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Top 100 Brazilian Girl Names and Meanings

Discover the top Brazilian girl names and get baby girl name inspiration from these beautiful and unique Brazilian names for girls!
Top 100 Brazilian Girl Names and Meanings
Updated: October 2, 2023
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Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, so it’s no surprise that Brazil offers a wealth of beautiful and unique baby names for girls and boys! If you or your partner have roots in Brazil, you should take a look at this list of the top Brazilian girl names to aid you in your search! 

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Most Popular Brazilian Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Adriana - Latin; meaning “from Hadria.”
  2. Alice - German; meaning “noble.”
  3. Aline - German origin; meaning “noble kind.”
  4. Ana - Hebrew origin; meaning “favored” and Spanish; meaning “grace.”
  5. Antonella - Latin; meaning “worth of praise.”
  6. Antonia - Greek; meaning “flourishing” and Latin; meaning “praiseworthy”
  7. Beatriz - Latin; meaning “happy.”
  8. Benigna - Latin and Portuguese; meaning “well-born.”
  9. Berta - Greek; meaning “bringer of victory.”
  10. Bruna - German; meaning “brunette.”
  11. Camila - The Italian and Portuguese version of “Camilla,” Latin for an attendant of a religious ceremony.
  12. Clara - Latin; meaning “bright.”
  13. Daniela - This is the Puerto Rican spelling of the Hebrew name “Daniella,” which means “God is my judge.”
  14. Elisa - French and Hebrew; meaning “consecrated by God.”
  15. Fernanda - Italian and Spanish; meaning “bold adventurer.”
  16. Flavia - Latin; meaning “blonde or golden hair.”
  17. Francisca - Old French; meaning “free.’
  18. Gabriela - Italian and Spanish; meaning “God is my strength.”
  19. Gardenia - English; meaning “flower.”
  20. Gisele - German; meaning “pledge.”
  21. Helena - Greek; meaning “torch.”
  22. Isis - The ancient Egyptian Goddess of healing and magic.
  23. Joaninha - Portuguese; meaning “God is gracious.”
  24. Juanita - Hebrew; meaning “God is gracious.”
  25. Julia - Latin; meaning “youthful.”
  26. Juliana - Latin; meaning “youthful.”
  27. Laura - Latin; meaning “laurel leaves” or “honor.”
  28. Marcia - Latin; meaning “warlike.”
  29. Maria - Hebrew; meaning “star of the sea” or “bitter.”
  30. Olivia - Latin and French; meaning “olive tree.”
  31. Pietra - Greek and Italian; meaning “rock.”
  32. Raquel - Hebrew; meaning “little lamb.”
  33. Sophia - Greek; meaning “wisdom.”
  34. Talita - Aramaic; meaning “little girl.”
  35. Valentina - Latin; meaning “good health.”
  36. Yara - Hebrew; meaning “honeycomb.”

Native Brazilian Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Aparecida - Portuguese name; meaning “appeared.”
  2. Augustina - Latin; meaning “exalted.”
  3. Bianca - Italian; meaning “white” or “fair.”
  4. Diolinda - Portuguese; meaning “beautiful God.”
  5. Dominga - French; meaning “belonging to God.”
  6. Efigenia - Greek; meaning “born to strength.”
  7. Giovana - Italian; meaning “God is good.”
  8. Guadalupe - Spanish; meaning “river of black stones.”
  9. Hortencia - Spanish; meaning “garden.”
  10. Ida - Old German; meaning “youthful.”
  11. Isadora - Greek; meaning “gift of Isis.”
  12. Janaina - This is the name of the Queen of the Sea or the Mother of Fish in Brazil.
  13. Juanita - Hebrew; meaning “God is gracious.”
  14. Manuela - Spanish; meaning “God is with us.”
  15. Morena - French; meaning “dark.”
  16. Pedrina - Portuguese; meaning “rock.”
  17. Pilar - Spanish; meaning “pillar.”
  18. Renata - Latin; meaning “reborn.”
  19. Tainara - This comes from the Brazilian indigenous language of Tupi and it means “star.”
  20. Teressa - Greek; meaning “reaper.”
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Beautiful Brazilian Names for Girls with Meanings 

