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75 4 Letter Girl Names (With Meanings) for Your Baby

Short is always so sweet! If you're on the lookout for a list of short - and sweet - 4 letter names for your little girl, then look no further than our list of 75, 4 letter girl names.
4 Letter Girl Names
Updated: April 22, 2022

Short is always so sweet! When looking at baby names for the new addition to your family, you don't always have to choose one that is long or complicated for it to be unique and beautiful. Sometimes the simplest names are the most original and wonderful. These simple girl names are easy to pronounce and popular with parents.

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In this list of 4 letter girl names, you will find 75 fabulous options for your new daughter. Of course, there are also some unisex options for boy names, so if you aren't having a girl or want something gender-neutral, you can find that here (Remi and Rory are great examples). Happy baby name hunting!

Popular Four Letter Girl Names From A-Z 

  1. Adel - French variant of "Edel" which means "noble"
  2. Alma - Latin name for "soul" or "nourishing"
  3. Aria - Hebrew or German for "beautiful melody"
  4. Ayla - Hebrew name for "oak tree"
  5. Bria - Italian name that is a reduced form of "Briglia"
  6. Bryn - Welsh name for "hill"
  7. Cali - Italian and Greek origin name that means "good" or "best"
  8. Cara - Several origins and meanings including Latin for "dear" and Irish for "friend"
  9. Cleo - A Greek name for "lark"
  10. Cora - French for "beloved" and Greek for "heart"
  11. Dana - English for "bright as day"
  12. Demi - English for "fort on a hill" and Greek for "goddess of the harvest"
  13. Dina - Hebrew name for "judgment"
  14. Dora - Latin for "beloved" and Greek for "gift"
  15. Dove - Hebrew for "bear"
  16. Eden - Hebrew or Hawaiian for "delightful"
  17. Ella - Old German for "all"
  18. Elle - French for "woman"
  19. Elsa - Scottish for "island dweller"
  20. Emmy - Latin for "eager"
  21. Erin - Irish for "western island"
  22. Esme - Latin name for "esteem"
  23. ​Evie - Hebrew name meaning "life"
  24. Fawn - Latin name "young deer"
  25. Faye - Old French for "fairy"
  26. Fern - Old English for "leafy plant"
  27. Gaia - Greek for "earth" and French for "merry"
  28. Gwen - Irish name for "white wave"
  29. Hana - Hebrew name for "God is merciful" and "graceful one"
  30. Hope - Old English for "faith"
  31. Inez - Greek for "pure" and Spanish "gentle"
  32. Iris - The Greek name for "goddess of the rainbow"
  33. Isla - Scottish and Spanish for "island"
  34. Jade - Spanish name for "stone of the loins"
  35. Joan - Hebrew name for "God is gracious"
  36. Juno - Latin name for "young" and "queen"
  37. Kara - Several origins and meanings including Italian for "beloved one" and Vietnamese for "diamond"
  38. Kira - Persian name for "sun" and Japanese for "sunlight"
  39. Kyla - Hebrew for "regal woman" and Old English for "narrow channel"
  40. Leah - Hebrew name for "weary"
  41. Leia - Hebrew name for "weary"
  42. Lena - Greek for "torch" or "child of light"
  43. Lexi - The Greek name for "protector of mankind"
  44. Lila - Hebrew for "delicate" and Arabic for "dark as the night"
  45. Lola - Spanish name for "strong woman"
  46. ​Lucy - Latin name for "riches" and "light"
  47. Luna - Latin for "moon"
  48. Maia - Greek for "mother" and English for "maiden"
  49. Maya - Hebrew for "bitter" and Hindi for "God's divine creative power"
  50. Mila - Italian for "miracle" and Russian for "dear one"
  51. Mona - Several origins and meanings including Arabic for "peaceful" and Irish for "noble"
  52. Nina - The Spanish word for "girl"
  53. Nora - Latin name for "dignified"
  54. Nova - Latin name for "new"
  55. Nyla - Greek for "winner"
  56. Opal - Sanskrit for "jewel"
  57. Remi - French for "from Rheims"
  58. Rory - Scottish for "famous ruler" and Irish for "red"
  59. Rosa - Irish name for "noted protector"
  60. Ruby - The French name for "red gem"
  61. Ruth - Hebrew for "compassionate friend"
  62. Sage - French, and English for "wise one"
  63. Sara - Hebrew name for "princess" or "lady"
  64. Siri - Scandinavian name for "beautiful victory"
  65. Skye - English for "eternal life"
  66. Tess - Latin for "essence" and Greek for "reaper"
  67. Thea - The Greek name for "healer"
  68. Vera - Latin for 'truth" and Slavic for "faith"
  69. Vida - Hindi for "wisdom" and Hebrew for "beloved"
  70. Wren - Welsh name for "chief"
  71. Yara - Inca for "song of love and death"
  72. Zara - Arabic for "white" and Swahili for "flowers"
  73. Zoey - Greek name that means "life"
  74. Zola - An Italian name for "ball of the earth"
  75. Zora - Slavic for "golden dawn"

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