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127 Unique Girl Names with Meanings and Origins

Looking for a unique name for your baby girl? Check out our these unique and rare girl names to find a one-of-a-kind name for your special girl.
127 Unique Girl Names
Updated: June 27, 2023

Choosing the perfect name may require some ingenuity from parents. Each child is one of a kind, so why not choose a unique girl name that is rare and special?

If you’re not into the idea of choosing a girl’s name from the top of the Social Security Administration’s most popular baby names list, consider monikers that are less mainstream but still meaningful.

From nature names or flower names or badass Greek goddess-inspired names from Greek mythology that indicate strength, unique baby girl names can help your little one remember that they are special.

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Unique Baby Girl Names A to E

These baby girl names are all unique choices for your rare little girl.

  1. Aaliyah - Hebrew name meaning “exalted.”
  2. Adelaide - German name meaning “noble kind.”
  3. Alba - Latin name meaning a thick or mass of vegetation.
  4. Amaya - Japanese name meaning “night rain” or the end.
  5. Aria - Italian name meaning “air,” “melody,” or “song.”
  6. Athena - Greek name meaning “goddess of war.”
  7. Belle - Spanish name meaning “beautiful.”
  8. Birdie - English name meaning “birdlike.”
  9. Blair - Scottish/Northern Irish meaning “plain” or “field.”
  10. Blossom - Old English name meaning “lovely.”
  11. Briar - English name meaning “shrub or small tree.”
  12. Caprice - Italian name meaning “fanciful.”
  13. Celeste - Greek name meaning “most beautiful.”
  14. Clementine - Latin name meaning “mild” or “clemency.”
  15. Constance - Latin name meaning “faithful” or “loyal.”
  16. Coral - Latin name meaning “rock.”
  17. Dahlia - Scandinavian name meaning “flower of the valley.”
  18. Delilah - Hebrew name meaning “delicate.”
  19. Dove - Hebrew name meaning “bear.”
  20. Drew - Scottish name meaning “strong” or “wise,” Greek meaning “courageous.”
  21. Dulcie - Spanish name meaning “sweet.”
  22. Dylan - Welsh name meaning “son of the sea.”
  23. Elodie - French name meaning “foreign riches.”
  24. Ember - Old English meaning “spark.”
  25. Enya - Scottish name meaning “jewel” or “blazing.”
  26. Estella - Latin name meaning “star.”
  27. Etta - Latin name meaning “of noble birth.”

Unique Baby Girl Names F to O

Unique names also make great picks for middle names when paired with a more popular girl’s name.

  1. Farrah - Old English/Arabic name meaning “beautiful.”
  2. Flora - Latin name meaning “blooming flower.”
  3. Fay - Old French name meaning “fairy.”
  4. Gabrielle - Hebrew name meaning “hero of god.”
  5. Geneva - French meaning “juniper tree.”
  6. Gigi - French name meaning “earth-worker.” English girl’s name means “sword pledge.”
  7. Greta - Greek name meaning “precious jewel.”
  8. Hadley - English gender-neutral name meaning “heather field.”
  9. Halle - A Scandinavian name for “heroine.”
  10. Harley - Old English name meaning “rabbit archer.”
  11. Harlow - Old English meaning “ from the protected town,” German meaning “flax.”
  12. Hazel - English meaning “hazel tree.”
  13. Hope - Old English meaning “faith.”
  14. Indigo - Greek girl’s name meaning “dark blue.”
  15. Iris - Greek name meaning “rainbow.”
  16. Isla - Scottish/Spanish meaning “island.”
  17. Jada - Spanish name meaning “stone of the loins.”
  18. January - English/Latin origin; a good rare girl name choice for babies born in the first month of the year.
  19. Juniper - Latin meaning “berry” or “young.”
  20. Juno - Latin meaning “young” or “queen.”
  21. Kaia - Greek meaning “Earth.”
  22. Katya - Greek/Slavic meaning “pure.”
  23. Larissa - Greek meaning “seagull.”
  24. Leilani - Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flowers.”
  25. Lila - Arabic/Hebrew meaning “dark night” or “beauty.”
  26. Lorelei - German girl’s name meaning “from the Rhine River.”
  27. Lorena - English girl’s name meaning “crowned with laurel.”
  28. Loretta - Latin girl’s name meaning “laurel leaves,” “honor,” “fame,” or “spirit.”
  29. Lourdes - French girl’s name after the place in France where Virgin Mary was seen.
  30. Lucia - Latin girl’s name meaning “light.”
  31. Luella - Old English girl’s name meaning “elfin.”
  32. Lumi - Old Norse girl’s name meaning “light-bringer.”
  33. Maeve - Latin/Celtic meaning “purple flower” or “queen.”
  34. Mali - Southeast Asian meaning “smart,” “flower,” or “funny”; Hindi meaning “strong” or “beautiful.”
  35. Margot - French girl’s name meaning “pearl.”
  36. Marnie - Hebrew girl’s name meaning “rejoice.”
  37. Marta - Greek/Hebrew/Irish/Hebrew/Italian meaning “pearl” or “jewel.”
  38. Maven - American girl’s name meaning “expert.”
  39. Mila - Russian/Slavic name meaning “gracious” or “dear.”
  40. Misha - Russian girl’s name meaning “who is like God.”
  41. Nara - Old English girl’s name meaning “near one.”
  42. Naya - Indian girl’s name meaning “renewal.”
  43. Nellie - Latin girl’s name meaning “horn.”
  44. Nevaeh - Slavic girl’s name meaning “butterfly.”
  45. Noa - Hebrew girl’s name meaning “comfort.”
  46. Odette - French girl’s name meaning “happy home.”
  47. Olympia - Greek girl’s name meaning “of Mount Olympus” or “heavenly.”
  48. Oona - Gaelic girl’s name meaning “Latin” or “unity.”
  49. Opal - Sanskrit girl’s name meaning “jewel.”
  50. Ophelia - Greek girl’s name meaning “a helper.”

