75 Boho Girls Names for Your Little One

Updated: April 22, 2022
Boho names are rising in popularity in the 2020s, which is why we've put together the ultimate collection of boho girl names for your little flower child.
75 Boho Girl Names
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"Boho" is the short form of "bohemian," which means socially unconventional in an artistic way. So if you are looking for bohemian baby names, they are sure to be unique and beautiful. In recent years, boho names have become increasingly popular. Each of these will make your little one feel like a fabulous hippie or flower child, and who wouldn't want a bohemian name that also has a special meaning? You really can't go wrong with one of these names for your little girl!

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Some of these boho names would even make a great unisex name if you are keeping the gender a surprise, or boy name if you want something completely new and different. That's what is great about whimsical and unique baby names like these. They come from all different cultures so there is definitely an option for everyone, especially if you're a parent who is interested in mythology or nature.

Check out our comprehensive list of boho baby girl names:

  1. Anaise- deriving from "Anahita", the Persian goddess of fertility and healing or Hebrew, meaning "gracious
  2. Aspen- Old English, means "tree"
  3. Astrid- Old Norse, means "super strength" or Greek, means "star"
  4. Aurora- Greek, means "goddess of the dawn" or Latin, means "gold"
  5. Autumn- Latin, means "of woods"
  6. Avril- Latin, means "blooming" or French, means "month of April"
  7. Birdie- English, means "birdlike"
  8. Bristol- Irish, means "swift" or English, means "son of a nobleman"
  9. Belle- Spanish, means "beautiful" or Hebrew, means "dedicated"
  10. Blakely- Old English, means "fair-haired"
  11. Cadence- English, means "rhythm"
  12. Calliope- From Greek mythology, means "beautiful voice"
  13. Cassidy- Irish or Celtic, means "clever" or "curly-headed"
  14. Celeste- Greek, means "most beautiful" or Latin, means "heavenly"
  15. Clementine- Latin or Polish, means "merciful"
  16. Daisy- Latin, means "day's eye"
  17. Danica- Latin, means "morning star"
  18. Delilah- Hebrew, means "delicate," Delilah is also the lover of Samson in the Old Testament
  19. Emery- Latin, means "loving," derived from the Norman name "Emmerich"
  20. Enid- Welsh, means "soul"
  21. Esmeralda- Spanish, means "emerald"
  22. Fallon- Celtic, means "of a ruling family"
  23. Farren- Irish, means "adventurous"
  24. Faye- Old French, means "fairy"
  25. Fleur- French, means "flower" or Latin, means "blooming flower" or "flourishing"
  26. Gaia- French, means "merry" or Greek, means "earth"
  27. Georgiana- Greek, means "farmer" and also a feminine version of George
  28. Harlow- Old English, means "rabbit archer" or "from the protected town" also German, means "flax"
  29. Harper- Old Norse, means "whaler"
  30. Haven- Dutch, means "harbor"
  31. Hendrix- Old English, means "lord's manor"
  32. Indie- Hindi, means "from India"
  33. Indigo- Greek, means "dark blue"
  34. Iris- Greek, means "goddess of the rainbow"
  35. Isla- Scottish or Spanish, means "island"
  36. Ivy- Old English, means "vine"
  37. Jacinda- Greek, means "blue crystal"
  38. Joella- Hebrew, means "the Lord is God"
  39. Jolie- French, means "pretty"
  40. Juniper- Latin, means "juniper berry"
  41. Kaia- Greek, means "earth"
  42. Kimber- American, means "zany" or English, means "leader"
  43. Kinsley- English, means "king's meadow"
  44. Lark- English, means "a bird"
  45. Lilac- Sanskrit, means "blue-purple"
  46. Luna- Italian, means "moon"
  47. Mabel- English, means "lovable"
  48. Maeve- Several meanings; Irish, means "joyous," Celtic, means "queen," Greek, "goddess of song," Latin, means "purple flower," or French, means "a small bird"
  49. Magnolia- Latin, means "flowering tree"
  50. Micki- Irish, means "who is like God"
  51. Niamh- Irish, means "bright" or "radiant"
  52. Olive- Old Norse, means "kind one" or Old French, means "peace"
  53. Ophelia- Greek, means "wise" or "helper"
  54. Pearl- Latin, means "jewel"
  55. Persephone- From Greek mythology, means "destroyer of death and bringer of light"
  56. Phoenix- Greek, means "mystical bird" or "dark red"
  57. Poppy- Latin, means "flower"
  58. Rae- Several meanings; German, means "wise protection," Scottish, means "grace," English, means "doe," or Spanish, means "beautiful" or "unique"
  59. River- English, means "stream of water that flows to the sea"
  60. Rue- Greek, means "herb"
  61. Saffron- English, means "yellow flower"
  62. Sage- French, English, or Latin, means "prophet" or "wise one"
  63. Seraphina- Hebrew, means "angel" or "afire"
  64. Serenity- English, means "peaceful disposition"
  65. Sienna- Italian, means "reddish-brown"
  66. Skye- English, means "eternal life," "strength" or "love and beauty"
  67. Stella- Latin, means "star" or French, variation of "Estella"
  68. Tallulah- Native American (Choctaw), means "leaping water"
  69. Uma- Hindi, means "mother" and is also the name for the Hindi goddess Devi
  70. Violet- Latin, means "purple flower"
  71. Waverly- English, means "to wave from the aspen trees"
  72. Willow- English, means "freedom" or "tree"
  73. Winter- Old English, simply means "winter"
  74. Wren- Welsh, means "chief"
  75. Zara- Several meanings; Arabic, means "white," Swahili, means "flowers," Hebrew, means "princess" or "lady"

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