silva.
  34. Terra - The ancient Roman nature goddess.
  35. Willow - The willow tree is a symbol of a new life.

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