Unique Baby Girl Names P to S

Unique Names P to S

  1. Paloma - Spanish girl’s name meaning “dove.”
  2. Peony - English girl’s name meaning “flower.”
  3. Petal - Greek girl’s name meaning “leaf.”
  4. Petra - Greek girl’s name meaning “rock” or “unshakeable.”
  5. Pia - Latin girl’s name meaning “pious.”
  6. Piper - English girl’s name meaning “flute player.”
  7. Priya - Hindi girl’s name meaning “loved one” or “darling.”
  8. Presley - English girl’s name meaning “near the church.”
  9. Rae - Scottish girl’s name meaning “grace.”
  10. Raya - English girl’s name meaning “manly”; Hebrew meaning “friend” or “queen.”
  11. Reina - Latin girl’s name meaning “queenly.”
  12. Remi - French girl’s name meaning “fun-loving.”
  13. Rosa - Irish girl’s name meaning “noted protector.”
  14. Rumi - Japanese girl’s name meaning “beauty” or “flow.”
  15. Sabina - Hindi name meaning “musical instrument” or Hebrew meaning “intelligence, understanding.”
  16. Safia - Swahili name meaning “friend” or “confidante.”
  17. Sarai - Hebrew name meaning “princess.”
  18. Savannah - Spanish name meaning “flat, tropical grassland.”
  19. Savita - Hindi name meaning “sun.”
  20. Sequoia - Native American name meaning “giant redwood tree.”
  21. Seraphina - Hebrew meaning “afire” or “angel.”
  22. Seren - Welsh name meaning “star.”
  23. Sharni - Irish name meaning “plain of many roses.”
  24. Shea - English/Irish meaning “fairy palace.”
  25. Sia - Spanish habitational name/Old Norse meaning “victory" or “wisdom.”
  26. Sierra - Irish name meaning “spear.”
  27. Sloane - Irish name meaning “raider.”
  28. Stevie - Greek name meaning “crown.”
  29. Suki - Japanese name meaning “beloved.”
  30. Sydney - Old English/French meaning “wide meadow.”

Unique baby girl names T to Z

  1. Tabitha - Greek meaning “gazelle” or “tiara.”
  2. Tallulah - Choctaw Indian meaning “leaping water.”
  3. Tatiana - Russian, Slavic meaning “fairy queen.”
  4. Thalia - Greek name meaning “blooming.”
  5. Thea - Greek name meaning “healer.”
  6. Thomasina - Greek name meaning “twin.”
  7. Topanga - Native American name meaning “where the mountain meets the sea.”
  8. Trixie - Latin meaning “happy” or American meaning “bringer of joy.”
  9. Tula - Spanish, Greek, Hindi and Choctaw meaning “leaping water” or “tranquil.”
  10. Valentina - Latin meaning “good health” or “strength.”
  11. Venus - Greek meaning “goddess of love.”
  12. Verity - Latin meaning “truth.”
  13. Viola - Scandinavian name meaning “violet.”
  14. Willa - German meaning “helmet.”
  15. Winona - Sioux Native American meaning “first-born daughter.”
  16. Wren - Welsh meaning “chief.” This unisex name is also the name for a small bird.
  17. Xanthi - Greek meaning “golden” or “yellow.”
  18. Zelda - German meaning “gray warrior.”
  19. Zena - Greek meaning “alive” or African meaning “name.”
  20. Zola - Italian meaning “ball of earth.”

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