  1. Alandra - Greek origin; meaning “defender of mankind.”
  2. Alessandra - Italian; meaning “defender of the people.”
  3. Belinda - Spanish; meaning “beautiful.”
  4. Bethania - Hebrew; meaning “house of figs.”
  5. Carla - German and Latin; meaning “strong.”
  6. Celia - Greek for “lark” and Latin for “heavenly.”
  7. Delmara - Spanish; meaning “of the sea.”
  8. Dorotea - Greek; meaning “gift of God.”
  9. Eliana - Greek; meaning “mercy.”
  10. Graciana - Latin and Spanish; meaning “favor” or “blessing.”
  11. Izabel - Spanish; meaning “consecrated to God.”
  12. Lorena - English; meaning “crowned with laurel.”
  13. Marcela - Italian and Latin; meaning “warlike.”
  14. Margarete - German; meaning “pearl.”
  15. Maya - Various origins including Latin for “great” and Greek for “mother.”
  16. Miciela - Portuguese; meaning “a blessed gift from God.”
  17. Nathalia - Latin; meaning “child born at Christmas.”
  18. Paloma - Spanish; meaning “dove.”
  19. Patricia - English; meaning “noble.”
  20. Pia - Latin; meaning “pious.”
  21. Rosalice - A Brazilian name that is a combination of the Latin name Rose and the German name Alice.
  22. Rosario - Portuguese and Spanish; meaning “rosary.”
  23. Valdirene - Portuguese; meaning “woman who governs with peace.”
  24. Vitoria - Latin; meaning “victory.”

Unique Brazilian Girl Names with Meanings 

  1. Atiena - Swahili; meaning “guardian of the night.”

  2. Aurea - Latin; meaning “gold.”
  3. Belmira - Portuguese; meaning “beautiful woman.”
  4. Bibiana - Arabic; meaning “lady.”
  5. Brasilia - Spanish; meaning “from Brazil.”
  6. Daiane - The Brazilian form of Diane and it means “divine.”
  7. Dylla - Portuguese; meaning “self-reliant individual.”
  8. Gilma - Portuguese; meaning “one who advances.”
  9. Iara - This Brazilian name is from a myth about a water nymph of the same name.
  10. Isaura - Greek; meaning “gentle breeze.”
  11. Ifeya - Yoruba; meaning “lovable.”
  12. Kiania - Portuguese; meaning “the dawn.”
  13. Luara - Portuguese; meaning “glorious.”
  14. Margarida - Several origins including Greek for “child of light.”
  15. Mucamutara - Egyptian origin; meaning “born during the war.”
  16. Neusa - Portuguese; meaning “swimmer.”
  17. Niceta - Spanish; meaning “victorious one.”
  18. Noemia - Portuguese; meaning “pleasant.”
  19. Uxia - Irish; meaning “well-born.”
  20. Zulmira - Hebrew; meaning “peaceful.”

Naming Customs and Traditions in Brazil

The official language in Brazil is Portuguese so it is very common to see a lot of Portuguese names. When it comes to choosing a name for a baby in Brazil, children typically will have one or two given names at birth and later are given a third name at their baptism. There are a lot of popular baby names in Brazil with German and French influences due to an influx of French and German immigrants in Brazil during the early to mid-1800s. 

You will likely see a lot of Brazilian baby girl names (and Brazilian baby boy names) consisting of up to two first names and four surnames. Traditionally, the names following the first name are connected to the mother's family surname(s) and the father's family surname(s). 

Today, popular baby names for girls and boys and Brazil showcase a sense of family culture, power, and independence. 

No matter the reason you have your heart set on a Brazilian name for your little girl, this comprehensive list should give you a starting point in your search! Happy baby name hunting!

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