50 Dark But Beautiful Names for Baby Girls

Updated: February 2, 2022
If you like all things witchy, dark, and maybe a little Gothic, this is the list of dark and beautiful baby girl names for you.
50 dark girl names for babies
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Trying to find a name for a baby girl can be incredibly hard. There are so many options! One way to narrow down your choices is to hone in on an interest. If you like all things witchy, dark, and maybe a little Gothic, this is certainly the list for you. These dark but beautiful names take their inspiration from a variety of sources, from Irish to Arabic.

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Giving your baby girl a dark but beautiful name means there's a better chance for originality. Many of these names are less than common. From Amaya to Crimson to Zelda, you have a variety of options. Check out these 50 dark but beautiful baby girl names below!

Our Favorite Gothic Girl Names to Inspire Your Baby Name Search

  1. Amaya - This Basque name means "night rain."
  2. Adrienne - Meaning "dark lady from the sea," this is a great Gothic name.
  3. Amaris - This name, meaning "child of the moon," would be great for a baby born during the full moon.
  4. Annabel - Like Annabel Lee, from the famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
  5. Branwen - This name means "beautiful raven."
  6. Belladonna - This poisonous plant is popular in witch stories.
  7. Brenna - This Gaelic name means "raven" or "black-haired."
  8. Celestria - This name means "heavenly" and has starry connotations.
  9. Carey - This name has Gaelic origins and means "black."
  10. Chandra - This name means "the moon which outshines the stars."
  11. Crimson - This name comes from the deep, bright shade of red.
  12. Ciara - This Irish name means "black."
  13. Collis - This Old English name means "dark-haired."
  14. Devin - Meaning poet, this has Gothic, dark roots.
  15. Darcy - This Irish name means "dark."
  16. Drusilla - This name meaning "strong one" is the name of one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters.
  17. Desdemona - This name is one of Shakespeare's most tragic heroines.
  18. Devany - Another Irish name that means "dark-haired."
  19. Ebony - This name is also the name of a deep, dark type of wood.
  20. Ember - This name, meaning "spark," makes you think of fire.
  21. Emmeranne - This name means "raven."
  22. Fae - This name means "fairy-like." Fae are often mischievous fairies.
  23. Fala - This name means "crow."
  24. Feronia - This name is a goddess of the forest.
  25. Hesperia - This name means "evening star."
  26. Hamna - This Arabic name means "dark grape."
  27. Isolde - This is also the name of a tragic Irish heroine.
  28. Ianira - This name means "enchantress."
  29. Isolabella - This name means "beautiful lonely one."
  30. Jetta - This name comes from a shiny black gemstone called jet.
  31. Khalida - This name means "immortal."
  32. Kali - This Sanskrit name means "black."
  33. Kerrin - This Irish name means "black."
  34. Laila - This Arabic name means "night beauty."
  35. Lillith - This name means "ghost" or "belonging to the night."
  36. Lela - This Kishwahili name means "black beauty."
  37. Lenore - Another name taken from Poe’s poetry.
  38. Lisha - This name means the "darkness before midnight."
  39. Livana - This name means "lunar," if you’re into the moon.
  40. Morgana - The villain in the King Arthur story. This name means "from the shore of the sea."
  41. Melantha - This name means "dark flower."
  42. Nerissa - This Italian name means "black-haired."
  43. Nisha - This name means "night."
  44. Nyx - This name with Greek origins means "night."
  45. Raven - Like the large, blackbird.
  46. Samara - This name with Arabic and Hebrew roots means "night talk."
  47. Tempest - Meaning turbulent and stormy, it shares the name of a Shakespeare play.
  48. Trista - This name means "sorrow."
  49. Vespera - This name also means "the evening star."
  50. Zelda - This Old German name means "dark battle."

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